Kruger Quotes in Elysium (2013)


Kruger Quotes:

  • Kruger: It's just a flesh wound!

  • [repeated line]

    Kruger: That's what I'm talking about!

  • Kruger: [to Max] You little fucker, I'm gonna take your fucking head off!

  • Kruger: [after being offered nuts on an airplane] Are these warm nuts?

    Stewardess: No, I believe they're room temperature.

    Kruger: [takes the nuts] Well, maybe later you can come and warm up my nuts.

    Stewardess: You know, I don't really like the little ones.

  • Kruger: This is censorship.

    Sgt. Siek: This is what?

    Kruger: Censorship. You're telling us what we can and can't say to the press. That's un-American.

    Anthony 'Swoff' Swofford: Yeah, what about freedom of speech? The Constitution?

    Sgt. Siek: No you signed a contract. You don't have any rights. You got any complaints you complain to Saddam Insane and see if he gives a fuck.

    Kruger: Why that's exactly what Saddam Hussein does. You're treating us the same way.

    Sgt. Siek: You are a marine. There is no such thing as speech that is free. You must pay for everything that you say.

  • Kruger: [referring to photo of Swoff's girlfriend] I'm storing that for later!

  • Kruger: Me? I had a choice either join the marines or go to jail. And you know what the shit of it is?

    Troy: Yeah, if you'd gone to jail...

    Kruger: Don't spoil the joke asshole. If I'd went to jail I'd be getting out today.

  • Kruger: [to the Marines] It's raining oil. It's raining oil fellas. You ever see that movie 'Giant'? You've seen the movie 'Giant'. James Dean, man. "My well came in, Bick. I'm rich, Bick. Richer than you."

  • Kruger: Okay, yeah, sure, fine. I'll take the fucking pills and a year later my asshole will turn inside out and start talking to me!

    Anthony 'Swoff' Swofford: Okay, stop stop.

    Kruger: This pills aren't worth a shit.

    Sgt. Siek: Kruger, you country motherfucker

  • Troy: What's up with the make-up? I thought Texans were tough.

    Kruger: I burn easily so fucking sue me.

  • Kruger: [on top of pile of marines after football game] Kruger of Arabia!

  • Anthony 'Swoff' Swofford: You poor bastard. I bet your recruiter promised you a whole wide world of pussy, huh?

    Kruger: Fuckin' eh. Cocksucker knew the price of every whore from Olangapo to Stockholm.

    Anthony 'Swoff' Swofford: And here we are, headed to the desert - no pussy and a thousand miles.

    Kruger: Fucked by the green weenie again!

    Anthony 'Swoff' Swofford: Well, what would you be doing if you were a civilian? Staying up late, jacking off, playing Metroid - trying to get to that ninth level?

    Troy: You know what happens when you get there?


    Troy: Nothing. You just start all over again.

  • Kruger: Tarzan. You talk aways of this Ape Man. We are four. What have we to be afraid of?

    Slade: Listen, Kruger, no one's afraid. But don't delude yourself that we're four to one. Tarzan won't come in the front door, you know. He'll just wait down there and pick us off one by one if we're fools enough to give him the chance. Now I'm telling you, all of you, don't help him by destroying yourselves.

  • Mr. Ardonian: [Speaking to Susan in his lab he is showing her how the suspended animation machinery works] I'll show you how it works

    Susan Fleming: [Ardonian throws a switch and the cylinders come out showing the frozen women ] All these girls frozen?

    Mr. Ardonian: Yes. Age and decay are strangers to them now . Their beauty will remain for eternity .

    Susan Fleming: Your private harem to repopulate the planet.

    Mr. Ardonian: Yes, They will be glad to as I will be the only one who can be used to impregnate them.

    [at this point his henchmen bring Miss Soong up the steps wrapped in a blanket. Soong looks totally confused ]

    Mr. Ardonian: Watch I'll show you how this is done.

    Wilma Soong: [the henchmen take Soong closer and two of them hold her at each side and Omar holds out her arm] No please no

    Krüger: [Kruger walks towards Soong with a syringe ] relax take deep breaths and relax

    Omar: don't fight it just deep breaths and relax.

    Wilma Soong: [Soong is getting very nervous] No,NO Please don't do this to me . No please.

    Krüger: [Kruger administers the injection, Soong acts as if she is having a sexual orgasm but eventually relaxes ] Ok men drop her towel.

    [the men drop her towel revieling Soong as completely nude. Omar looks down checking out Soong's ass and has a huge smile on his face]

    Mr. Ardonian: Very good then.

    [As Soong walks into a metallic box and is put inside a machine amongst all these bells and whistles]

    Mr. Ardonian: [looks over at Susan ] I want you to see the finished product.

    Susan Fleming: [Soong emerges in a clear cylinder in suspended animation wearing a silver metallic bikini. Susan is shocked and her mouth is wide open looking at Soong] Oh my, I think I need my little bag.

    Omar: Why?

    Susan Fleming: well I don't want to come out looking underdone like some fancy holiday turkey.

  • Yoshida: Let me introduce myself. I'm from Osaka. Name is Mr. Ken. With this, I have killed two people. I'm the best hitman from Japan. It will be my pleasure to kill for you.

    Kruger: I don't need this bullshit introduction. My name is Kruger from New York. You know my reputation. Just tell me who you want and he'll be mine.

  • 'Honest Pete' Hartman Sheriff of Clark County: [walks into the press room to see the reporters drinking liquor] Ah, what's the idea, fellas? You know better than that. This is a government building!

    Kruger: Uh, hi, sheriff.

    Endicott: What'll ya have?

    'Honest Pete' Hartman Sheriff of Clark County: I got a good mind to have you all locked up!

    Hildebrand 'Hildy' Johnson: The state's attorney wouldn't like it, because I bought that stuff from his brother.

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