Kit Quayle Quotes in Ride a Wild Pony (1975)


Kit Quayle Quotes:

  • Jeannie Quayle: I don't like Scott Pirie. Mary Strapp has to sit next to him. She says he smells.

    Mrs. Quayle: Jeannie, he has all the farm chores to do before he comes to school in the morning.

    Jeannie Quayle: He could still have a bath.

    Mrs. Quayle: Could he? The Piries have no running water on their farm. Every drop they use has to be pumped up and heated on the stove.

    Kit Quayle: Anyway, I like Scotty.

    Jeannie Quayle: You would.

    Kit Quayle: Just because you go and visit Josie Ellison in her big rich house.

  • Jeannie Quayle: Hey, there's Scotty walking!

    Kit Quayle: Hey, Scotty, where's Taff?

    Scotty Pirie: Dunno. He broke out.

    Kit Quayle: Can't you find him? Hey, maybe some straggler picked him up.

    Jeannie Quayle: Or maybe he wandered off and can't find his way back.

    Scotty Pirie: Not Taff.

    Kit Quayle: Hey, maybe he fell in the river.

    Jeannie Quayle: Or seen Mr. Ellison's herd of ponies on the other side and wanted to get to them.

    Scotty Pirie: You don't know Taff! I tell you nothing would make him go near the water!

    Kit Quayle: He could've found a dry crossing.

    Scotty Pirie: I looked. There's not one near our place.

    Jeannie Quayle: Well, where is he, then?

    Scotty Pirie: He'll turn up. He always does.

  • Mrs. Quayle: Why, Mrs. Pirie, do come in.

    Mrs. Pirie: Scotty is gone.

    Mrs. Quayle: Gone? You mean he disappeared? How long ago?

    Kit Quayle: He hasn't been in school since Tuesday.

    Mrs. Pirie: My husband has gone to the police.

    Mrs. Quayle: Well, come in and have a cup of tea.

    Mrs. Pirie: I thought maybe Kit could go and look for Scotty on the river.

    Mrs. Quayle: You mean on the Ellison property?

    Kit Quayle: Yeah, of course I'll go.

    Charles E. Quayle: Scotty's missing? There's, uh, no need for Kit to go. I shall... uh... ring Mr. Ellison.

  • Jeannie Quayle: Hey, there's that bush boy back.

    Charles E. Quayle: How long was he gone this time?

    Kit Quayle: Four days. I'll bet he had fun.

    Charles E. Quayle: Don't use that cheap expression. You don't bet anything. Kit?

    Kit Quayle: Yes, Dad?

    Charles E. Quayle: Running away can become a habit. I hope you won't forget that.

  • Kit Quayle: What's his name?

    Scotty Pirie: Well, I don't know. He's a Welsh pony. Taff is a Welsh name. I reckon I'll call him Taff.

  • Kit Quayle: Maybe someone stole him. Took him off to some town nearby and sold him.

    Scotty Pirie: Yeah, but then that means, Taff could be anywhere.

  • Scotty Pirie: There's Taff!

    Kit Quayle: Where?

    Scotty Pirie: There, that's him!

    [Scotty starts unhitching the pony from Josie's buggy]

    Josie Ellison: Leave him alone! Take your hands off him!

    Kit Quayle: Scotty, that's Bo. That's her pony. That's not Taff.

    Scotty Pirie: It's Taff!

    Josie Ellison: Go on, Bo, go on!

    Scotty Pirie: Stay where you are, Taff, stay!

    Josie Ellison: Dad! Dad, stop him! Stop him!

    James Ellison: What do you think you're doing? Stop that!

    Scotty Pirie: He's Taff! He's my pony!

  • Jeannie Quayle: Well, I think it's wicked and cruel of Scott Pirie trying to take Josie's pony.

    Kit Quayle: It isn't her pony. It's Scotty's.

    Charles E. Quayle: How do you know it is?

    Kit Quayle: I just know.

    Charles E. Quayle: Well, what if Josie Ellison just knows that it's hers?

    Mrs. Quayle: But supposing it really is Scott Pirie's pony? What happens then?

    Charles E. Quayle: Only a court of law can decide that.

    Jeannie Quayle: If it did go to court, Father, who do you think would win?

    Charles E. Quayle: Well, I'm not prepared to act as judge.

    Jeannie Quayle: Come on, Father, which do you think?

    Charles E. Quayle: In this case, possession is nine-tenths of the law.

  • Kit Quayle: How do you know it's Taff?

    Scotty Pirie: How do I know? I know who you are, don't I?

    Kit Quayle: Well, Bluey said he caught him in a wild herd. I suppose he could've seen a herd and swam across the river.

    Scotty Pirie: He'd never do that.

    Kit Quayle: Well, maybe he wandered right along the river and found a dry crossing, one that you just didn't know about.

    Scotty Pirie: Anyway, it's Taff. That's all I know.

    Kit Quayle: They'll never let him go.

    Scotty Pirie: What did your father say?

    Kit Quayle: He said that in a case like this, possession is nine-tenths of the law.

    Scotty Pirie: What does that mean?

    Kit Quayle: It means Josie Ellison's got the pony and you haven't.

  • Jeannie Quayle: Hey, Scotty, did you get Taff back?

    Kit Quayle: Well, did you get the pony back or not?

    Scotty Pirie: Mind your own business.

    Kit Quayle: I'll bet he has.

    Jeannie Quayle: Well, if he has, he ought to be ashamed of himself.

    Kit Quayle: Hey, how'd he get Taff back across the river?

    Jeannie Quayle: If that pony crossed the river, it must be Bo.

  • Scotty Pirie: No, no! They're taking him away!

    Charles E. Quayle: Scotty, stop it!

    Scotty Pirie: Let me go!

    James Ellison: Can't you control that boy?

    Charles E. Quayle: Scotty...

    James Ellison: I simply want to take the pony to my daughter, or do you object to that?

    Charles E. Quayle: No, go right ahead. Kit, will you tell him it's all right?

    Kit Quayle: Scotty, honestly, they won't take him away.

    Scotty Pirie: How do you know they won't?

    Kit Quayle: Because my father won't let them.

  • Kit Quayle: You can't take him. The gate's locked.

    Scotty Pirie: Yeah, but look who's got the key.

    Kit Quayle: Well, Mr. Ellison can't take him, either.

    Scotty Pirie: He's rich. He can do what he likes.

    Kit Quayle: No, he can't. Scotty, he made an agreement, and he wouldn't break it. Anyway, my father won't let him.

    Scotty Pirie: Do I have to go to court?

    Kit Quayle: Yes, I suppose so. Mr. Ellison is suing you for the return of the pony. But it's a civil case.

    Scotty Pirie: What does that mean?

    Kit Quayle: It means you're not on trial. You're on equal terms with the Ellisons.

  • Scotty Pirie: What is *she* doing here?

    Kit Quayle: She's allowed to see the pony as long as she doesn't take it away.

  • Jeannie Quayle: Kit, what happened? How it's going?

    Kit Quayle: I don't know. Father, well, he seems to be...

    Jeannie Quayle: What?

    Kit Quayle: He seems to be trying to prove that no one can tell whose pony it is.

    Jeannie Quayle: What will happen?

    Kit Quayle: They'll give the pony to Josie.

    Jeannie Quayle: Well, it is her pony.

    Kit Quayle: Is it?

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