Karen Flores Quotes in Get Shorty (1995)


Karen Flores Quotes:

  • Karen Flores: Anyway, what about your story? You thought of a title yet?

    Chili Palmer: How about "Get Shorty"?

  • Karen Flores: I think you could be an actor.

    Chili Palmer: Well, I could see myself in the parts that Robert De Niro plays. Or maybe even, an Al Pacino movie, you know, playing a real hard-on. But I couldn't see myself in those movies where three grown-up guys get left with a baby, and so they act like three grown-up assholes, acting all cute...

    Karen Flores: Chili, Chili, look at me.

  • Chili Palmer: Martin, look at me.

    Martin: I'm looking at you.

    Chili Palmer: No, I want you to look at me the way I'm looking at you. Put it in your eyes, 'You're mine, asshole,' without saying it.

    Martin: Like this?

    [heavy lidded eyes]

    Chili Palmer: What you're telling me, you're tired? You wanna go to bed?

    Martin: Wait. How about this?


    Chili Palmer: Now you're squinting like you need glasses.

    Martin: Well, what are you getting...

    Chili Palmer: Look at me. What I'm thinking is, 'You're mine. I fuckin' own you.' But what I'm not doing is feeling anything about it one way or the other. You understand? You're not a person to me, you're a name in my collection book, a guy owes me money, that's all.

    [Martin does the look once again]

    Chili Palmer: Whoah.

    Karen Flores: He's... he's good.

    Chili Palmer: You nailed it.

    Martin: [guttural] That's what I think of you, asshole. Nothing.

    Chili Palmer: That's why you're Martin Weir.

  • Chili Palmer: You had a bad day, huh?

    Karen Flores: I spent all day crawling out of a grave. The director said that I was incapable of reaching the emotional core of the character.

    Chili Palmer: What? Well, obviously he didn't see you in "Bride of the Mutant."

    Karen Flores: You saw that one?

    Chili Palmer: When you turn to the alien mother, and you tell her that her time on earth is finished, Joan Crawford, on her best day, wishes that she had, in her day, the emotion and the intensity that you brought to that scene.

  • Karen Flores: I know I'm better than what I've been doing all these years, walking around in fuck-me pumps and a tank-top, waiting until it was time to scream.

    Chili Palmer: Yeah, but what a scream.

    Karen Flores: Oh yeah, it's a real talent. Look, all I'm saying is, what I wouldn't give for the chance to say one really great line. You know, like in that great Bette Davis movie where she says, "I'd kiss you... "

    Chili Palmer: "But I just washed my hair."

  • Karen Flores: Weren't you scared back there?

    Chili Palmer: You bet.

    Karen Flores: You don't act like it.

    Chili Palmer: Well, I was scared then, but I'm not scared now. How long do you want me to be scared?

  • Chili Palmer: Hey, Karen, how you doing?

    Karen Flores: What are you doing here?

    Chili Palmer: Listen, I wanted to come by and apologize for breaking in the way I did last night.

    Karen Flores: So, let me get this straight. You broke in again to apologize for breaking in before?

    Chili Palmer: No, no. Your patio door was open. And you shouldn't do that because you got a lot of nice things in this house.

    Karen Flores: Well, make sure you lock it on your way out.

  • Doris: What can I tell you? I stopped by his office to see if he wanted to take me to Le Dome for dinner, when I see Harry and some other man lying on the floor.

    [to the policemen]

    Doris: Goodnight, Todd. Goodnight Lewis.

    Chili Palmer: Oh, man. Oh, Jesus.

    Karen Flores: Harry, my God.

    Doris: [to Harry] Harry, my God.

    Doris: He can't talk. He's full of Demorol.

    Chili Palmer: What happened?

    Doris: Well, according to Todd, Sergeant Randall, a man named Ronnie came by Harry's office to collect on a debt. He got rough and Harry shot him.

  • Karen Flores: I think you could be an actor. I know you're acting sometimes but you don't show it.

    Chili Palmer: You thought I was faking?

  • Karen Flores: Yesterday you were a loan shark.

    Chili Palmer: Yeah, but I was never into it and especially that bullshit about having respect. Forget about it, it's bad enough treating these guys like their your heroes, you know, smiling those stupid comments, they think are so funny.

    Karen Flores: You think the movie business is any different?

  • Karen Flores: [to Chilli] Harry's dreaming of a forty million dollar production he'll never get off the ground, with a star he'll never sign with or without my help.

  • Chili Palmer: [Telling Karen his idea for a movie] It's about a dry cleaner who owes a shylock fifteen thousand dollars and his three weeks over on the vig, the dry cleaner, let's call him "Leo" his scared and doesn't know any better so he leaves town and gets on a plane but the plane sits there and doesn't move so they announce over the PA system that there's some kind of mechanical problem and be delayed for an hour but they tell all the passengers to remain in their seats in case they can get it fixed sooner so the guy's nervous and in no shape to sit there and sweat it out so he gets off the plane and goes into the cocktail lounge and starts drinking one drink after another and he's still in the lounge when the plane crashes during takeoff, he couldn't believe his luck because if he stayed on the plane he'd be dead , now that everyone thinks his dead he wouldn't have to pay back the fifteen thousand dollars or what he owes on the vig, since Leo's name was on the passenger's list they bring his wife out to the airport where they're going through personal effects whatever wasn't burned up they tell the wife to look for only things she would know about, she returns home and the people from the airline come out to see her and they tell her how sorry they are and how their plane exploded they offer a settlement: an amount he would've earned if he operated the dry cleaners for the rest of his life

    Karen Flores: How much is the wife offered?

    Harry Zimm: Three hundred thousand dollars, so she takes it "money in the hand" and he gets his wife to cash the check and he leaves for Las Vegas he was supposed to call her to come out but she never hears from him because his gambling so much and his hot, turning the three hundred grand up to half a million dollars but its driving the guy nuts because his winning and he can't tell anybody who he is

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