Kenji Quotes in Rush Hour 3 (2007)


Kenji Quotes:

  • Chief Inspector Lee: You know nothing about me!

    Kenji: I do know that you don't have a wife or kids, you have nothing, just like me!

    Detective James Carter: I wouldn't say nothing. He has me his brother from another mother.

  • [English Version]

    Melody: What are you coming for?

    Misty: To find Ash. And before you start saying it's because I secretly like him, don't. Because I don't.

    Melody: Hey, chill out. You sure are sensitive about someone who's not your boyfriend.

    Misty: He's not my boyfriend! He's a boy and he's a friend, but he's not a boyfriend!

    Tracey Sketchit: You talking about me?

    [Japanese Version]

    Flula: Why are you following me?

    Kasumi: I'm going too. And I'm not his sister or girlfriend or something. But I'm going anyway.

    Flula: Why? Oh, I see. That's why you're following him.

    Kasumi: I'm not following him! I wanted to go somewhere else, but the big waves pushed us here.

    Kenji: I'm going too.

  • [Japanese Version only scene]

    Kenji: It's a Water Gun/100,000 volts combo. Once the water is affected by the electricity, it separates, becoming H2 and O. And with the Flamethrower... Everybody duck!

  • Kenji: Have we decided on lunch?

    Insp. Jacques Clouseau: I'm sure you'll be wanting sushi, my little yellow friend!

  • Pepperidge: It's in every newspaper all over the world. We're all being made to look like idiots. Reputations built up over a lifetime utterly ruined.

    Kenji: I had to quite being a Buddhist because I feel so much hate.

    Vicenzo: HE SAT ON THE POPE'S HAT!

  • Kenji: Rion! Rion!

    Mark Garrison: Lion?

    [Kenji points to Brutus, standing over Mr. Toyama, laying on the ground]

    Fran Garrison: Brutus! Mark call him off. Mr. Toyama.

    Mr. Toyama: Take away rion!

    Fran Garrison: That's not a lion, that's a dog.

    Mr. Toyama: [sits up] You call THAT, dog?

  • Death: He said that you stopped him for no reason.

    Kenji: No reason? No, I saw him in my dreams. And you... Who are you?

    Death: I... I am...

    Young Arab: Chukhram.

    Death: He also wants to thank you.

    Kenji: Thank me? For what?

    Death: He's been running all his life. He must have been tired. We must go.

    Kenji: Wait wait wait. I don't get it, okay?

    Death: [smirking] How do you want me to disappear?

    Kenji: What?

    Death: Never mind. I'll see you.

    [gives Kenji a kiss on the cheek]

  • Kenji: Actually I was going to thank you for being late. Or otherwise I couldn't have the chance to talk to the girl. Did you see her?

    [Fabrizio shakes head]

    Kenji: She just left. She was beautiful. I've never seen such a beautiful woman... for, I mean, for a German woman.

  • Kenji: [about the book by Balzac] What's it about?

    Balzac Man: A young man, ambitious, goes to Paris, try to make it there. But why do you ask me what it's about when I'm in the midst of reading it?

    Kenji: Oh, yeah, right. It's just like watching movie; while you're watching it you cannot tell yet.

    Balzac Man: Just like life itself. You can't know about it until you've lived it all.

    Fabrizio: Just like hard-on, you know. You don't know what it feel like until you had one.

    Balzac Man: That's irrelevant.

    Kenji: What does a hard-on have to do with Balzac?

    Fabrizio: Balzac - French, you know.

  • Kenji: I had a very strange dream this morning.

    Fabrizio: Really?

    Kenji: A woman was chasing a guy in Baghdad.

    Fabrizio: Sounds fun.

    Kenji: But I saw them again. I mean, in real life.

  • Kenji: [is awoken by Death] No...

    Death: Yes.

    Kenji: So this is it. You're here finally for me now.

    Death: You know who I am? You're not afraid of me?

    Kenji: Can you come back a little later? I need some more sleep.

  • Death: I came here to tell you that I've got to pick you up tonight.

    Kenji: Tonight...

    Death: Nine p.m. sharp.

  • Kenji: Shame on you.

    John Sage: Excuse me?

    Kenji: Aren't you ashamed of seducing such a young woman? Behave, like an old man.

    John Sage: Do I look like an old man?

    Kenji: Ofcourse! You don't think you're still a teenager, do you?

    John Sage: No, not for some time.

    Kenji: So, find someone your age.

    John Sage: Young man, I know all this seems a little absurd to you. When I was your age, I felt the same way. But when you're a little older, you'll understand.

    Kenji: [laughs] I'm glad I won't have to.

    [sits down at the table]

    Kenji: You should let her go, she doesn't belong to you. That young lady needs to meet guys of her age.

    John Sage: You wanna meet her, is that right?

    Kenji: No, not me. I'm dying tonight.

    John Sage: Excuse me?

    Kenji: Don't worry, I'm not comitting suicide. I just found out that I'm going to die tonight. That's all.

  • John Sage: How are you gonna die?

    Kenji: Um, she didn't tell me that part, so...

    John Sage: She?

    Kenji: Death. Well, she showed up this morning and told me that I'm going to die tonight, so she hopes that I can do whatever I want. Isn't that nice?

    John Sage: Well, aren't you gonna fight her?

    Kenji: What for? I'm not a fool. Would you?

  • John Sage: I'd like you to come to my place tonight. Anouk and I are hosting a small dinner party and we'd like you to be there. I'll give you the adress. I think it should be fun, if you have nothing better to do. There'll be girls there. Your age.

    Kenji: Oh, thank you for your invitation, but what's the use?

    John Sage: Well, you say you're gonna die tonight. Don't you think you should live life to the last minute? The last second?

  • Kenji: May I have sex with your girlfriend?

    John Sage: What?

    Kenji: May I have sex, may I sleep with your girlfriend?

    John Sage: Is this a joke?

    Kenji: No, I just want to make love before I'm dead, and I like her.

  • Kenji: Mr. Sage, if you want, you can fuck me. Why not? Let's all get fucked!

    John Sage: I think you better leave.

    Kenji: Yeah, sure. This is your place and you're being a wonderful host and I should be grateful, shouldn't I? But I'm acting like an asshole! I know that. What do you want from me, though? Why did you invite me here? Why did you invite a guy who says he's going to die? And you!

    [turns to Anouk]

    Kenji: Why do you pretend you don't remember me? Didn't we kiss? Didn't we enjoy it? Why do you deny it?

    John Sage: What's he talking about?

    Kenji: Mr. Sage, I'm sorry, I know you don't like the truth but I saw Anouk at the gallery this morning before I met you and we kissed in front of your big paintings.

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