Kato Quotes in The Green Hornet (2011)


Kato Quotes:

  • Britt Reid: Kato, I want you to take my hand, and I want you to come with me on this adventure.

    Kato: I go with you, but I don't want to touch you.

  • Kato: You shot yourself face by mistake.

    Britt Reid: How long was I out? What time is it?

    Kato: Two o'clock.

    Britt Reid: Oh, that's not so bad.

    Kato: On Thursday.

    Britt Reid: It's Thursday? Are you ki... It's not Monday right now?

    Kato: No. I'm sorry.

    Britt Reid: Did you put this diaper on me? Well, what did I miss?

    Kato: Nothing really. I did some work on the Black Beauties.

    Britt Reid: "Beauties"?

    [Britt looks in the garage, sees more "Black Beauty" Chrysler Imperials]

    Britt Reid: Holy crap.

    Kato: They're backups.

    Britt Reid: How the hell did you do this in four days?

    Kato: It's been 11 days.

    Britt Reid: Whoa, 11 days? What? Are kidding me? I wasn't sleeping, I was in a coma, dick!

  • [last lines]

    Britt Reid: The Green Hornet. His reliable partner, the Blue Wombat.

    Kato: [smacks him]

    Britt Reid: Oh! Oh, man. Okay, how about, um, the Red Hippopotamus? No? Not Red Hippopotamus?

    Kato: Hippos are not red.

    Britt Reid: I know. Hornets aren't green. Who cares? The, uh, Orange Albatross.

  • Britt Reid: What did you think of my father?

    Kato: He was fine.

    Britt Reid: Come on. Just tell me.

    Kato: He was my boss. Nobody loves their boss.

    Britt Reid: Don't sugarcoat this, Kato. You're not gonna offend me. Just tell me, man to man.

    Kato: He was a bit of a dick.

  • Kato: I was born in Shanghai. You know Shanghai?

    Britt Reid: I love Japan.

  • Kato: Go be a journalist. I'll kick ass.

  • Britt Reid: You know what you are. You're a human Swiss army knife.

    Kato: I don't know what's that mean?

    Britt Reid: It's a little things, and you keep pulling out things, and just when you think there couldn't be any more cool things, a new cool thing comes out, and that's you! You are even dressed like one. You should have a little plus on your chest.

  • Kato: But it's okay now, I fixed the Hornet gas. The gas only lasts one hour.

    Britt Reid: Can I see it?

    Kato: Okay, but be careful this time. Okay?

    Britt Reid: I just want to look at it. Just give it to me for one second...

    [shoots the Hornet gas in Kato's face]

    Britt Reid: See you in an hour.

  • Kato: You like your father now?

    Britt Reid: Yes! You see, he wasn't a dick after all. Well, he was a dick, just not really how we thought he was.

  • Kato: This is the most dangerous sword I've had in my castle... It cannot kill the young and innocent!

  • Kato: Even if you kill me there will be another Kato. And another. And another. So take your loyal friend and your horse and ride back home, to your father. He's waiting for you.

    Mio: No. I came to kill you, and kill you I shall. And even if you kill me, another prince will come. And another. And another.

    Kato: Then you must die.

  • Kato: At last I am freed of my heart of stone.

  • Kato: The Green Hornet will hunt Mr. Meadows?

    Britt Reid: I'm convinced that garage is the headquarters of the car stealing racket.

    Britt Reid: Meadows must face the Green Hornet tonight!

  • Lenore "Casey" Case: Oh, by the way, there's a man locked up in your car.

    Britt Reid: Locked up?

    Lenore "Casey" Case: Yes, will you see that he's released?

    Britt Reid: Yes.

    Kato: Well, the man in the car that would be Mr... Axford.

    Britt Reid: It not only would be, Kato, it is.

  • Kato: [knocked down by a pistol butt] Aniki?

    Aniki Yamamoto: Kato?

    Kato: [surprised] What's going on?

    Aniki Yamamoto: [smiles] I'm at war in America too.

  • Mo: What are you guys gonna do?

    Ken: Cut his finger off.

    Mo: What happens when you cut his finger off?

    Kato: Ummm... he can't swim straight anymore.


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