Katia Quotes in Hitman: Agent 47 (2015)


Katia Quotes:

  • Agent 47: You can't fight who you are, Katia. You'll lose.

    Katia: Was that what happened to you? You fought who you are, and you lost? People can change.

    Agent 47: Don't put your faith in me. You'll be disappointed.

  • Litvenko: [being chased] What do they want?

    Agent 47: More of me.

    Katia: Why would anyone want more of you?

  • [last lines]

    Agent 47: There is a building full of highly-trained operatives who will be on their way up here now.

    Katia: You're wrong. There's just one.

    [elevator door opens]

    Agent 47: Diana says Hello...

  • Katia: You're a monster, you piece of shit you! I should've kill you!

    Agent 47: Yes, you should but you won't because you're weak. You're nothing more than a scared little girl, who's only real gift is running.

    Katia: Damn you!

  • Ruby: Let her sleep

    [looking at Katia]

    Quentin: We cant stay up all night

    Ruby: Tais-toi!

    Quentin: [moves behind counter and makes cow noise]

    Katia: Someone there!

    Ruby: [to Quentin] Asshole

    Quentin: Sorry

    Ruby: Liar

    Katia: Who is it?

    Ruby: [gets up from behind counter and walks towards Katia] Don't be afraid I'm wounded im hiding here.

    [Katia goes to run]

    Ruby: Ok run but your safe here

    Quentin: [Quentin pops out from behind counter] Hi, I'm Quentin from Montargis

    Ruby: [to Katia as she runs away] Wait!

    [to Quentin]

    Ruby: You idiot!

    Quentin: Me?

    Ruby: You scared her!

    Quentin: I just introduced myself

    Ruby: A huge moron pops out

    [impersonating Quentin]

    Ruby: Hi, I'm Quentin from Montargis, it scared her!

    Quentin: Really? Usually people react well

  • BrunoSandraAngelaKatia: Chow!

  • Katia: Naturally, I'm a Virgo, we believe in astrology. And you're Capricorn so you don't.

  • Katia: I haven't read a book in my life, what am I doing dating a book publisher?

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