Kendall Quotes in Basic (2003)


Kendall Quotes:

  • Mueller: I was freezing from the hurricane!

    Kendall: So you took off your shirt?

  • Kendall: You're not going to gain a thing by stalling. You got them from Bushy Sloan. You're supposed to turn them over to the guy that's coming in from St. Louis on the number 6. Pretty slick mob. We were looking for a man down here and they've got a woman to meet the train. Well, come on, cough up.

    Ruth Collins: I have nothing to tell you. I don't know anything about it.

    Charles 'Chick' Miller: Did he give you the dough?

    [Referring to Chick]

    Ruth Collins: No.

    Charles 'Chick' Miller: Don't you believe her. Sure, I gave her the sugar and here's more.

  • Kendall: What did you do today, from noon on?

    Charles 'Chick' Miller: Well, at noon today, I was - I was in the city jail.

    Kendall: Yea, what for?

    Charles 'Chick' Miller: Vagrancy.

    Ruth Collins: Chick?

    Kendall: What's wrong with you, sister?

    Charles 'Chick' Miller: Oh, lay off her, can't you! She just found out her Santi Claus was a hobo.

  • Kendall: Alright, Mr. Wise Hobo, you win.

  • Kendall: And your the bird that was going to sue the Government. Well, you better get lined up with a lawyer, Bushy, your washed up!

  • Scrap Iron Scratch: Say, Chief, does that pass go for me too?

    Kendall: Sure. But, I ought to throw you in the hoosegow on general principals.

    Scrap Iron Scratch: General who? I never heard of him.

    Police Officer Bert Brady: It's going to be cold winter, hobo. Maybe you'll wish you were back at that hoosegow!

    Scrap Iron Scratch: Say, I can always get in if I change my mind. Where I'm going, there ain't no winter. No snow. No ice. Nothing but palm trees and pineapples and beautiful gals singing love songs.

  • [after exiting the room of a bloody corpse]

    Kendall: Did you see it?

    Mary Riggs: Yes! While we out fumbling with that music, the lousy bastard was in there killing her! BASTARD! BAAAAASTAAARD! BASTAAARD!

  • Kendall: Oh, hey, it's my Kung Fu professor. What's the story, Chao?

    Karate Proffesor: Ohhh, I am out jogging and next thing I know I am on ground! Something I eat, bad chop suey. So long!

  • Kendall: The lieutenant asked me to help Sgt. Holding go through some records down at City Hall.

    Mary Riggs: Well, well. Isn't the lieutenant unorthodox?

    Kendall: Well...

  • Kendall: Oh, it was horrible, sir. Why, I thought...

    Oscar Piper: [Interrupting impatiently] Never mind what you thought. What'd you do?

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