King Louis XVI Quotes in Marie Antoinette (1938)


King Louis XVI Quotes:

  • King Louis XVI: I don't want to be king. People expect so much of a king. Nothing comes easily to me.

  • King Louis XV: What's the meaning of this? Why are you here?

    King Louis XVI: I don't want her to be sent back!

    King Louis XV: Ha, ha! Indeed.

    Mme. du Barry: [Sharply to Louis XVI] His majesty is not well!

    King Louis XVI: [Ignoring du Barry] But it isn't her fault! Don't you understand?

    King Louis XV: [Looking up to Du Barry with confusion] What? What's he talking about?

    Mme. du Barry: [Even more sharply to Louis XVI] Will you go, please?

    King Louis XVI: No! You get out!

    [Then to the king & now pleading on his knees]

    King Louis XVI: Listen, grandfather, it's going to be different now...

    King Louis XV: Get up you fool! Your argument is as unimpressive as your appearance. Your wife goes back to Austria! Your marriage will be annulled! I'll hear no more of it!

    [Looking frail & weak he starts coughing uncontrollably & waves him impatiently away]

    King Louis XV: Get out! Get out!

    King Louis XVI: I'll get out, but I'll come back! I'll come back when your dead! I'll be king then!

    King Louis XV: Silence!

    King Louis XVI: [Ignoring the king he turns to du Barry] And you! You know what will happen to you when I'm king? There are places for women like you in the Bastille!

    Mme. du Barry: Stop it!

    [to the king]

    Mme. du Barry: Make him stop!

    King Louis XV: Silence!

    King Louis XVI: I'm going to have my wife back! I'm going to have children! I know!

    [he starts loosing his composure]

    King Louis XVI: But you... your weak! Your not going to live long! I'll be sitting there and you'll be dead!

    King Louis XV: [Trembling with anger he starts to rise] Be silent!

    King Louis XVI: [Roughly shoving the king down hard] Sit down!

    [Then with shame he hangs his head as he leaves]

    King Louis XVI: Forgive me, sire. I didn't mean to touch you. Forgive me.

  • Prince de Rohan: Monseigneur, Madame. I have the honor to deliver this charming box.

    Marie: A present! Yes, I'm sure it is! Our anniversary, you know! From whom?

    Prince de Rohan: Oh, that Madame, I am not at liberty to say. Shall we unfasten the ribbon?

    Marie: I shall do it myself! To Louis: Will you help me? It's for you too, you know. What do you suppose it is?

    King Louis XVI: From the King perhaps?

    Marie: Oh, I do hope so! To the Price de Rohan: Is it from the King?

    Prince de Rohan: Madame, you positively must not ask or I shall break my vows, but Madame is warm, if I may so express myself. Madame, is very warm.

    Marie: Unwrapping the gift with child-like excitememt, and then a sudden look of confusion: A cradle... uh, an empty cradle. Read from the card attached to the present: Since at least it is quite beyond doubt this cot your unable to fill... go back to your schitzel and krout and leave the job to some baggage who will."

    Prince de Rohan: Oh Madame! I assure you! I had no idea! The Countess DuBerry...

    Marie: Wll you go, Monsieur?

    Prince de Rohan: I assure you, Madame, I knew nothing!

    Marie: You may leave us, Monsieur. Go back to the person who sent you and let her have the satisfaction of knowing her barb went home.

    Prince de Rohan: Madame!

    Marie: Will you go, please?

    Prince de Rohan: As he's bowing & departing: Oh, this is ! Deplorable!

    King Louis XVI: Snatching the cradle from Marie Antionette and quickly crushing it to pieces: I'll go to the King! I'll have her punished! I'll have her flogged! I'll have her branded!

    Marie: Oh, go Louis!

    King Louis XVI: It'll be no use.

    Marie: Louis, this woman only dares to insult me because you seem to despise me.

    King Louis XVI: But I...

    Marie: Help me, Louie, please! I need you! I know you don't love me, but couldn't you pretend to like me a little?

    King Louis XVI: Why I...

    Marie: If only you would, before everybody. I'd feel so secure, so proud. I could even ignore DuBerry. Louie: It would only make trouble. What if it does? We have been brushed aside as though we were of no account and we've been cowardly enough to submit! We should live as becomes heirs to the throne of France. I want life to be rich and full and beautiful. It could be if only we stood together!

    King Louis XVI: I tell you I can't! I can't try to be anything but what I am! Why do you plauge me? The King is the King?

    Marie: And I'm a princess of the House of Hapsburg;I'm an Archduchess of Austria and a daughter of the Empress Maria Therese! I'm sorry you don't see it my way, Louis, but I mean to be the Dauphine of France. Not in the way I might have been if we'd stood together, but at least I'll be the highest, brightest figure in this court!

  • King Louis XVI: I am not going to run! What do you say, brother?

    Comte de Provence: I say run and you'll lose your crown!

    Comte d'Artois: And I say stay and you'll lose your head!

    Comte de Provence: [to Artois] You're on the wing, I suppose?

    Comte d'Artois: Your trunks are packed!

    Comte de Provence: Liar!

    King Louis XVI: Be quiet, be quiet, both of you! It was a grave mistake to dissolve the assembly...

    [He looks desparately up to Marie Antoinette]

    King Louis XVI: My dear, what shall we do?

  • King Louis XVI: [Looking glum] I don't like that fellow.

    Marie: Philippe?

    King Louis XVI: He smiles too much.

    Marie: [Cheerfully] Oh, but I like people to smile!

  • King Louis XVI: It's good to be the king.

  • Count de Monet: Your Majesty, you look like the piss-boy!

    King Louis XVI: And you look like a bucket of shit!

  • King Louis XVI: Knight jumps queen! Bishop jumps queen! Pawns jump queen! *Gangbang*!

  • Mademoiselle Rimbaud: Your Majesty! I was raised in a convent. I don't indulge in pleasures of the flesh.

    King Louis XVI: You don't put out, he don't get out.

    Mademoiselle Rimbaud: Your Majesty, I simply don't do it.

    King Louis XVI: Come on, you do it. You love to do it. We all do it. You do it...

    Mademoiselle Rimbaud: No, I don't!

    King Louis XVI: I do it, I love to do it. I just did it and I'm ready to do it again, don't tell me you don't do it!

  • Count de Monet: It is said that the people are revolting.

    King Louis XVI: You said it! They stink on ice!

  • Poppinjay: [muffled in to megaphone] Pawn threatens bishop!

    King Louis XVI: What the hell did you say?

    Poppinjay: [turning to King Louis XVI without removing the megaphone] Pawn threatens bishop!

  • King Louis XVI: Ah, now there's a naughty bit o' crumpet!

  • King Louis XVI: [sniffs cocaine into each nostril] Everything's so green.

  • King Louis XVI: Ah, the Count Da Money!

    Count de Monet: It's "De Mon... "

    King Louis XVI: DON'T correct me!

  • [Rimbaud's father has been thrown in prison for making an offhand remark at a party]

    King Louis XVI: What did he say?

    Mademoiselle Rimbaud: He said, "The poor ain't so bad."

    King Louis XVI: [shocked] "The poor ain't so bad?" Huh, you're lucky he's still alive!

  • King Louis XVI: [King Louis and Marie Antoinette appear at a ball, where everyone is dressed in gowns and suits. The king is dressed in a chicken suit] I thought it was a costume ball!

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