Kathleen Quotes in Flesh+Blood (1985)


Kathleen Quotes:

  • Kathleen: Come on my soldier. My brave, brave soldier. I'll have you.

  • Agnes: Will you show me how it's done? Then I'll know how to go about it.

    Kathleen: Right here?

    Agnes: No. Behind the bushes.

    Kathleen: I don't feel like doing it right now.

    Agnes: I insist you feel like it right now. You're my maid. You'll do as I say.

  • Dr. Lewis: So, uh, I been drinkin'.

    Kathleen: That's exactly what a girl wants to hear when a stranger knocks on her door in the middle of the night.

    Dr. Lewis: Well, I... I asked where you lived. So, I just... I just wanted to apologize.

    Kathleen: At ten o'clock?

    Dr. Lewis: What, is there some kind of curfew here for apologies?

  • Kathleen: Do you suffocate?

  • Brad: Don't let her manipulate you, man!

    Kathleen: [pause as Solomon sits there terrified] Alright... FUCK!

  • Kathleen: You should have William Powell for a secretary.

    Bradford Galt: William Powell... who's he?

    Kathleen: Don't ya ever go to the movies? He's a detective, in "The Thin Man."

  • Kathleen: My father was a major-league umpire. Well, what else

    [at the Tudor Penny Arcade]

    Kathleen: can I beat you at?

    Bradford Galt: What other kinds of games do you like to play? You know, we've got some great playgrounds up around 52nd Street.

    Kathleen: Among them your apartment?

    Bradford Galt: Why, just a coincidence.

    Kathleen: I haven't worked for you very long, Mr. Galt, but I know when you're pitching a curve at me, and I always carry a catcher's mitt.

    Bradford Galt: No offense. A guy's got to score, doesn't he?

    Kathleen: Not in my league. I don't play for score, I play for keeps - "said she with a smile."

  • Bradford Galt: Why don't you come over here, where you belong?

    [Bradford pats the couch that he is laying on]

    Kathleen: [Kathleen throws Bradford his mended suit jacket and proceeds to walk out Bradford's front door] Well, if you're feeling that much better, perhaps I better go home.

    [scene fades]

  • Kathleen: What's done to you is done to me.

  • Kathleen: But remember, I can get brand new tough guys for a dime a dozen.

    Bradford Galt: Here, get yourself two dozen.

    [Bradford tosses two dimes at Kathleen across the table]

    Kathleen: [Kathleen pushes them back towards Bradford] I'd rather pick you up at a rummage sale. I'm a sucker for bargains. Speaking of bargains, if you can't get nines in those nylons, I'll take eight-and-a-half or even ten. Doesn't matter.

    Bradford Galt: I'll make a note of it.

  • Kathleen: You are in big trouble.

    Cooper: She's in my ballet.

    Kathleen: Oh please. She's a heartbeat away from tattooing your name on her ass.

  • Kathleen: So you're going to elope?

    John: Elope? That's a big word.

  • John: You know the way that I am. I'm always placing a veil over people, idealizing them. So I never see who they really are. I did that with her - Miss Julie - and was bound to be disappointed.

    Kathleen: We are all forced to face ourselves as less than we'd hoped to be.

  • John: All it shows is that they are not a bit better than we are.

    Kathleen: If they're not any better than us, then there is nothing to inspire us to become better ourselves!

  • Kathleen: God is no respecter of status, except the last shall be first.

  • Kathleen: How old are you?

    Monroe: I've lost track, about thirty-five I think.

  • Jack Slavin: Come live with me.

    Kathleen: What about my kids?

    Jack Slavin: That goes without saying.

  • Richie: Listen, I wanna talk to you about Justin. He's been hassling Melissa again, he's been showing up at her job, shit like that.

    Kathleen: Well that's because the restraining order's up!

    Richie: I'll just get my '9 and settle things the old-fashioned way. Boom!

    Kathleen: You know his mama died?

    Richie: Yeah? Sorry to hear that. Shit happens!

    Kathleen: Yeah but I gotta pay Justin my rent now. That makes him my landlord.

  • Kathleen: Kids! You give 'em an inch, they take a mile!

  • Kathleen: It's all you wanted to do, just cry. And now look at you. There's two men out there in the kitchen fightin' over you, and you should be happy they both love you.

    Melissa: That ain't love.

    Kathleen: Richie doesn't hit you and never has, so you did good there.

  • Kathleen: You act like you're ten feet tall and bulletproof!

    Richie: Yeah, I am!

  • Kenneth: There's only one thing missing from this picnic. Don't you have any ants in England?

    Kathleen: I have some in Ireland, but I never hear from them.

  • [last lines]

    Kathleen: [voice-over] To face what we are in the end, we stand before the light and our true nature is revealed. Self-revelation is annihilation of self.

  • Kathleen: How can we eat or drink? People like us?

    Peina: I'm not like you. You're nothing. That's something you ought not to forget. You're not a person. You're nothing!

  • Kathleen: You play by my rules and I don't sic the nuns on you.

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