Kate McCallister Quotes in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)


Kate McCallister Quotes:

  • Kate McCallister: What kind of idiots do you have working here?

    Mrs. Stone, Desk Clerk: The finest in New York.

  • [at the airport waiting for their luggage passing Kevin's bag]

    Kate McCallister: Give this to Kevin.

    Aunt Leslie McCallister: Give this to Kevin.

    Rod McCallister: Give this to Kevin.

    Sondra McCallister: Kevin.

    Buzz McCallister: Give this to Kevin.

    Megan McCallister: Give this to Kevin.

    Linnie McCallister: Give this to Kevin.

    Tracy McCallister: Give this to Kevin.

    Fuller McCallister: Here you go Kevin.

    [startled when he sees an elderly couple; he turns away and thinks of what to say before passing Kevin's duffel back]

    Fuller McCallister: Kevin's not here.

    Tracy McCallister: Kevin's not here.

    Linnie McCallister: Kevin's not here.

    Megan McCallister: Kevin's not here.

    Buzz McCallister: Kevin's not here.

    Sondra McCallister: Kevin's not here.

    Rod McCallister: Kevin's not here.

    Aunt Leslie McCallister: Kevin's not here.

    Kate McCallister: Kevin's not here.

    Peter McCallister: WHAT?

    Kate McCallister: [laughs then surprised] KEVIN!


  • Kate McCallister: [counting passports] 11, 12, 13... Where's Kevin?

    Kevin McCallister: [appears in front seat and takes the last passport] Fourteen. It's a good thing I have my own ticket just in case you guys try to ditch me.

  • Kate McCallisterPeter McCallister: [awakening late on morning of travel, again] We did it again! Aaah!

  • Officer Bennett: [talking to Peter McCallister, and finding out that Kevin has credit cards] We'll notify the credit card companies immediately. IF you son has the cards, we can get the location on him, *when* and if he uses them.

    Kate McCallister: No, I don't think Kevin even knows how to use a credit card.

    [at the Plaza Hotel, Mrs. Stone puts the credit card into payment]

    Kevin McCallister: [watching in bewilderment] Wow, it worked.

  • Kate McCallister: Why don't you just sit up here for a while and think things over? When you're ready to apologize to Buzz and to the rest of the family, you can come down.

    Kevin McCallister: I'm not apologizing to Buzz; I'd rather kiss a toilet seat!

    Kate McCallister: Then you can stay up here the rest of the night.

    Kevin McCallister: Fine, I don't wanna be down there, anyway. I can't trust anybody in this family. And you know what? If I had my own money, I'd go on my own vacation. Alone. Without any of you guys. And I'd have the most fun in my whole life.

  • Kevin McCallister: [staring at the Rockefeller Center tree] I know I don't deserve a Christmas, even if I did do a good deed. I don't want any presents. Instead, I want to take back every mean thing I ever said to my family. Even if they don't take back the things they said to me. I don't care. I love all of them... Including Buzz. I know it isn't possible to see them all. Could I just see my mother? I'll never want another thing as long as I live if I can just see my mother. I know I won't see her tonight, but promise me I can see her again. Sometime. Any time. Even if it's just once and only for a couple minutes. I just need to tell her I'm sorry.

    Kate McCallister: Kevin?

    Kevin McCallister: Mom?

    [Turns back to the tree]

    Kevin McCallister: Wow, that worked fast.

  • Cop in Times Square: Look, put yourself in your kid's shoes. Where would you go? What would you do?

    Kate McCallister: I'd probably be lying dead in a gutter somewhere... but not Kevin, Kevin is so much stronger and braver than I am. But he's still a kid lost in a big city, he doesn't deserve that. He should be at home with his family around his Christmas tree... oh my God, I know where he is, I need to get to Rockefeller Center immediately.

  • [Kevin looks out a window of the Plaza Hotel and sees a shining star on the top of a building as a choir sings "Christmas Star" in the background]

    Kevin McCallister: Good night, Mom.

    Kate McCallister: [looking out a window of the hotel in Florida, where it's raining] Good night, Kevin.

  • Kate McCallister: [to the concierge at the Plaza Hotel] It's Christmas Eve and because of you, our son is lost in one of the biggest cities in the world.

  • Officer Bennett: Has the boy ever run away from home?

    Peter McCallister: No.

    Officer Bennett: Has he ever been in a situation where's been on his own?

    Kate McCallister: [Kate shakes her head. Peter gives her a look] As a matter of fact, this has happened before. It's become sort of a McCallister family travel tradition.

    Peter McCallister: Funnily enough, we never lose our luggage.

    [They both laugh, and knock on the wooden desk]

    Kate McCallister: [Officer Bennett does not laugh] He was left at home, by accident, last year.

    Peter McCallister: That's what my wife meant when she said this has become a McCallister family travel tradition.

  • Buzz McCallister: [after making a formal apology to the family; whispers to Kevin] Beat that, you little trout sniffer.

    Kevin McCallister: [gets up] I'm not sorry. I did what I did because Buzz humiliated me and since he gets away with everything, I let him have it. And since you're all so STUPID to believe his lies, I don't care if your idiotic Florida trip gets wrecked or not! Who wants to spend Christmas in a tropical climate, anyway?

    [turns to leave]

    Kate McCallister: Kevin!

    Peter McCallister: Kevin, you walk out of here and you sleep on the third floor.

    Fuller McCallister: [gleefully] Yeah, with me.

    Kevin McCallister: So what else is new?

    Uncle Frank McCallister: You better not wreck my trip, you little sour puss, your dad's paying good money for it.

    Kevin McCallister: Oh, wouldn't wanna spoil your fun, Mr. Cheap Skate!


    Buzz McCallister: What a troubled young man.

  • Kate McCallister: Well you got your wish last year, maybe you'll get it again this year.

    Kevin McCallister: I hope so!

  • Kate McCallister: Honey, are you packed yet?

    Kevin McCallister: [records into Talk Boy] Yes.

    Talk Boy: [plays back] Yes.

    Kate McCallister: Everything I put out for you?

    Kevin McCallister: [records into Talk Boy] Yes.

    Talk Boy: [plays back] Yes.

  • Kevin McCallister: Why do we have to go to Florida? There's no Christmas trees in Florida.

    Kate McCallister: Kevin, what is it with you and Christmas trees?

    Kevin McCallister: How could you have Christmas without a Christmas tree, Mom?

    Kate McCallister: Well... Find a nice, fake silver one. Or decorate a palm tree.

  • Peter McCallister: I don't think that it's a good idea for you to be running all over New York all by yourself.

    Kate McCallister: I think that if our son can do it, I can do it.

    Peter McCallister: Kate, it...

    Kate McCallister: Peter, I'll be fine. The way I'm feeling right now, no mugger or murderer would dare mess with me.

    Mr. Hector, Hotel Concierge: Madam, there are hundreds of parasites out there, armed to the teeth...

    [Kate slaps him]

    Mr. Hector, Hotel Concierge: Do bundle up, it's awfully cold outside.

    [starts to cry]

  • Kate McCallister: Oh, did you see what Grandma Penelope sent you for the trip?

    Kevin McCallister: Um, let me guess... Donald Duck slippers?

    Kate McCallister: Close. An inflatable clown to play with in the pool.

    Kevin McCallister: [sarcastically] How exciting.

  • Kevin McCallister: [apprehensively] I made my family disappear.

    [thinks back to family members saying bad things about him]

    Megan McCallister: Kevin, you're completely helpless!

    Linnie McCallister: You know, Kevin, you're what the French call les incompetents.

    Buzz McCallister: Kevin, I'm going to feed you to my tarantula.

    Jeff McCallister: Kevin, you are *such* a *disease*!

    Kate McCallister: There are 15 people in this house and you're the only one who has to make trouble.

    Frank McCallister: Look what you *did*, you little *jerk*.

    Kevin McCallister: [gleefully] I made my family disappear.

  • Kate McCallister: Did I turn off the coffee?

    Peter McCallister: No... I did.

    Kate McCallister: Did you lock up?

    Peter McCallister: Yeah.

    Kate McCallister: Did we set the timers on the lights?

    Peter McCallister: Yeah.

    Kate McCallister: Did you close the garage?

    Peter McCallister: That's it. I forgot to close the garage, that's it.

    [She sits back; after a pause]

    Peter McCallister: No, that's not it.

    Kate McCallister: Well, what else could we be forgetting?

    [She sits back again; after an even longer pause, she jumps upright]

    Kate McCallister: KEVIN!

  • Kate McCallister: Heather, did you count heads?

    Heather McCallister: Eleven, including me. Five boys, six girls, four parents, two drivers, and a partridge in a pear tree.

  • Kate McCallister: Kevin, get upstairs right now.

    Kevin McCallister: Why?

    Jeff McCallister: Kevin, you're such a disease.

    Kevin McCallister: Shut up.

    Peter McCallister: Kevin, upstairs.

    Kate McCallister: Say good night, Kevin.

    Kevin McCallister: "Good night, Kevin."

  • Kate McCallister: PETER!

    [they jump out of bed]

    Kate McCallisterPeter McCallister: [shouting] We slept in!

  • Kate McCallister: I have been awake for almost 60 hours. I'm tired and I'm dirty. I have been from Chicago to Paris to Dallas to... where the hell am I?

    Scranton Ticket Agent: Scranton.

    Kate McCallister: [finally letting her aggravation out] I am trying to get home to my eight-year-old son. And now that I'm this close, you're telling me it's hopeless?

  • [Kevin has just caused a scene in the kitchen and Buzz has him in a headlock]

    Kate McCallister: Look, stop, stop! What is the matter with you?

    Kevin McCallister: He started it! He ate my pizza on purpose! He knows I hate sausage and olives and onions and...

    Frank McCallister: [wiping dregs of soda off of his pants] Look what you did, you little jerk!

    [the rest of the family stare irately at Kevin]

  • Kate McCallister: How could we do this? We forgot him.

    Peter McCallister: We didn't forget him, we just miscounted.

    Kate McCallister: What kind of a mother am I?

    Frank McCallister: If it makes you feel any better, I forgot my reading glasses.

  • Kate McCallister: Where are the passports and tickets?

    Peter McCallister: I put them in the microwave to dry em' off.

  • Kate McCallister: [about Kevin] He was in the garage again playing with the glue gun.

    Peter McCallister: Didn't we talk about that?

    Kevin McCallister: Did I burn down the joint? I don't think so. I was making ornaments out of fish hooks.

    Peter McCallister: My NEW fish hooks?

    Kevin McCallister: I can't make ornaments out of the old ones, with dry worm guts stuck on them.

  • Kevin McCallister: Everyone in this family *hates* me!

    Kate McCallister: Then maybe you should ask Santa for a new family.

    Kevin McCallister: I don't want another family. I don't want any family. Families suck!

    Kate McCallister: Just stay up there. I don't want to see you again for the rest of the night.

    Kevin McCallister: *I* don't want to see you again for the rest of my whole life. And I don't want to see anybody else either.

    Kate McCallister: [softly] I hope you don't mean that. You'd feel pretty sad if you woke up tomorrow morning and you didn't have a family.

    Kevin McCallister: No, I wouldn't.

    Kate McCallister: Then say it again. Maybe it will happen.

    Kevin McCallister: I hope that I never see any of you jerks again!

  • Kate McCallister: There are 15 people in this house, you're the only one who has to make trouble.

    Kevin McCallister: I'm the only one getting dumped on.

    Kate McCallister: You're the only one acting up. Now get upstairs.

    Kevin McCallister: I *am* upstairs, dummy.

  • [Kate is trying to get a ticket to go to Dallas, Ed is trying to board the plane]

    Man in Airport: Come on, Irene, they're boarding.

    Woman in Airport: This girl is offering us our first class ticket... if we go Friday plus a ring, a watch, a pocket translater, five hundered dollars and...

    Kate McCallister: The earrings, you love the earrings?

    Man in Airport: She's got her own earrings, a whole show box full of them dangly ones.

  • Kevin McCallister: The third floor?

    Kate McCallister: Go.

    Kevin McCallister: It's scary up there.

    Kate McCallister: Don't be silly; Fuller will be up in a little while.

    Kevin McCallister: I don't wanna sleep with Fuller. You know about him, he wets the bed. He'll pee all over me, I know it.

    Kate McCallister: [looking disgusted] Fine, we'll put him somewhere else.

  • Kate McCallister: [to the Scranton ticket agent] This is *Christmas*! The season of perpetual hope! And I don't care if I have to get out on your runway and hitchhike! If it costs me everything I own, if I have to sell my soul to the devil himself, I am going to get home to my son.

  • Kevin McCallister: Mom, Uncle Frank won't let me watch the movie, but the big kids can. Why can't I?

    Kate McCallister: Kevin, I'm on the phone.

    Kevin McCallister: It's not even rated R. He's just being a jerk.

    Kate McCallister: Kevin, if Uncle Frank says no, then it must be really bad.

  • Kate McCallister: [while on the phone, Kevin jumps onto the bed] No, we're not bringing the dog. We took him to the kennel... Hey, hey! Get off. Kevin, out of the room!

    Kevin McCallister: Hang up the phone and make me, why don't you?

  • Kate McCallister: Have you ever gone on vacation and left your child home?

    Gus Polinski: No, no. But I did leave one at a funeral parlor once.

    [Off Kate's look]

    Gus Polinski: Yeah, it was awful. The wife was distraught and we left the little tyke there in the funeral parlor all day. All day. You know, we went back at night and apparently he had been alone all day with the corpse. He was okay though, after two, three weeks he came around and started talking again...

    Kate McCallister: Maybe we shouldn't talk about this.

    Gus Polinski: Well, you brought it up.

    Kate McCallister: I'm sorry I did.

  • Peter McCallister: Honey, the pizza boy need $122 dollars plus tip.

    Kate McCallister: For pizza?

    Peter McCallister: Ten pizzas times twelve bucks!

    Leslie McCallister: Frank, you've got money don't you?

    Frank McCallister: Traveler's checks.

    Kate McCallister: Forget it, Frank. We have cash.

    Peter McCallister: You probably have the kind of traveler's checks that don't work in France.

  • Kate McCallister: I hope you're all drinking milk, I want to get rid of it!

  • Peter McCallister: Hey did you by any chance pick up a voltage adapter thing?

    Kate McCallister: No, I didn't have time to do that.

    Peter McCallister: Well how am I supposed to shave in France?

    Kate McCallister: Grow a goatee.

  • Lineman: Excuse me, ma'am, I wanted to let you know that your power is fixed, but the phone lines are a mess. It's gonna take Ma Bell a couple of days to patch them up. Especially around the holidays.

    Kate McCallister: [Without really listening] Okay, thanks.

  • Fuller McCallister: What time are we going to bed?

    Frank McCallister: Early, we're leaving the house at 8 AM, on the button.

    Kate McCallister: Hey, I hope you're all drinking milk, I want to get rid of it.

    Kate McCallister: [to Megan who is throwing food] Hey, don't you do that!

  • Kate McCallister: No, he's just home alone.

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