Keoki Quotes in Party Monster (2003)


Keoki Quotes:

  • Michael: 132nd street, and on the double!

    Keoki: Are we going very far?

    Michael: All the way, I hope...

  • Michael Alig: Come to my party?

    Keoki: Oh dude, thank you so much.

    Michael Alig: You could be my boyfriend.

    Keoki: Oh actually, um, I'm not gay. I'm actually here with a couple of babes.

    Michael Alig: Well, let's talk after a couple cocktails. Drink ticket?

  • Keoki: What's that?

    Michael Alig: It's a kitty! Aw, it's our lovechild. We'll call him Skrinkle.

    James: [voice over] As you dry your eyes, let me just say this about that. Skrinkle was just the beginning. Skrinkle begat Skroddle and Skrinkle and Skroddle were the Lego blocks of a strange new world he was building for us all. You were either a Skrink or a Skrod. I was a Skrinklada if I was good or a stupid Skrod lover if I was bad. Somehow, his dopey language caught on like his stupid parties.

  • Keoki: [hesitant] Wow, I never thought I'd be taking a cab to the Bronx with a guy. I figured I come to the club... tell a few girls "no, not tonite"... It's just... ehh, you know...

    Michael Alig: Get in.

    Keoki: Okay.

  • Keoki: Michael, what are you doing?

    Michael Alig: Skrinkle and I just did all your cocaine.

    Keoki: You did what?

    Michael Alig: Well I just figured if you're gonna ruin our relationship by doing drugs I should see what all the fuss is about.

    Keoki: Oh great, so now we have two drug addicts in the family?

    Michael Alig: And Skrinkle makes three. Do you have any more?

    Keoki: What do you mean any more?

    Michael Alig: More as in more. Moron! What part don't you understand, duh face?

    Keoki: Fuck you, I'm out of here.

    Michael Alig: You're just mad because I did all your stuff and I didn't even like it. If you walk out that door I'm gonna kill myself!

  • Abner Hale: I have been thinking lately, that our church is ready for a board of deacons. I'm willing to make you their head, Keoki. You would move among the Hawaiians, find out who is smoking, who has alcohol on his breath, who is sleeping with another man's wife - that sort of thing. Then each week, you will hand me a list, to be admonished from the pulpit.

    Keoki: I sought a way to serve my people... not to spy upon them.

    [turns and walks away]

  • Abner Hale: Your mother will not be pleased that you have refused the deaconship.

    Keoki: My mother is dying.

    Abner Hale: Your mother is not dying, Keoki. I just talked with her. There is nothing wrong with her.

    Keoki: She will die... and then will come the whistling wind.

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