Kevin Haub Quotes in Rolling Kansas (2003)


Kevin Haub Quotes:

  • Kevin Haub: You girls are pretty.


    Kevin Haub: I'm gay though...

  • Dave Murphy: Aw man, that garbage can was full of loaded diapers.

    Kevin Haub: Baby's are cute, though.

    Dave Murphy: [pause] Yeah they are.

  • Satin: What about you? What's your story?

    Kevin Haub: I'm gay.

    Satin: [uncomfortable silence] You think you're gay?

    Kevin Haub: I think I'm gay. I think I like dudes. This old farmer guy asked me if I liked boys. You know it got me to thinking.

    Blush: Anyone else in the car think they're gay?

    Dinkadoo MurphyHunter BulletteDave MurphyDick Murphy: No.

    Dinkadoo Murphy: Kevin, wh-what do you mean you think you're gay?

    Kevin Haub: I do. I think I like dudes.

  • Kevin Haub: Hey with all them boxes. I'm going to make 'em into a giant break dancing mat and we're going to have a neighborhood break off.

  • Kevin Haub: Out of all of us, Hunter would be the safest in prison.

  • Farmer: Reckon you need a good ass-whoopin?

    Kevin Haub: Nah, I don't think so...

    Farmer: You're soft, like a knobbly-kneed girl. Reckon you like boys?

    Kevin Haub: Nah, I don't think so... I just looking for some cutting implements.

    Farmer: Saws and what have you?

    Kevin Haub: Yes sir.

    Farmer: I've got cutting implements. Saws and what have you...

    Kevin Haub: Cool,. Are they in good condition? Well oiled? Little or no rust?

  • Kevin Haub: Weedworm. How cool.

  • Agent Madsen, Trooper: [to Hunter] Hey, big man!

    Kevin Haub: Yes sir.

    Agent Madsen, Trooper: Not you, thin-bin!

  • Kevin Haub: I have a Russian sword... it's large.

  • Dick Murphy: Now here's what we're gonna do, we're gonna put that human nose back in the glovebox. Go on. We're gonna forget about it. Forever.

    Kevin Haub: Yeah, okay that sounds easy enough. Hey, anyone hungry?

    Dinkadoo Murphy: Yes, good idea.

    Kevin Haub: What about the human nose?

    Dick Murphy: Kevin, forget about the human nose!

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