Korso Quotes in Titan A.E. (2000)


Korso Quotes:

  • [Surprising a group of aliens attacking Cale]

    Korso: If you're going to hunt humans, you should know we travel in packs.

  • Cale: Yeah? What is the truth?

    Korso: That the human race is outta gas. It's circling the drain. It's finished! The only thing that matters is grabbing whatcha can before somebody else beats ya to it.

    Cale: No, I don't believe that.

    Korso: Then you're even more like your father than I thought... a fool.

  • Korso: You back-stabbing...

    Preed: Well, I learned from the best.

  • Korso: Exhale.

    Cale: You've gotta be kidding me.

    Korso: Exhale!

    Cale: No. No, no!

    Korso: [kicks windshield out]

  • Tek: It's time, Cale. It's time to stop running.

    Korso: [spots Drej entering building] Well, actually, I think it's time to start.

  • Korso: You should brace yourself.

    Cale: [nervous] Uh, uh, yeah! Uh, I'm feeling that.

  • Cale: Give me the ring!

    Korso: Your not gonna shoot me, kid.

  • Cale: [to Tek, after escaping from Po and his cronies] I've got to be scarce for a while.

    Korso: [slides into the seat next to Cale] You don't know the half of it.

    Cale: Are you still bothering people? Go away!

    Korso: [to Tek] Great job with the kid, Tek. He's a charmer.

  • Korso: [through clenched teeth] We need a pick up here.

  • Korso: Oh, man, they've really ground you down.

    Cale: Hey, get this straight, I don't even know you. I don't want any part of your mission, and I don't need your help with these over-sized morons.

    Korso: Oh. Okay.

    Korso: [to alien goons, after he unties them] I think he called you morons.

  • Korso: [to Cale, who is sitting in the driver's seat] Over. Maybe next time, kid.

  • Cale: They're locking down the doors!

    Korso: We're not going forward, we're going up.

    Cale: Up?

  • Korso: Eject. 'Ey, where's the eject? Cale? Cale, this model does have eject, right?

    KorsoCale: [look at each other then brace for impact]

  • Korso: [amused] And you were worried.

    Cale: [points to cracking windshield] Whaddaya mean were?

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