King Adolf XV Quotes in The Smiling Lieutenant (1931)


King Adolf XV Quotes:

  • King Adolf XV: This is unheard of. Flausenthurm without an "h?" Don't they know, in Vienna, how to spell my country?

    Princess Anna: It's a deliberate insult, Papa. They're trying to make us feel, just because we've a little country, we shouldn't have so many letters.

  • Princess Anna: Papa, you may not realize it, but I'm desperate. I'm no longer responsible. I'm capable of anything. If you don't let me have my Lieutenant, do you know what I'm going to do?

    King Adolf XV: What?

    Princess Anna: I'm going to marry an American!

  • King Adolf XV: When you winked at my daughter, were your intentions honorable?

    Lieutenant Niki: They were.

    King Adolf XV: Well, then naturally you'll marry her.

    Lieutenant Niki: My intentions were dishonorable!

    King Adolf XV: Then you'll have to marry her!

  • King Adolf XV: Let me tell you, that schnitzel came from an imported Viennese cow.

    Princess Anna: Imported especially for you.

    Lieutenant Niki: Poor cow. To start life in Vienna and end it in Flausenthurm.

  • King Adolf XV: So that's what she does, eh? Plays the violin?

    Princess Anna: Yes, papa. And in public! Tell me, papa, be frank do all girls like that play the violin?

    King Adolf XV: Not necessarily, but I'll tell you one thing: they play!

    Princess Anna: Well, I can play too!

  • Princess Anna: Napoleon was a Lieutenant too! And an Austrian princess married him.

    King Adolf XV: Well, he's no Napoleon.

    Princess Anna: Right! He's ten times better looking.

  • Princess Anna: Oh, Papa, have a heart.

    King Adolf XV: No.

    Princess Anna: Say yes.

    King Adolf XV: No!

    Princess Anna: Don't you get tired of saying no all day long?

    King Adolf XV: Yes.

    Princess Anna: Oh, Papa!

  • King Adolf XV: [On the phone] Give me the Emperor. Oh, good evening, Emp. Yes, this is Adolph speaking. Thank you. Same to you. Now, listen, Emp, I want to tell you something very confidential. Now keep this under your crown. My little Anna is in love.

  • King Adolf XV: You know what you are? You are anti-Flausenthurm!

  • Princess Anna: [Smiling] He danced with me!

    King Adolf XV: [Smiling] And he called me Daddy!

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