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  • Kreon: My victims, walk in the land of the dead. They are all my children, and I am their ultimate lord...

  • [first lines]

    Kreon: My darling Isabelle, I can wait no longer. The final foolish victims, will be here very soon. And then, once again, we shall be together for all time...

  • Kreon: At last... For seventy years I have waited. I have sacrificed the youth of so many, so that you might live. And yet, I would trade all my powers, for some way to make you see how helplessly I love you, that I even kill so that you might live.


    Kreon: What a cruel joke. My power is nothing compared to the power your beauty has over me. I am your prisoner, a slave to that which I can never possess...

  • Dave: [They arrive at the mansion] Maybe somebody does live here?

    Kreon: [Watching from afar] Somebody does live here, forever...

  • Kreon: This time, we must play the game perfectly. When all of the pawns have been sacrificed, we will win our queen back again.

  • Isabelle: [Isabelle awakens] Kreon? No! What have you done?

    Kreon: I have waited by your side day and night, for an entire lifetime.

    [He leans in for a kiss]

    Isabelle: Stay away! I don't want you by my side, I don't want you anywhere near me.

    Kreon: But, you see now that we can never be separated?

    Isabelle: Please, let me die.

    Kreon: We live through each other.

    Isabelle: No, release me!

    Kreon: There can be no end for either of us!

    Isabelle: Why won't you let this end?

    Kreon: I cannot, I will make you mine forever.

  • Isabelle: I poisoned myself once before and I'll do it again, or find another way.

    Kreon: Haven't you learned that my will to have you is greater than your will to die?

    Isabelle: Even if you keep me prisoner for another seventy years you'll never have me!

    Kreon: But I do have you. I control your past, your present, and your future... This time, there will be no escape.

  • Kreon: Why must you resist? Your future no longer belongs to you, it belongs to us!

    Isabelle: No! Don't touch me! Can't you see I've always hated you?

    Kreon: Is that any way to talk to the father of your children?

    Isabelle: Children? What do you mean "children?" We have only one child.

    Kreon: Oh, no my darling. We have... many children.

    Isabelle: Oh my god... What have you done? Tell me, what have you done!

  • Kreon: [Kreon laughs at the survivors futile plans to escape] What fools! They flatter themselves. What makes them think their lives are worth saving? Or perhaps I should let them live?

    Korda: No!

    Kreon: Are you ready to kill?

    Korda: Yes, father!

    Kreon: Any man with a weapon, can commit murder, but it's such a waste. A sorceror's son, must learn to use the power of death, to control the force of life. This, is the source of our power.

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