Katsumoto Quotes in The Last Samurai (2003)


Katsumoto Quotes:

  • Katsumoto: You believe a man can change his destiny?

    Algren: I think a man does what he can, until his destiny is revealed.

  • Katsumoto: The perfect blossom is a rare thing. You could spend your life looking for one, and it would not be a wasted life.

  • [Katsumoto hands a samurai sword to Algren, it has a message written on it]

    Algren: What does it say?

    Katsumoto: "I belong to the warrior in whom the old ways have joined the new."

  • Algren: [shouting] What do you want from me?

    Katsumoto: What do you want for yourself?

  • Katsumoto: What happened to the warriors at Thermopylae?

    Algren: Dead to the last man.

  • [With his dying breath]

    Katsumoto: Perfect... They are all... perfect...

  • Katsumoto: And who was your general?

    Algren: Don't you have a rebellion to lead?

    Katsumoto: People in your country do not like conversation?

    Algren: He was a lieutenant colonel. His name was Custer.

    Katsumoto: I know this name. He killed many warriors

    Algren: Oh, yes. Many warriors.

    Katsumoto: So he was a good general.

    Algren: No. No, he wasn't a good general. He was arrogant and foolhardy. And he got massacred because he took a single battalion against two thousand angry Indians.

    Katsumoto: Two thousand Indians? How many men for Custer?

    Algren: Two hundred and eleven.

    Katsumoto: I like this General Custer.

    Algren: He was a murderer who fell in love with his own legend. And his troopers died for it.

    Katsumoto: I think this is a very good death.

    Algren: Well, maybe you can have one just like it someday.

  • Katsumoto: The Emperor could not hear my words. His army will come. For nine hundred years, my ancestors have protected our people. Now... I have failed them.

    Algren: So you will take your own life? In shame? Shame for a life of service? Discipline? Compassion?

    Katsumoto: The way of the Samurai is not necessary anymore.

    Algren: Necessary? What could be more necessary?

    Katsumoto: I will die by the sword. My own, or my enemy's.

    Algren: Then let it be your enemy's.

  • Algren: There is Life in every breath...

    Katsumoto: That is, Bushido.

  • Algren: I killed her husband?

    Katsumoto: It was a good death.

  • Algren: What else has she told you?

    Katsumoto: That you have nightmares.

    Algren: Every soldier has nightmares.

    Katsumoto: Only one who is ashamed of what he has done.

    Algren: You have no idea what I have done.

  • Katsumoto: You do not have to die here.

    Algren: I should have died so many time before.

  • Katsumoto: I have introduced myself. You have introduced yourself. This is a very good conversation.

  • Algren: What do you want?

    Katsumoto: To know my enemy.

    Algren: I've seen what you do to your enemies.

    Katsumoto: The warriors in your country do not kill?

    Algren: They don't cut the heads off defeated, kneeling men.

    Katsumoto: General Hasegawa asked me to help him end his life. A samurai cannot stand the shame of defeat. I was honored to cut off his head.

  • Katsumoto: When I took this, you were my enemy.

  • Algren: How's your poem coming?

    Katsumoto: The end is proving difficult.

  • Katsumoto: You fought against your Red Indians?

    Algren: Yes.

    Katsumoto: Tell me of your part in this war.

    Algren: Why?

    Katsumoto: I wish to learn.

    Algren: Read a book.

    Katsumoto: I would rather have a good conversation.

  • [Algren and Katsumoto ride up to Bagley, who sees that Algren has turned against him]

    Colonel Bagley: Good God... Sir, the Imperial Army of Japan demands your surrender. If you and your fellas lay down your arms, you will not be harmed.

    Katsumoto: This is not possible, as Mr. Omura knows.

    Colonel Bagley: Captain Algren. We will show you no quarter. You ride against us, and you're the same as they are.

    Algren: I'll look for you on the field.

  • Katsumoto: Many of our customs seem strange to you. And the same is true of yours. For example, not to introduce yourself is considered extremely rude, even among enemies.

  • Algren: There was once a battle at a place called Thermopylae, where three hundred brave Greeks held off a Persian army of a million men... a million, you understand this number?

    Katsumoto: I understand this number.

  • Katsumoto: If I am no use, I will happily end my life.

    Emperor Meiji: No, I need your voice in the Council.

    Katsumoto: It is your voice we need, Highness. You are a living god. Do what you think is right.

    Emperor Meiji: [ruefully] I am a living god, as long as I do what *they* think is right.

    Katsumoto: What sad words you speak.

  • Algren: I have questions.

    Katsumoto: Questions come later.

  • Katsumoto: Well, they won't surrender.

  • Katsumoto: This is my son's village. We are deep in the mountains, and the winter is coming. You cannot escape.

    Nobutada: Jolly Good.

  • Algren: [shouting] What the hell am I doing here?

    ['Bob' rushes up, about to draw his sword and kill Algren, but Katsumoto gestures for him to stop]

    Katsumoto: In spring the snows will melt and the passes will open. Until that time, you are here.

  • Katsumoto: [Algren has just walked into Katsumoto's house, after being beaten thoroughly by Uijo] Uijo is teaching you the way of the Japanese sword.

    Algren: [Flatly] Yes indeed.

  • Algren: Who sent those men to kill you? Was it the Emperor? Omura?

    Katsumoto: If The Emperor wishes my death, he has but to ask.

    Algren: So it was Omura.

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