Katy Quotes in Cockneys vs Zombies (2012)


Katy Quotes:

  • Katy: [after machine gunning a zombie who got on the bus] No ticket.

  • Katy: [as Mental Mickey shoots the zombie biting him] Shoot 'em in ee 'ead.

    Mental Mickey: How do you know that?

    Katy: Everybody knows 'at. 'ere I'll do it.

    [Shoots zombie in head]

  • Sapo: ¿Buscas algo en especial?

    Katy: Sí, mi vocación.

    Sapa: ¿Vocación? Mh... No, no tengo nada de eso. Pero, ¿no te interearía comprar un botón?

  • Operator: Do you accept a collect call from...

    Claire Foster: ''Oh my god, this phone smells like urine!''

    Katy: Yes, yes. I accept.

  • Boon: I want you to fix Pinto up, but it's got to be a very special girl.

    Pinto: Look, you don't have to...

    Boon: Now, she should be good-looking, but we're willing to trade looks for a certain... morally casual attitude.

    Katy: You mean you want someone he can screw on the first date.

    Boon: Well put. You see, Pinto's never been laid.

    Pinto: Hey!

    Boon: What'd I say?

  • Boon: It's not gonna be an orgy! It's a toga party.

    Katy: Honestly, Boon, you're 21-years old. In six months you're going to graduate, and tomorrow night you're going to wrap yourself in a bed sheet and pour grain alcohol all over your head. It's cute, but I think I'll pass this time.

    Boon: Want me to go alone?

    Katy: Baby, I don't want you to go at all.

    Boon: It's a fraternity party, I'm in the fraternity. How can I miss it?

    Katy: I'll write you a note. I'll say you're too well to attend.

  • Katy: Boon, I think I'm in love with a retard.

    Boon: Is he bigger than me?

  • Boon: Where are you going? We just got here.

    Katy: No, Boon, you just got here. I've been downstairs for an hour entertaining some kid from Pig's Knuckle, Arkansas.

    Boon: Umm - maybe we could drive up to your folks' place this weekend.

    Katy: Oh, fabulous. My car filled with your beer buddies going up to empty my parents' liquor cabinet. It's too depressing to think about.

    Boon: No! Just gonna be you and me. And Otter and another girl.

    Katy: Is this really what you're gonna do for the rest of your life?

    Boon: What do you mean?

    Katy: I mean hanging around with a bunch of animals getting drunk every weekend.

    Boon: No! After I graduate, I'm gonna get drunk every night.

  • Katy: It must have been some party.

    Boon: Unbelievable. A new low. I'm so ashamed.

    Katy: I'm almost sorry I missed it.

  • Ashley Albright: Wait, you're Katie?

    Katy: Last time I checked.

  • Katy: [after she gets a big sloppy kiss from both Ashley and Jake] Ugh, I've been slimed!

  • Droz: Ladies and gentlemen, I think it's time to revive an ancient tradition we seem to have long forgotten.

    Cecilia: They confiscated the altar, Droz.

    Droz: No, I'm not talking about human sacrifice, Ceel. I'm talking about something we used to do every Saturday night as a matter of principle. Here's a hint. Legions of hand-stamped meatheads... in coed naked lacrosse T-shirts... power-chugging watered-down Meisterchau... regurgitating on the glue-matted floors.

    Mullaney: Kiln-like temperatures, fights with townies... lines of drunken people waiting for the bathroom.

    Katy: Wait a second. You guys are talking about a party.

    Droz: Ding-ding-ding. Gutter, tell her what's she's won.

  • Droz: Are we having a party tonight or what?

    Cecilia: Well, there's no publicity, so there's no people; Gutter never showed up, so there's no beer; instruments just blew out, so there's no band; and I think Raji and Deege may be dead.

    Droz: Wait a minute... no beer? Well, where the hell's Gutter?

    Katy: Probably in a parking lot somewhere picking his nose.

    [cut to Gutter in a parking lot somewhere picking his nose]

  • Katy: Hey, Droz, how 'bout this: Tonight, at the Pit, "Everyone Gets Laid."

    Droz: It's tasteless, disgusting, and offensive. I love it.

  • Katy: What about Naugahyde Windpipe?

    Cecilia: Too metal.

    Raji: Oedipus and the Mama's Boys.

    Cecilia: Too college radio.

    Deeje: My Johnson Is 12 Inches Long.

    Cecilia: Interesting, but It doesn't really sound like a band name.

  • [Teacher grabs his hand]

    Mr. Perm: I've been looking for you, mister.

    [sees his wet shirt]

    Mr. Perm: What you been swimming, Butler?

    Boy #1: No! He's been dunking for turds!

    [Children laughing]

    Mr. Perm: That's enough!

    [turns to Devon]

    Mr. Perm: Let's you and I take a walk.

    [He walks with him to the Principal's office]

    Katy: Give my regards to Mr. Fleming.

  • Katy: You low shit! What'd you do that for?

    Tricky: Cause it's a full moon, I'm a werewolf, bitch, KISS MY ASS!

  • Katy: You're gonna end up with no friends at all!

    Tricky: I don't need friends! I'm my own man, just like Liberace!

  • Katy: Did you see the elephant?

    C.K.: He's got diarrhea.

    Katy: [referring to C.K] You *are* diarrhea.

  • Mouse: [Mouse and Bobby approaching Sheila and Katy] I know I might like her, but sometimes she's a different person. I don't know what she's gonna be one moment to the next.

    Bobby O'Grady: Don't say anything.

    [to Katy and Sheila]

    Bobby O'Grady: Hey, whats goin' on?

    Katy: Boys.

    Mouse: Hey, Sheila.

    Sheila: Hey, Mouse.

    Mouse: That's a nice sweater.

    Sheila: It's a, uh, blouse, Mouse.

    Mouse: Yeah, it's nice.

  • Katy: [talking about leprosy] Anything that sticks out falls off!

  • Bernadette: Please don't tell her... please...

    Katy: But I have to tell her! I have to.

    Bernadette: Fine. But if you do I'll kill myself, and you know what that means? It means I'll go straight to hell and so will you, because in God's eyes you'll be a murderer, same as me.

    Katy: No, no! That's not true! That's not true?

  • Katy: Will you do one more thing for me, Joe?

    Joe Warr: Anything.

    Katy: Buy that convertible.

  • [first lines]

    [Harker awakens Katie with a kiss]

    Harker Fleet: Time, honey.

    Katy: So soon?

    Harker Fleet: Train's due at 3:10.

    Katy: You're up and dressed. I didn't even hear you.


    Katy: You're not only up and dressed, you've been out... and from the smell of that perfume, I know where!

    Harker Fleet: Now, Katy...

    [Harker dodges a water pitcher Katy throws at him]

    Harker Fleet: Now, you know that by sun-up, every sheriff within a hundred miles...

    [he dodges a thrown bowl]

    Harker Fleet: ... is going to be coming this way and I had to set up an alibi.

    Katy: Does it always have to be in a cathouse?

  • [last lines]

    Timothy X. Nolan: You're a rancher now. Who knows, in a month, six months, you might come to like it. The favor I owed you, Katy... I've hobbled and saddled him for ya. His wild stallion days are over.

    [Tim dies]

    Katy: Get the carriage. We'll take him home.

    Harker Fleet: That untrustworthy son of a bitch. He's done it to me again.

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