Krysta Now Quotes in Southland Tales (2006)


Krysta Now Quotes:

  • Boxer Santaros: My character, he realizes that the apocalyptic crime rate is because of global deceleration. The rotation of the Earth is slowing down at a rate of point zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero six miles per hour each day, disrupting the chemical equilibrium in the human brain, causing very irrational criminal behavior.

    Roland Taverner: How does he stop the global deceleration?

    Boxer Santaros: Oh, he can't stop it. There is no stopping wat can't be stopped. Only God can stop it.

    Krysta Now: But The New York Times said: "God is dead."

    Boxer Santaros: So in the end, I die in a very tragic downtown shootout while whispering my theory to Dr. Muriel Fox, the oceanography disaster specialist.

    Krysta Now: Astrophysicist!

    Boxer Santaros: The oceanography disaster specialist... sweetheart. My character - his name is Jericho Kane.

  • Krysta Now: Scientists are saying the future is going to be far more futuristic than they originally predicted.

  • Shoshana Cox: I have a question for the Supreme Court. What happens when a woman has sex on a flight from London to Los Angeles, then takes the morning-after pill while flying across the time zone?

    Krysta Now: I don't know.

    Shoshana Cox: Then it becomes the morning-before pill.

    Deena Storm: You are a genius.

    Shoshana Cox: Hello. Can't answer to that.

    Krysta Now: Holy shit. That is brilliant.

  • Vaughn Smallhouse: Are you Deep Throat Two?

    Krysta Now: I'm not in that movie.

  • Krysta Now: I love you, Jericho Cane.

  • Krysta Now: Can you keep a secret?

    Cyndi Pinziki: Of course.

    Krysta Now: I'm fucking a very large and important man.

  • Krysta Now: Join us for an in-depth discussion of the penetrating issues facing society today. Issues like abortion, terrorism, crime, poverty, social reform, quantum teleportation, teen horniness and war.

  • Krysta Now: You know what, I like to get fucked, I like to get fucked hard. Okay, but you have to draw the line somewhere. I mean, violence is a big problem in our society today and I will not support it. That is the primary reason why I won't do anal.

  • Krysta Now: We're a bisexual nation living in denial, all because of a bunch of nerds, a bunch of nerds who got off a boat in the 15th century and decided that sex was something to be ashamed of. All the Pilgrims did was ruin the American Indian orgy of freedom.

  • Krysta Now: Well, in my first six movies I was just "Krysta." You know, but then in order to differentiate myself from the 76 other Krystas in the business, I added the "Now."

    Cyndi Pinziki: Wow.

    Krysta Now: Well, it's all about now, 2008, not next week, not tomorrow. If you wanna fuck me, you can fuck me... now.

  • Krysta Now: It had to be this way.

    Boxer Santaros: I know.

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