Kayo Quotes in Lone Wolf McQuade (1983)


Kayo Quotes:

  • [McQuade is pointing a gun at Kayo]

    J.J. McQuade: What are you doing here?

    Kayo: I came to wake you up. I'm your new partner remember?

    [McQuade uncocks the gun]

    J.J. McQuade: Kid get out of here. And forget that partner crap.

    Kayo: But Captain Tyler said...

    [McQuade cuts him off by shooting at the ceiling]

    J.J. McQuade: Tell Tyler to shove it.

  • Kayo: [about to kill Marvin bookman] Fuck this old motherfucker!, better yet Bobby bring your motherfucking ass over here!

    Bobby: Look, it ain't even going on like that!

    Kayo: Man, you wanna be a rebel or not motherfucker COME ON OVER HERE MAN!

    [gives gun to Bobby]

    Kayo: your gonna bust his caps up into his ass

    Bobby: Man look at his ass!

    Kayo: Your gonna get your stripes on a rebel or what

    Bobby: Fuck it man

  • Kayo: Oh thanks for the tip Rev, we won't never forget this here.

    Reverend Dorsey: You got all their Hardware they're not a threat to you anymore why don't you just let him go.

    Kayo: no I'll tell you what,why don't you run home AND PRAY FOR THEIR ASSE'S, and you did good okay.

  • Kayo: Get your bitch ass up,get your bitch ass up. Ah your friend's haven't told you about me I'm the one who offed your punk ass son, now I got to do your bitch ass too?

    Laurie Thompson: [Enraged] YOU DID IT!

    [Breats up kayo,then picks up his discarded handgun]

    Kayo: What the fuck you gonna do with that?

    Laurie Thompson: Get Up!

    Kayo: How the fuck do know that motherfucker ain't gonna blow up in your face?

    Laurie Thompson: Let's find out

    [shoots Kayo]

    Laurie Thompson: woman's intuition.

  • Kayo: [to Marcus] what's up delivery boy what the fuck you doing here? Did somebody place an order around this motherfucker? Hell naw motherfucker gimme this goddamn ball, see ya later sucka.

    Spyro: [to Marcus] what the fuck you want? The fuck you want?

    Marcus: I was just watching.

    Spyro: Take your ass over there and watch, GO ON!

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