Koda Quotes in Brother Bear (2003)


Koda Quotes:

  • Kenai: Enough with the stories. I don't care about the time you and Binky found the world's biggest pine cone ever.

    Koda: First of all, his name's Bucky, not Binky. And second, it wasn't a pine cone, it was a pine nut, and it was huge, even bigger than your fat head.

  • [trying to break the news to Koda that he killed his mother]

    Kenai: Koda, there's... something I ought to... you know that story you told me last night?

    Koda: Yeah.

    Kenai: Well, I have a story to tell you.

    Koda: Really? What's it about?

    Kenai: Well, it's kind of about a man... and kind of about a bear. But mostly, it's about a monster.

  • Koda: If the snow's white, then it's all right. Yellow or green, it's just not clean. I learned that one the hard way.

  • Koda: Mom says the spirits make all the magical changes in the world, like how the leaves change color, or how the moon changes shape, or tadpoles change into frogs...

    Kenai: Yeah, I get it. You know, for a change, maybe they could just leave things alone.

    Koda: What do you mean?

    Kenai: My brother's a spirit, and if it wasn't for him, I... I wouldn't be here.

    Koda: You have a brother up there? What happened to him?

    Kenai: He was killed by a bea... by a monster.

    Koda: What's your brother's name?

    Kenai: Sitka.

    Koda: Thanks, Sitka. If it weren't for you, I would have never met Kenai.

    [lays down on the mammoth's tusks, sighs]

    Koda: I always wanted a brother.

  • [looking at a cave painting of a hunter stalking a bear]

    Koda: Those monsters are real scary. Especially with their sticks.

  • [to his brother]

    Rutt: Sorry! You've been replaced with my dear brother... gee, I forget you name, what's your name again...?

    Koda: I don't want anymore brothers.

    Rutt: See? He's had enough of you too, eh.

  • Koda: [playing with his reflection in an iceberg] Skinny... fat! Skinny... fat!

  • Kenai: Hey, I've got a mountain to get to. Come on, kid.

    Koda: I told you before. My name's Koda. Say it with me... Ko-da.

    Kenai: Are you sure your mom didn't ditch you, Ko-da?

  • Koda: Boy, that tree is strong, huh? You know, when I was little, I was really into climbing trees! All kinds of trees! I climbed pine trees, oak trees, cedar trees, maple trees, there were birch trees, willow trees...


    Koda: ... my eyes were watering, and my tongue was swollen, and from that moment on, I was more careful about what I licked!

  • [telling stories at Salmon Run]

    Koda: This year, I watched my Mom in a life and death struggle against all odds, battling possibly the most fiercest creature on the face of the earth. Okay, who's next?

  • Kenai: Okay, okay, Heh... Koda... I, uh... I... I gotta get goin'...

    Koda: Well, when you come back, we can go...

    Kenai: I... I won't be coming back.

    Koda: What? Why not?

    Kenai: Because... well... it's hard to explai...

    Tug: You're leaving?

    Kenai: GAH! UH, NO! Well I, uh... I mean yes. Uh... well it's just that I... I don't... I don't belong here.

    Tug: "Don't belong"? EVERY bear belongs here.

  • Koda: When I get in a fight, I go all crazy, and I'm a raging ball of brown fur!

  • Koda: Hey, I don't wanna brag or nothing, but I got some moves.

    Kenai: Oh, really?

    Koda: Yeah. Now, this first one, well... it's just a little something I like to call... the Slasher. And this, I call... Flying Fury of Death.

    Kenai: [mock terror] Ah! The hunter's coming back.

    Koda: Aah! Where?

  • Koda: [asleep] Two more months, Mom...

  • [to Kenai, stuck in a trap and hanging from a tree]

    Koda: What are you doing? Guess you didn't see the trap, huh? I saw it from a mile away! You must be pretty embarrassed!


    Koda: Don't worry... I won't tell *anyone!*

    Kenai: What?

    Koda: You need to get down! Let me help...

    [he starts hitting Kenai with a stick]

    Kenai: Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait... OW!

    Koda: Hold still!

    Kenai: No, just- Ow! Stop it! Ow! Ooh! Would you just- Ow! Get... get... hey... STOP IT!

    Koda: It's no use. The only way to get down is to *chew your own foot off*!

  • Koda: ...my eyes were watering, and my tongue was swollen, and from that moment on, I was more careful about what I lick!

  • Koda: Oh, that reminds me! Last year at the Salmon Run, my friend Bucky TOTALLY dared me, but I'd heard about this OTHER cub who stuck HIS tongue to an iceberg, and then he started to float away, and so to save him, they had to like rip off his tongue, and so, now he hath to tog like thith all a time!

  • Kenai: Don't DO that!

    Koda: Scared you, didn't I?

    Kenai: There's scared... and then there's surprised.

    Koda: And you were both! Whoa...

    [he looks away for a second, hinting for Kenai to try. Kenai gives his best effort at roaring]

    Koda: Nice try. Uh, you got a little spit right there...

  • [about hunters]

    Koda: Why do they hate us, Kenai?

    Kenai: We're bears.

    Koda: So?

    Kenai: So... you know how they are! They're... they're killers.

    Koda: Wait a minute, who's the killers?

    Kenai: Bears.

    Koda: What? Which bears? I'm not like that, and you're not like that!

    Kenai: Well, obviously not all bears, I mean, you're okay, but most bears... most bears will look for any excuse to attack a human.

    Koda: But Kenai, *he* attacked *us*!

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