Kennedy Quotes in River City Panic (2015)


Kennedy Quotes:

  • Kennedy: So, where do we find this... body?

    Darren: Uh, well, according to the surprisingly detailed map, it is approximately adjacent to... the big ass rock.

    Doug: So what's the rock for?

    Darren: Hiding a dead president, apparently.

  • Kennedy: [Staking out Hannay's flat] Have you ever tried suckling pig?

    Brown: No.

    Kennedy: Tender as a baby.

    Brown: Haven't tried that either.

  • Sister Bryan: Oh yes, Mr Kennedy, I'm sorry but the passenger you're meeting is ill. He'll be brought here as soon as the plane has landed.

    Kennedy: Sick? What's wrong with him?

    Sister Bryan: I can't say.

    Kennedy: You mean you don't know or you won't tell me?

    Sister Bryan: Well...

    Archibald Bannister: A matter of policy, my dear Sir. Aircrew are discouraged from making medical diagnoses. For example, only last week we were alerted that a foreign passenger, a plumpish woman, was suffering from severe cramp and to have a stomach pump at the ready. An hour after the plane landed she gave birth to twins. Most embarrassing, but there you are.

    Kennedy: I'm no doctor but I don't think he's having twins.

    Archibald Bannister: Hmm. Touché, Mr Kennedy. It appears that your friend has collapsed.

    Kennedy: Collapsed?

    Archibald Bannister: Well, er, drunk.

    Kennedy: Are we talking about the same guy?

    Archibald Bannister: Steven Cooper, an American.

    Kennedy: That doesn't make sense. Cooper's been my partner for twelve years. He's strictly a milk drinker.

    Archibald Bannister: Well, there's our aeroplane. We'll soon get a doctor's opinion. Maybe he can make sense...

    Kennedy: What are you selling?

    Archibald Bannister: Hm? Oh, nothing. I'm a detective. But not for Scotland Yard. My criminals are far more dangerous than human beings. Dainty, little killers.

    [he points to a map of the world]

    Archibald Bannister: White for cholera, red for small pox, black for plague. The pins mark the scene of the crime.

    Archibald Bannister: Would it surprise you to know that if World Health Regulations were relaxed for even a month, we'd be ridden by plagues that would put the Middle Ages to Shame? 'Course it would.

    Archibald Bannister: Germs are much smarter than people. They never bother with passports or borders. They know it's one world, even if we don't.

    Kennedy: Bully for them.

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