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  • Ketevan Barateli: On behalf of everyone who was unjustly punished, I demand that Varlam Aravidze be dug up from his grave by his own relatives.

    Guliko: I protest! All you've heard here is a lie and slander!

    Ketevan Barateli: Slander? Prove that it's a slander!

    Prosecutor: You mean that the deceased should not be buried?

    Ketevan Barateli: No, you must not bury him! Let the carrion crows tear him to pieces! Burying him means forgiving him, shutting our eyes to everything he had perpetrated. I publicly declare once again: If you don't dig him up, I will get him, I will not leave him in peace!

  • Ketevan Barateli: I'm telling you that Aravidze will not rest in the ground. As soon as I'm released, I'll dig him up.

    Prosecutor: I hope that Ms. Barateli is not the primitive creature that believes it's possible to achieve a moral objective by an immoral act, by insulting a deceased.

    Ketevan Barateli: It's possible, because Aravidze is not dead!

    Prosecutor: You think... he's alive?

    Ketevan Barateli: Yes, he's alive! And as you defend him, he goes on living and corrupting the society.

    Prosecutor: Just a minute. Excuse me. So you're asserting that he's alive?

    Ketevan Barateli: Yes.

  • Ketevan Barateli: Evening, spring, and shadows clumping, On the branch a bird is jumping. May a new dream me enfold.

    Tornike: Moon has waned Earth to behold. I'm Tornike Aravidze, Varlam Aravidze's grandson.

    Ketevan Barateli: What do you want?

    Tornike: I came... I came to ask your forgiveness.

    Ketevan Barateli: I'm not the G-d to give absolution.

    Tornike: I fired at you. I'm a murderer.

    Ketevan Barateli: Oh G-d, what a fateful star I was born under, if I have made even you, an innocent boy, a murderer? Evening, spring, and shadows clumping, On the branch a bird is jumping.

    Tornike: Are you making fun of me?

    Ketevan Barateli: I'm crazy, don't you know it? Crazy. I'm really crazy. Tomorrow they'll come, take me by my arms and drag me to a lunatic asylum.

  • Old Woman: Excuse me, does this street lead to a church? I want to know whether this street leads to a church.

    Ketevan Barateli: No, this is Varlam Street, and it doesn't lead to a church.

    Old Woman: Then what do you need it for? Why have a road that doesn't lead to a church?

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