Kent Quotes in If Looks Could Kill (1991)


Kent Quotes:

  • Melissa Tyler: Oh my god, we're all gonna die!

    Kent: No, we're not! Corbin's here!

    Melissa Tyler: That's what I meant!

  • Michael Corben: What'd I miss?

    Kent: Eh, some crap about our future.

  • [Kent notices Mariska during the car chase]

    Kent: Look at that babe!

    Mrs Grober: Kent, stop looking at babes!

  • Kent: Michael, look who's here. Melissa Tyler.

    Michael Corben: Well, if you want her, take her.

    Kent: What, and lose my geek status?

    Michael Corben: Look Kent, you're sticking with me, all right? In the daytime, we'll do the French bait. You know, look at the statues and crap. But in the nighttime when the nerd patrol crashes, it's you and me, pal, on a Parisian babe safari, ok?

    Kent: What about Grober? She must've went nuts when she found out you were coming.

    Michael Corben: Don't worry about Grober, I can handle her.

    Mrs Grober: [Snatches Michael's sunglasses] Don't count on it. I'm gonna be on your ass every minute of this trip. I'm gonna be sitting next to you on the bus during the day and checking your room at night. You'll barely be able to take a leak without being right behind you. In fact, I even took the liberty of booking your seat on the plane right next to mine. I didn't see you in class all year, Mr. Corben. And if you want that credit, it's not coming easy. So, we're going to make up for lost time starting right now.

    [hands Michael a French learning booklet]

    Mrs Grober: Repetez. Je-m'appelle, Michael Corben.

    [Repeat. My name is Michael Corben]

    Mrs Grober: Class, follow me.

    [the French Club follows Mrs. Grober]

    Mrs Grober: [to Michael] Repetez!

    Michael Corben: Repetez. Je-m'appelle, Michael Corben.

  • Lasse: [after telling the owner of the "theft", he even refuses first to report it because "it's only sausages". Lasse manages to convince him otherwise] Listen, Kent. The law says you have to make a report - otherwise we can report you for an unfiled report. Because you didn't report the report you're bound to report - your report can be reported because you didn't report it. And then your report can be reported by us... You understand?

    Kent: No... But I'll make a report, I'll do it.

  • [Kent opens his dorm room door to find his car inside]

    Chris Knight: Hey Kent... That's your car.

    Mitch: Kent, you know you're not supposed to park that on campus.

    Kent: You've gone too far this time, Knight.

    Chris Knight: [whiny, scared voice] I had help!

    [points to Mitch]

    Kent: You, huh? Well you won't get away with this. Doctor Hathaway's gonna hear all about this. You'll rue the day!

    Chris Knight: "Rue the day?" Who talks like that?

  • Kent: You're all a bunch of degenerates.

    Chris Knight: *We* are? What about that time I found you naked with that bowl of Jell-O?

    Kent: You did not.

    Chris Knight: This is true.

    Kent: Look, it was hot and I was hungry, okay?

  • Kent: And I suppose you're in on this too. Did you make this stuff?

    'Ick' Ikagami: I'm not saying.

    Kent: Well who's gonna clean it up?

    'Ick' Ikagami: You won't have to. It's gonna go from solid form directly to gas.

    Kent: Whoa! Really? What is it?

    'Ick' Ikagami: I'm not sayin', but I can tell you it's fairly rare and very unstable.

    Chris Knight: Just like you.

  • Chris Knight: Oh, Kent, that is so unfair! And we were going to make you King of the Winter Carnival.

    Kent: Really?

  • 'Ick' Ikagami: It worked!

    Mitch: That's neat!

    'Ick' Ikagami: Now if we can just keep it from exploding!

    Kent: Explo-?

    [rushes into his room]

    Chris Knight: Hey Ick, you were just kidding about exploding, right?

    [starts to notice no one else is there any longer]

    Chris Knight: Ick? It's a joke, right?

  • [Mitch Taylor speaking through the microphone so that Kent hears voices in his head]

    Mitch: And from now on, stop playing with yourself.

    Kent: It *is* God.

  • Kent: Uh, I'll catch up with you guys. I have to go to the bathroom.

    Chris Knight: Okay, Kent, but I don't think that's going to help your confidence any, do you?

  • Kent: I collect Deputy Sheriff's guns. Whenever I meet a new deputy, I ask him for his gun and I ask him real nice.

    Tom Destry Jr.: I'm sorry, Mr. Kent. I'm afraid this here's one gun your collection's going to be minus.

    Kent: You mean I'm going to have to take it?

    Tom Destry Jr.: If you can. Now, hold on! Hold on. Don't get excited here. I'm just tryin' to tell you that I ain't got any guns. You see if I woulda had a gun then, why, one of us might have been hurt and it might be me. I wouldn't want that to happen... would I?

  • [Kent asks Brenner about their list of suspects]

    Kent: Come up with anything yet?

    Brenner: No. Just a preliminary list of suspects.

    Kent: Already. Who?

    Brenner: Everyone.

    Kent: Well, you ought to start getting alibis.

    Brenner: Okay, how about you?

    Kent: Home in bed when the tower called.

    Brenner: [Brenner sarcastically utters] Ah ha!

    Kent: Fuck off, Paul. Where were you last night?

    Brenner: I was too busy killing someone else. I didn't have time to kill two people.

  • [Colonel Kent reveals his motive for killing Elisabeth Campbell]

    Sunhill: Why'd you do it?

    Kent: Why? Well, you tell me. You're the expert.

    Sunhill: I think this was a woman giving it out all over the post, and the one man who cared about her, the one who's willing to risk it all for her, is the person she doesn't want. And that's because she couldn't want anybody.

    Kent: [Kent takes off his hat as it starts to rain] See, I just wanted to be with her forever. She owned my heart. She tormented me. She became my obsession. So I followed her and found her on the range... on display.

  • [Brenner confronts Colonel Kent after finding out he's the murderer]

    Brenner: [Brenner stands at a distance] I think the three of us need to go back to your office and talk.

    Kent: I've always been an outdoorsy kind of guy. Why don't we talk here? That is if we have anything really important to talk about. I thought you'd do your job. Pin it on Moore, and move the fuck on.

    Sunhill: Oh, God.

    Kent: But I forgot you were the nastiest rat in the shithouse. Just goes to show you.

  • [in a flashback, Colonel Kent discovers Elisabeth Campbell naked tied down with tent pegs]

    Kent: Elisabeth?

    Capt. Elisabeth Campbell: Get out of here, Bill. Get the fuck out of here. He'll come back, I know he will. You can't be around. You'll ruin it all.

    Kent: What are you doing out here? What's all this about?

    Capt. Elisabeth Campbell: Did my father send you? Is that why you're here?

    Capt. Elisabeth Campbell: No.

    Capt. Elisabeth Campbell: Did he send you to shut me up.

    Kent: No. No.

    Capt. Elisabeth Campbell: Well, this time I won't be quiet. This time I'm gonna tell everything. About him, about you. I'm gonna tell your wife. I'm gonna tell your kids.

  • [Kent asks Sunhill where she was when Elisabeth Campbell was killed]

    Sunhill: Uh, I went to the V.O.Q. at 1900 hours. I worked on my Neely case report till about midnight, and then I went home. No witnesses.

    Kent: Pathetic, the both of you.

    Brenner: Oh, you should have invited me into your room, and we would have had an alibi.

    Sunhill: I would rather be a murder suspect.

  • [Kent strangles Elisabeth to death]

    Capt. Elisabeth Campbell: [Kent walks over Elisabeth's body] Don't touch me. Get your hands off me.

    Capt. Elisabeth Campbell: [Elisabeth spits in Kent's face] You repulse me.

    Kent: [Kent tries to cover Elisabeth's mouth before reaching around her neck] Shh. Shh.

    Capt. Elisabeth Campbell: You're a disgrace. You're not a soldier. You're not even a man. You're just a fuck. And I fucked you!

    Capt. Elisabeth Campbell: [as Kent begins to strangle Elisabeth to death, as she pleads for her life] Oh, Christ! God!

  • [Colonel Kent tells Brenner that the three of them are in a minefield]

    Kent: Before you come any closer, don't you want to know where you're standing?

    Brenner: Where am I standing?

    Kent: In a minefield.

    Brenner: Aw, come on, Bill!

    Kent: [Brenner see's a shovel with some fresh dirt on it] I buried some bouncing betties. Antipersonnel. You buy that? You're reasonably safe here, Paul. But Little Miss Can't-Be-Wrong over there... oh, she's deep in the hurt locker. You remember how the betty works? The first man trips the primary, mine shoots up, the rest of the column walks in the blast. Heads are removed, or limbs. Whatever.

  • [Brenner guides Sunhill through the mud of a minefield]

    Brenner: Backtrack the way you came.

    Kent: You know, it's amazing what a load of shrapnel will do to flesh and bone.

    Brenner: Sarah, you're fine.

    Sunhill: God.

    Kent: [Kent screams to Sunhill] Boom! Scared you, didn't I?

    Sunhill: You're an asshole, Kent!

  • 'Machine Gun' Butch Schmidt: What's your name?

    'Machine Gun' Butch Schmidt: [after getting no response] I said what's your name?

    Kent: Kent Marlowe.

    'Machine Gun' Butch Schmidt: Mine's Schmidt. I'm known the world over as "Machine Gun Butch." You heard of me, naturally.

    'Machine Gun' Butch Schmidt: [after Kent shakes his head 'no.'] Never heard of the Delancey Gang bein' wiped out? Well, I done the wipin'.

  • John - Prison Guard: Kent Marlowe. Manslaughter. Sentenced to 10 years. First time in prison?

    Kent: Yes.

    John - Prison Guard: Sir, to me!

    Kent: Yes sir.

    John - Prison Guard: How old are you?

    Kent: Twenty-four, sir.

    John - Prison Guard: Ever serve in the Army? Navy? Marine Corps?

    Kent: No sir.

    John - Prison Guard: Use tobacco?

    Kent: Yes sir.

    John - Prison Guard: Morphine? Opium? Cocaine?

    Kent: No sir.

    John - Prison Guard: Frisk him.

  • Barry: It's just one big rock video, eh Kent?

    Kent: Yeah!


    Kent: [Both are silent for a moment] Well, go on, Bear... it's your show.

    Barry: [after a pause] Yeah, that it is, that it is, it's my show.

  • Barry: We have a very special guest with us tonight... Kent. Say hello to everybody, Kent.

    Kent: Alright!

    Barry: My sentiments exactly. We've brought Kent on board to get an inside look on the future of America. Kent is the classic American youth: energetic and resourceful, spoiled, perverse, and disturbed. Would you say that's an accurate description, Kent?

    Kent: Yup, sure!

    Barry: Now what do you call that haircut?

    Kent: I don't know... Rock and roll!

    Barry: ...Are you high right now Kent?

    Kent: Am I high?

    Barry: Are you on drugs, or is this your naturally moronic self?

    Barry: [Kent leans over laughing] Watch the drool, you're getting all over the console.


  • Karlsson: Very few people know the true origin of what we call "the clown". I can show you here.

    [shows him an old book of illustrations depicting the ancient mythical creature known as the "Cloyne"]

    Karlsson: It lived up in the mountains with a skin white as snow and the red nose blistered by the cold. It lured children out of the villages into its cave. Five children. One child for every month of winter. Over the centuries, the legend of the Cloyne was forgotten. He became the clown. His white face and red nose to make people laugh. To entertain children. If only they knew.

    Kent: Why are you showing me this?

    Karlsson: So you can understand.

  • Slip Gerns: Gomez down on the border told me to look you up. Said he could use some more cattle. You got any?

    Kent: No. There are no more cattle left around here.

    Slip Gerns: Then maybe you could use a gunman. Here are my credentials.

    [Slip hands Kent his wanted poster]

  • Ann Hayden: Keep away from me, Kent - I'm telling you for the last time!

    Kent: I'm glad you're not countin' anymore, 'cause I'm gettin' tired of hearin' it.

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