Kara Milovy Quotes in The Living Daylights (1987)


Kara Milovy Quotes:

  • Kara Milovy: What happened?

    James Bond: He got the boot.

  • [after escaping out of a small jail cell]

    Kara Milovy: You were fantastic. We're free.

    James Bond: Kara, we're inside a Russian airbase in the middle of Afghanistan.

  • [last lines]

    James Bond: You didn't think I'd miss this performance, did you?

    [Bond kisses Kara passionately]

    Kara Milovy: Oh, James!

  • Kara Milovy: [a police car had been cut with a laser] What happened?

    James Bond: [mockingly] Salt corrosion.

  • Kara Milovy: You dumb, stupid, stubborn, zadnyaya chast' loshadi!

    James Bond: What's that supposed to mean?

    Kara Milovy: Back end of horse!

    James Bond: Are you calling me a horse's arse?

  • [James Bond and Kara Milovy snow-slide through customs in a cello case]

    James Bond: [yelling] We have nothing to declare.

    Kara Milovy: [yelling] Except this cello.

    [the word 'cello' echoes through the valley a few times]

  • Kara Milovy: Vienna's beautiful. Just like Georgi said.

    James Bond: You care for him a great deal, don't you?

    Kara Milovy: I owe him everything. My scholarship at the Conservatoire. My Strad.

    James Bond: Your cello's a Stradivarius?

    Kara Milovy: A famous one! The "Lady Rose". Georgi lived in New York.

    James Bond: Quite a present.

    Kara Milovy: Maybe someday I'll play there. At Carnegie Hall? Georgi believes I can do it.

    James Bond: I'm sure he's right.

  • [Saunders has just been assassinated]

    Kara Milovy: Did you hear?

    James Bond: Hear from Georgi?

    James Bond: Yes, I *got* the message.

  • Kara Milovy: I've been such a fool.

    James Bond: [grasping her hand and squeezing it] We both have.

  • Kamran Shah: [men threaten Bond and Kara]

    [talks in different language]

    James Bond: What did you tell them?

    Kamran Shah: I tell them you not Russian. They no kill you now.

    Kara Milovy: Not now? How about later?

  • Kara Milovy: You're English. Who are you?

    James Bond: I heard you play at the Conservatoire yesterday. It was exquisite. I saw what happened on the Tram. Where'd they take you? KGB headquarters?

  • Kara Milovy: [Bond tuning the car radio] You picked the police band?

    James Bond: It must be an atmospheric phenomenon.

    Kara Milovy: They are looking for a foreign car. A man and a woman!

    James Bond: And a cello!

  • Kara Milovy: [to Bond] Take me on the Wheel.

  • James Bond: It's the work of the Mujahideen.

    Kara Milovy: Mujahideen?

    James Bond: The Afghan resistance.

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