Kristina Quotes in Son of Sinbad (1955)


Kristina Quotes:

  • Sinbad: [Outside a cave] Open Sesame, OPEN SESAME

    Kristina: [to a donkey tied to a contraption that opens the doorway] Sesame

  • Kristina: Nah, Karl Os, don't.

    Karl Oskar: Why not?

    Kristina: I'm thinking of the children.

    Karl Oskar: All three are asleep.

    Kristina: I didn't mean that. How shall we feed them?

    Karl Oskar: Feed them?

    Kristina: I mean, if we stopped, there'd be no others.

    Karl Oskar: Stopped? Stay away from each other? For the rest of our lives? Kristina, it's more than I could do. Kristina, not till I'm so old the moss is growing out of my ears.

  • Kristina: Karl Oskar, I have something to tell you. I'm that way yet again.

    Karl Oskar: I see. It couldn't come at a more awkward time.

  • Kristina: Karl Oskar, I have to tell you something. I'm in that condition again.

    Karl Oskar: Oh? It couldn't have come at a worse time.

    Kristina: So I can't get pregnant so it fits for you? It's your fault I'm this way too, yours more than mine! You're the one who comes at a bad time!

  • Kristina: Nobody around here has gone before us. No one ever has. No one.

    Karl Oskar: I'll have to be the first then.

    Kristina: And you're able to answer for it?

    Karl Oskar: Someone has to answer for it.

  • Kristina: Is your ear hurting?

    Robert: It will be better once we get to America.

  • Robert: I read yesterday in the paper about a man who came home and found his whole family eaten up by a crocodile. Ya. There were three children and it had just swallowed the wife. But, the woman's head it got stuck in the beast's throat and so it choked to death. That was her revenge. Apparently the ground was soaked with human blood.

    Kristina: Are we going to such a place?

    Karl Oskar: You should know Robert and his tall stories by now.

    Robert: I didn't invent it. I really read it.

  • Danjel: I have a message. It is for you Karl Oskar.

    Karl Oskar: From whom, Uncle?

    Danjel: From God. The Lord awakened me last night and said, "Go thou to Karl Oskar at Korpamoen, husband to thy dear sister's daughter." And the Lord spoke to me, as once he did to Abraham. He said, "Get thee out of thy country and from thy kindred and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will show thee. Go thou to Karl Oskar at Korpamoen and he will help thee."

    Kristina: Are you coming with us to America, Uncle?

    Danjel: We live in a time of persecution. In my father land, they do not allow me to serve my God. And I am exiled from my country. But, the Lord will open a new country to me. We shall go there together and we shall, none of us, know any fear at all.

  • Kristina: What will be our turn to use the kitchen soon?

    Karl Oskar: Not for awhile. It's as crowded as church pews for the mass at Christmas.

  • Karl Oskar: Who? The glad girl?

    Kristina: Why do they call her the glad girl?

    Karl Oskar: She's never sad, I guess.

  • Kristina: I am so tired, Karl Oskar... I cannot bear anymore.

  • [Kristina approaches Kyle]

    Kristina: Is that a stake in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?

    [Kyle pulles out a wooden stake]

    Kyle Carpenter: Ha, ha! It's a stake! Die, bitch!

    [Kyle then runs through Kristina with the stake]

    Kristina: Ooooh, that's a big one!

    [She then dies and disintegrates]

  • Kristina: I can make you feel... like you've never felt before!

    [She presses up against him, and his pant legs shoot up]

    Kyle Carpenter: Oooh, I've felt that before!

  • Kristina: Did you know that the origin of beauty, all beauty, is the female form, the perfect woman?

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