Kay Corleone Quotes in The Godfather: Part II (1974)


Kay Corleone Quotes:

  • Kay Corleone: Oh, Michael. Michael, you are blind. It wasn't a miscarriage. It was an abortion. An abortion, Michael. Just like our marriage is an abortion. Something that's unholy and evil. I didn't want your son, Michael! I wouldn't bring another one of you sons into this world! It was an abortion, Michael! It was a son Michael! A son! And I had it killed because this must all end!

    [Michael's eyes begin to bulge]

    Kay Corleone: I know now that it's over. I knew it then. There would be no way, Michael... no way you could ever forgive me not with this Sicilian thing that's been going on for 2,000 years.

    [Michael loses control. He slaps Kay across the face. She falls onto the couch]

    Michael Corleone: Bitch! You won't take my children!

    Kay Corleone: I will.

    Michael Corleone: You WON'T TAKE MY CHILDREN!

    Kay Corleone: They're my children too.

  • Michael Corleone: I feel... I'm getting wiser now.

    Kay Corleone: The sicker you get, the wiser you get, huh?

    Michael Corleone: When I'm dead, I'm gonna be really smart.

  • Michael Corleone: I spent my life protecting my son. I spent my life protecting my family!

    Kay Corleone: Let's be reasonable here, Michael. I mean, that's your big thing, isn't it? Reason backed up by murder.

    Michael Corleone: Oh, God, you hate me. You hate me.

    Kay Corleone: No, I don't hate you, Michael. I dread you.

    Michael Corleone: I did what I could, Kay, to protect all of you from the horrors of this world.

    Kay Corleone: But you became my horror. The children still love you, though. Especially Mary.

    Michael Corleone: Well, that's something. We can build on that. For their sake. Let's try.

    Kay Corleone: Only if you let Tony go to live his own life. Away from you.

    Michael Corleone: I'll let Tony go.

    Kay Corleone: Thank you.

  • Michael Corleone: What's wrong with being a lawyer?

    Kay Corleone: Nothing, except he doesn't want it. He loves music he wants his life to be in music.

    Michael Corleone: Well, music is great. I love music but he should finish what he started. Anthony.

    Anthony Vito Corleone: I'm going my own way.

    Michael Corleone: Your own way.

    Anthony Vito Corleone: Uh-huh.

    Michael Corleone: Professional singer.

    Anthony Vito Corleone: That's right.

    Michael Corleone: And what happens if you fail.

    Anthony Vito Corleone: I won't fail.

    Michael Corleone: Men always believe that. With a law degree you're taking on insurance. After that you can do anything you want. You can work for me.

    Anthony Vito Corleone: I will never work for you. I have bad memories.

    Michael Corleone: All families have bad memories.

    Anthony Vito Corleone: I will always be your son, but I will never have anything to do with your business.

    Michael Corleone: Anthony, finish the law degree.

    Anthony Vito Corleone: No.

    Kay Corleone: That he got from you. That "no."

    Michael Corleone: You could have helped me, Kay. You could have helped me to convince him.

    Kay Corleone: Convince him of what?

    Michael Corleone: He throws his life away. He throws greatness away!

    Kay Corleone: This is greatness? You know, Michael, now that you're so respectable I think you're more dangerous than you ever were. In fact, I preferred you when you were just a common Mafia hood.

    Michael Corleone: Alright, can we talk now? Common sense?

    Kay Corleone: Alright. Tony knows you killed Fredo.

    Michael Corleone: Why did you come here?

    Kay Corleone: I came here to protect my son. I didn't come here to see you disguised by your church. I thought that was a shameful ceremony.

  • Kay Corleone: You know, Michael; now that you're so respectable, I think you're more dangerous than ever. I liked you better when you were just a common Mafia hood.

  • Kay Corleone: It never ends.

  • Michael Corleone: Do you still fear me Kay?

    Kay Corleone: I don't fear you Michael, I just dread you.

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