Krillin Quotes in Dragon Ball Z: Doragon bôru Z - Fukkatsu no 'F' (2015)


Krillin Quotes:

  • [English dub]

    Android 18: I should be going, too. Don't get your feelings hurt, But I'm still a lot stronger than you are.

    Krillin: Maybe. But, it's more important that you stay here and take care of our little Marron. But, actually, there is one more way you can help the cause. I think I should go old school.

    [Android 18 buzzes Krillin's hair off with buzzer]

    Android 18: So, Goku and Vegeta aren't even here right now? They're on some other world with that cat?

    Krillin: Yeah, I'm afraid they are. We just have to hope that they get our message soon, so they can join the fight. At least, we still have Gohan and Buu around, though. They can buy us some time. Well, see you, babe!

    [Krillin flies off]

    Android 18: He's so cool.

  • [English dub, After Frieza destroyed the earth]

    Master Roshi: No. How could anyone be that evil?

    Krillin: There's nothing left. He destroyed the earth!

    Bulma: [crying] Vegeta. Trunks. Mom and Dad. They're all gone.

    Piccolo: No. That heartless tyrant. He couldn't just die, he took the whole planet with him.

    Whis: You're wrong. I'm afraid Frieza is most likely alive.

    Beerus: Yes, that's correct. His species is able to surviving in a vacuum. Tactically speaking, that was a pretty ingenious move.

    Tien: It's not fair. He took everything.

    Master Roshi: The Dragon Balls were destroyed as well, so we can't even summon Shenron. There's no way we can reverse when Frieza's done.

    Goku: This is my fault. Damn! Frieza was right about me, I should have finished him off when I had the chance!

    Whis: Agreed. Then are you ready to make this right?

    Goku: Huh?

    Beerus: You failed to protect your planet, because of your own leniency. The only way to avoid this outcome is to send Frieza back to his flower garden.

    Goku: What? But isn't it too late for that?

    Whis: Not quite. I can turn back time, remember? But you have to move quickly. Three minutes is as far back as I'm able to manage.

    Goku: That do-over thing?

    Whis: "Temperol Do-over." You actually paid attention for once.

  • [English dub]

    Whis: Good afternoon.

    Krillin: Whis and Lord Beerus, are you here to help?

    Whis: Of course not. We've come here for that offering of the strawberry-sundae. I trust that you've brought it with you, Bulma?

    Bulma: Huh? Oh, yeah. I still got it. It's in Jaco's ship.

    Beerus: Does this tastes if it looks. I hope so since I hate traveling for nothing, I'll have to destroy your planet if it's average.

    Bulma: Look, it's not a good time for dessert.

    [Beerus prepares to blast, Bulma shocked]

    Bulma: Okay, okay! I'm getting it now! Don't blow us all up if it's a little melted, all right?

  • Thief A: Hey! What the hell?

    Thief B: Yeah! That was dangerous!

    Krillin: You think that was dangerous? Are you kidding me?

    [kicks the thieves]

    Krillin: You've just robbed a bank!

    [Thieves out of motorcycle]

    Krillin: Come on, guys. Stop stealing stuff, you know better than this.

    [a big bag of money hits Krillin]

    Thief AThief B: We'll never do it again, please!

    Thief A: We're sorry, we've playing too many video games! Don't tell my mom!

  • [English dub]

    Krillin: [sees Vegeta dance] Okay, he's been drinking more than Gohan...

  • [English dub]

    Beerus: Look, I like your planet, or rather I've enjoyed myself enough to not despise it entirely. I'll give you one last chance to save yourselves. I nominate you!

    [points at Oolong]

    Beerus: Yes, I'm singling you out, Porky!

    Oolong: Who, ME?

    Beerus: [licks his lips] That's right, the one who looks so delicious...

    Oolong: [freaked out] He wants my bacon...

    Beerus: Come a little closer, won't you?

    Oolong: I taste awful! I don't exercise, I eat nothing but junk!

    Beerus: All you have to do is play a game of Paper Rock Scissors! If you win I'll leave your Earth intact, but of course if I win, I'll turn your Earth to dust!

    Oolong: He's kidding, right?

    Krillin: I guess it's a universal game!

    Oolong: Don't make me, I suck at Paper Rock Scissors!

    Puar: This is great! It's your big break, Oolong! You've never had a chance to be important before! But don't lose, because if we die it'll be all your fault!

    Oolong: You're not helping, Puar!

    Yamcha: [whispers to Oolong] Hey, wait a second... I figured it out! I know why he picked you as his opponent, Oolong, it makes sense! This guy thinks you're just an ordinary pig with ordinary pig hooves! And a pig hoof could only make Scissors, so he'd win every time with Rock! But you're not a pig, are you? You're a pig MAN! You've got fingers, you can throw all the signs! He's gonna draw Rock for sure, Oolong, I know it! All you have to do is draw Paper, and you'll win!

    Oolong: [encouraged] Stupid cat alien, thinking he's got me pegged... I'll make him sorry!

    Beerus: Are you ready, pig?

    Oolong: You bet!

    Beerus: On three...

    BeerusOolong: One, two, three!

    [Oolong draws Paper... and Beerus draws Scissors, which beats Paper]

    Beerus: You fools, don't you see my ears? I heard your whole plan!

  • [as Goku and Beerus fight]

    Master Roshi: So fast... you still following this, Krillin?

    Krillin: Nope, totally lost!

  • Salza: [after kicking kicking Gohan away] Heh heh heh. Kids, they never know their limits. Now it's time to take care of the sick and wounded. It must have been a fluke. I don't see how a guy like this could've possibly killed Frieza.

    [Salza's scouter goes haywire]

    Salza: Huh? What's this? Impossible. I'm picking up a power level that's going off the scale! But the Saiyan was barely alive! The only other one there was that pig! It couldn't be the pig, could it? Huh?

    [Salza's scouter explodes]

    Salza: Ah! What the heck's going on?

    [Salza spots Goku]

    Salza: Huh... ah... it's you...

    Krillin: Goku...

    Goku: Hmph! Hang in there. You did great! I'm proud of you!

    [Gohan collapses]

    Goku: Gohan! Rest easy son! Hurting innocent people is something I don't tolerate.

    Salza: Uh... uh... he's healed! But... h-how?

    Goku: If I were you, I'd get off this planet. Trust me, you don't want any of this!

    Cooler: Oh, but I do Saiyan. I do.

    Salza: Huh?

    Cooler: Salza?

    Salza: Yes, Lord Cooler.

    Cooler: Perhaps you could do me a little favor.

    [Cooler is holding Piccolo's unconscious body]

    Cooler: Tell me, what should I do with this Namek?

    Goku: Grr... put him down Frieza!

    Salza: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! This is Frieza's brother you imbecile, wake up! This is Lord Cooler, the most illustrious fighter in the universe. Soon, you will be at his mercy.

  • Piccolo: Goku, you have to keep fighting! Get up!

    Tien: Please, you're our only hope!

    Goku: Piccolo... Yamcha... I feel too weak... I can't even move...

    Krillin: Please, Goku... Remember us, we're your friends!

    Chiaotzu: We're with you, Goku...

  • Krillin: I envy single men.

  • Yajirobe: I'm gettin' tired of saving you guys.

    Krillin: Where'd you hide? That's what I'd like to know.

  • Krillin: Oh man! It can't end. I've never even had a girlfriend! No! It's not fair! I haven't even lived yet!

  • Krillin: [after knocking out several fighters] That's Krillin with two L's and I do accept personal checks.

    [kicks another fighter off the stage]

    Chi Chi: Go Gohan! Beat 'em all! You can do it!

    Krillin: Wha? Gohan's fighting? But he's a Super Saiyan! That's not fair! Huh?

    Piccolo: Haaa!

    [four fighters fly off the stage]

    Krillin: Piccolo too? Where's Trunks? Make it a full set.

    [10 fighters fall behind him, Krillin looks down and smirks]

    Krillin: Me and my big mouth, this is now officially unfair.

  • Chi Chi: Gohan, I love you sweetie!

    Gohan: [embarrassed] Mom, not so loud!

    Bulma: You own this, Trunks! Get 'em, and then we can go on vacation!

    Trunks: [to himself, embarrassed] Tactful as always, Mother.

    Oolong: Krillin, don't get yourself killed!

    Krillin: [to himself, annoyed] Oh, I'll survive. Then, it's bacon time.

  • Krillin: [as Broly emerges from lava in a forcefield] Okay, that was a neat trick. Tell me something, is it just my imagination, or is that freak staring right at me? I always get singled out. Well, that's what I get, for being so good at this!

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