Kate McCrae Quotes in The Black Hole (1979)


Kate McCrae Quotes:

  • Captain Dan Holland: The controls aren't responding.

    V.I.N.CENT: Captain, the ship has been programmed!

    Captain Dan Holland: [resigned] To Reinhardt's course!

    Lieutenant Charles Pizer: [shocked] You mean we're going into the black hole?

    Captain Dan Holland: [confirmed] Yup.

    Kate McCrae: Let's pray he was a genius!

  • Kate McCrae: [to Reinhardt] If there's any justice at all, the black hole will be your grave!

  • [V.I.N.CENT's tether breaks while repairing the ship]

    Kate McCrae: Dan, the tether's broken!

    Lieutenant Charles Pizer: I'm going after him!

    Captain Dan Holland: Stay at your post, Charlie.

    Lieutenant Charles Pizer: What the hell are you made of? What if it was one of us out there?

    Captain Dan Holland: V.I.N.CENT is one of us.

  • Captain Dan Holland: Kate, either there's something wrong with our communications, or there's too much interference from the outside. See if you can get through to V.I.N.CENT with your ESP.

    Kate McCrae: [gets a distant look in her eyes as she communicates telepathically. The camera pans to V.I.N.CENT outside the ship, his head turns and his eye balls glow, communicating back] I got through to V.I.N.CENT! He said there are old pilots, and there are bold pilots, but there are very few old, bold pilots!

    Lieutenant Charles Pizer: She's tuned into V.I.N.CENT all right!

    Captain Dan Holland: Good.

  • Kate McCrae: Alex, I will not have you throw your life away for this!

    Dr. Alex Durant: He can do it, Kate. I know he can.

    Kate McCrae: Oh, God, Alex!

    Dr. Alex Durant: There's an entirely different universe beyond that black hole. A point where time and space as we know it no longer exists. We will be the first to see it, to explore it, to experience it!

    [Inside the Palomino]

    Harry Booth: Damn it all, Dan! If we wait for Alex, we may be too late! Don't you see? He's hypnotized by that man!

    Captain Dan Holland: V.I.N.CENT!

    V.I.N.CENT: Yes, Captain?

    Captain Dan Holland: Tell Kate I want her back here fast, with or without Alex. Tell her why.

  • [the Palamino crew are climbing the pylon structure to board the probe ship. Charlie loses his grip and begins to drift out into space, towards the black hole]

    Captain Dan Holland: Charlie!

    Lieutenant Charles Pizer: Heeelllllllppppp!

    Kate McCrae: No!

    Lieutenant Charles Pizer: Heeeeeeelllllllllpppppp!

    [Charlie begins to flip over as he is drawn towards the black hole's event horizon]

    V.I.N.CENT: [the little robot emerges from the passage, sees Charlie floating away, and floats out into space to retrieve him. Charlie grabs V.I.N.CENT, and the two float back and board the probe ship]

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