Kidda Quotes in The Blood of Heroes (1989)


Kidda Quotes:

  • Kidda: Sallow?

    Sallow: What?

    Kidda: Tell us about the league.

    Sallow: What about it?

    Kidda: Are they really so good?

    Sallow: Yeah.

    Kidda: Really?

    Sallow: Better than you can imagine.

    Kidda: How do you know if you're good enough?

    Sallow: You know.

    Kidda: What if you're wrong?

    Sallow: You find out.

  • Kidda: Sallow? Is there really such a thing as silk?

    Sallow: [pauses reflectively] Yes.

  • Kidda: [Sees Dog Boy limping] How's your leg? That hurt?

    Dog Boy: I'm gonna rip your tits off, bitch!

    Kidda: I'm gonna hurt your leg. I'm gonna break your leg!

  • Kidda's Mother: Why do you do it, Kidda? They hurt you.

    Kidda: I don't care. I hurt them too.

    Kidda's Mother: They hurt you more. Kicked you!

    Kidda: Someone from The League kicked me. The man from the City. The good one... I could be good like that. I'm going away, mama.

    Kidda's Mother: Life is hard everywhere.

    Kidda: I'm good. I can win!

    Kidda's Mother: Win what?

    Kidda: Everything!

  • [Kidda gets tripped by Ghandi when practicing her running skills]

    Sallow: Can't pass an old man?

    Kidda: I didn't see him.

    Sallow: You gotta know where everybody is, all of us!

    Kidda: What if I can't?

    Sallow: They'll crush your skull!

  • Gandhi: They dress you in special clothing... in silk.

    Kidda: Silk?

    Gandhi: A cloth so fine it's like wind on your cheek.

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