Ksenia Quotes in Avgust. Vosmogo (2012)


Ksenia Quotes:

  • Ksenia: I can't die... I can not... My son's there...

  • Ksenia: Are you ashamed to be a good son?

    Lekha: This is not your business! She's alone and she has a heart condition. She has no one but me.

    Ksenia: If my Artyom would be the same as you when he grows up.

    Lekha: You work over it.

  • Artyom: Mom...

    Ksenia: Tyoma, what happened?

    Artyom: Darklord was here...

    Ksenia: Tyoma, where is daddy?

    Artyom: Darklord killed all...

  • Ksenia: Hold on, Kosmoboy! Robot comes to the rescue! Robot comes to the rescue!

  • Ksenia: Do you remember how we took away the Magic Dust from Darklord?... We have one more task! Absolutely super secret! We need to save a one very good boy, do you hear?... He lost in the dense forest and no one can help him, but me and you! We'll save this boy and then no Darklord with dragons and monsters won't be terrible to us! Only I can not do it alone...

    Zaur: [as Kind Robot] ... without your help, Kosmoboy! Will you help me?

    Ksenia: This boy's name is Tyoma! He is a very good boy! We need to take him out of the Dark Forest! You must tell him that he has a home! We will surely change wall-paper there! There is a sofa on which he sleeps, and under the sofa he keeps all his toys! And grandmother! Grandmother loves him very much! We must save Artyom! Darklord is very scary, very dangerous! But I, Robot, and you, Kosmoboy stronger than him! Together we are stronger than all! Only when we are together...

  • Ksenia: Aza-mizi-maza-amorovati-chandrika! Kosmoboy, answer! Kosmoboy, reception!

  • Ksenia: Aza-mizi-maza-amorovati-chandrika...

    Artyom: Robot...

    Ksenia: Darklord attacks...

    Zaur: [as Kind Robot] We need to escape. Come on, Kosmoboy...

  • Ksenia's Mother: And how much do you earn in your bank?

    Ksenia: Mom!

    Ksenia's Mother: Ksenia, in my time this question was not considered obscene.

  • Ksenia: But there is very dangerous!

    Zaur: You think that there's no danger in Moscow, or what?

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