Kevin Winchester Quotes in Summer School (1987)


Kevin Winchester Quotes:

  • Shoop: Denise: no previous test score because you ditched every test, but a 38.

    Mrs. Green: Honey, that's terrific!

    Denise: We'll get 'em next time.

    Shoop: Kevin, from a 48 to a 75!

    Kevin Winchester: Yeah, I'm back on the team!

    [Kevin and his did share football shouts and hug]

    Shoop: Chainsaw: last score was a 6, this time: 59. Monster comeback! And Dave: from a 26 to a 70.

    Dave: I passed!

    Anna-Maria Mazarelli: You made it!

    Chainsaw: You passed? You passed and I failed, asshole! How could you do that to me?

    Dave: It was an accident. I'll take it again, I can fail, I know it.

    Shoop: Pam went from a 53 to an 82.

    Pam: Was that the highest?

    Shoop: Well, almost. That guy who spent six weeks in the bathroom got a 91. But look, there's more going on here than test scores and grades. You all worked hard and improved.

    Phil Gills: And that's very nice, Mr. Shoop. The point here is that we are here to discuss Mr. Shoop's flagrant violation of school policies.

    Principal Kelban: Hold it, Gills. According to my numbers, the average scores have increased from 28 to 63. That's 125% improvement. Now that's teaching. Mr. Shoop, I'm granting you tenure.

  • Kevin Winchester: Uh, can Rhonda and I be excused? She's having a baby.

    Shoop: You're having a baby?

    [climbs over the desks to reach her]

    Shoop: Why didn't you say anything?

    Rhonda Altobello: I wanted to finish my test.

    [walks down the stairs towards the door]

    Shoop: Can I get you anything, hot water, a doctor?

    Rhonda Altobello: [laughs] Get out of my way.

    Shoop: Get out of your way, I can do that.

    [to school security]

    Shoop: Carmine, get out of her way!

  • Kevin Winchester: [on the beach] What's it like being pregnant?

    Rhonda Altobello: Bizarre. My body's out of control.

    Kevin Winchester: I think you look great.

    Rhonda Altobello: Sure, in the dark.

    Kevin Winchester: [shakes head] No.

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