Kasumi Quotes in DOA: Dead or Alive (2006)


Kasumi Quotes:

  • [From trailer]

    Helena Douglas: Don't you think the guy in the second row's cute?

    Christie Allen: Is there a guy in the world that you don't have a crush on?

    Kasumi: You can have him. But what about the other 300?

    unknown: [a whole army of men charge at the girls]

    Tina Armstrong: [pause] Why don't we just split em' up evenly?

  • Kasumi: [after landing way off course from the site] ... It's a sign.

    Tina Armstrong: Look little Miss Zen Master. This isn't Karate Kid, it's DOA... as in Dead or Alive, as in 10 million dollars...

    Kasumi: [points to a sign] You don't understand. It's a sign.

  • [first lines]

    Ryu Hayabusa: Princess Kasumi, your brother is dead. Your destiny is to lead your people.

    Kasumi: I will not believe he is dead, until I see his body.

    Ryu Hayabusa: There is no body.

    Kasumi: Then he is not dead.

  • Tina Armstrong: How the hell are we supposed to get up there?

    Kasumi: We better get going.

    Christie Allen: Well, you're both on your own. I don't do teams.

    Tina Armstrong: Well that's fine with me, any team you're part of is bound to lose anyway.

    Christie Allen: Well I'll remember that when I'm collecting the $10 Million.

  • Ayane: [Kasumi looks at her reflection in the mirror, while Leon is getting ready for his fight with Kasumi. Ayane breaks the mirror and fights Kasumi holding up her sword to Kasumi holding up a lamppost pole cut off] Before I take your life, will you repent for leaving the clan?

    Kasumi: My only goal is to find out what happened to my brother!

    [Both Ayane and Kasumi hear a bang on the door. Ayane then knocks the pole out of Kasumi's hand and flees]

  • Misty: [after Ash has been challenged to a Pokemon match] Ash, you just said you were too weak to work.

    Ash Ketchum: That's right, I am too weak to work. But a Pokemon battle isn't work.

    Brock: That's progress. At least his mouth is working.

    [Japanese version]

    Kasumi: I thought you weren't be able to move a millimeter.

    Satoshi: I can do one or two Pokémon battles before breakfast.

    Takeshi: This is lunch, by the way. So it'd before your afternoon meal.

  • Kasumi: [When Mewtwo is stealing the Pokémon with the Clone Balls] Are you stealing other people's Pokémon?

    Mewtwo: Stealing? No. I'm making copies stronger than the Pokémon you're so proud of.

    Takeshi: Copies?

    Satoshi: Stop it! That's against the rules!

    Mewtwo: Don't give me orders.

    [Throws Satoshi into Takeshi]

    Mewtwo: I'll decide my own rules.

    [Sends the Clone Balls to steal the Pokémon]

  • Satoshi: Stop.

    Takeshi: Satoshi.

    Satoshi: Just stop already!

    [Mewtwo and Mew shoot their psychic beams toward each other]

    Satoshi: Stop!

    [Satoshi runs to the middle of the fight where he gets hit by the beams]

    Kasumi: Satoshi!

    Takeshi: Satoshi!

    Pikachu: Pika pi.

    [Satoshi falls to the floor]

    Mewtwo: Fool! A human tried to stop our fight?

    Pikachu: [runs to Satoshi] Pika pi! Pikachu?

    [Satoshi becomes stone, then Pikachu shakes him]

    Pikachu: Pika. Pika pi. Pika pi.

    [uses Thundershock to Satoshi]

    Pikachu: Pikachu!

    [but nothing happened]

    Pikachu: Pika pi.

    [uses Thundershock again]

    Pikachu: Chu!

    [still didn't revive him]

    Pikachu: [Pikachu continues shocking Satoshi, but to no avail]

    Pikachu: Chu! Chu! Chu! Chu!

    Kasumi: Pikachu.

    Pikachu: [exhausting its Thundershock] Chu!


    Pikachu: Chu!

    [didn't shock Satoshi this time]

    Pikachu: [panting before starting to cry]

    [Then, Jugons, Gyaradoses, Fushigabanas, Zenigames, Lizardons, Fushigadanes, Kamexes, Rokons, Goducks, and the rest of the Pokémon cries for Satoshi]

  • [English Version]

    Ash: [crying] I'll do whatever it takes to get that third treasure. But, what if I mess up? What if... I...

    Misty: You can do it.

    Melody: We know you can.

    Ash: Yeah, you're right. I can do it. I'm the Chosen One.

    [walking on the snow]

    Ash: Right now I feel more the frozen one.

    [falls on the snow]

    Ash: Maybe they got the wrong Ash.

    [Japanese Version]

    Satoshi: [crying] And I'm just... Kasumi, Kenji, Flula-san.

    Kasumi: Satoshi.

    Flula: Satoshi-kun.

    Satoshi: Let's go save the world! We have to try!

    [walking on the snow]

    Satoshi: I said I'd do it.

    [falls on the snow]

    Satoshi: But it's still a long way to go.

  • [English Version]

    Melody: Well, I hope you're happy, Mr. Hero. If you'd just listened to me in the first place and stayed at the party like I told you to, we wouldn't be stranded out here on this island.

    Misty: Welcome to my world. I have to deal with his stubborn attitude every single day.

    Melody: Oh, you'll get used to it. It's just something you're gonna need to work on when the two of you get married.

    Misty: [shouts] Take that back!

    [Japanese Version]

    Flula: Jeez. Coming here in this weather... How can you be so stupid?

    Kasumi: He's always like that. Now you know how bad I have it.

    Flula: I get it! You're following him around because you like him, right?

    Kasumi: No!

  • [English Version]

    Melody: What are you coming for?

    Misty: To find Ash. And before you start saying it's because I secretly like him, don't. Because I don't.

    Melody: Hey, chill out. You sure are sensitive about someone who's not your boyfriend.

    Misty: He's not my boyfriend! He's a boy and he's a friend, but he's not a boyfriend!

    Tracey Sketchit: You talking about me?

    [Japanese Version]

    Flula: Why are you following me?

    Kasumi: I'm going too. And I'm not his sister or girlfriend or something. But I'm going anyway.

    Flula: Why? Oh, I see. That's why you're following him.

    Kasumi: I'm not following him! I wanted to go somewhere else, but the big waves pushed us here.

    Kenji: I'm going too.

  • [English Version]

    Melody: Here take this.

    [tries to hand Misty her flute]

    Misty: Huh?

    Melody: Legend or not. Ash can't do this alone.

    Misty: [pause. ] Uh-unh. You'll have to play Lugia's song. I'll go look for him. And Ash is never really alone because he's got... me.

    [Japanese Version]

    Flula: Hold this.

    [tries to hand Kasumi her flute]

    Flula: I'm going after Satoshi-kun.

    Kasumi: This is your flute. Your instrument. He's my burden... right?

  • [English Version]

    Melody: So, you're a Pokémon trainer, huh? I guess he'll do. Here's your traditional welcome kiss.

    [Melody kisses Ash]

    Melody: Are you his little sister?

    Misty: I am not.

    Melody: Well, then I guess you must be, his girlfriend.

    Misty: Ugh, gross.

    Melody: Oh, I don't think so. I'll be glad to play for him tonight at the legend banquet. Starts around eight. Oh, and Misty. Try not to get jealous.

    [Japanese Version]

    Flula: You're a Pokémon Trainer? Oh, well. Customs, customs. Welcome.

    [Flula kisses Satoshi]

    Flula: Are you his sister?

    Kasumi: Who is?

    Flula: Then you're his girlfriend, right?

    Kasumi: Who is?

    Flula: Never mind, never mind. But y'know, to follow him all the way out here... I'd have to say you have pretty good taste.

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