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Kade Quotes:

  • Kade: [holding a baseball bat] Mr. Chambers, if you touch Billy and I'll break your legs. If you kill him, you're going to have to kill me too.

  • Kade: [on what to do with a body and not get caught] I'd put it in the freezer!

  • Kade: Mr. Chambers is lying, he killed the lady.

    Billy Ruckman: What'd you say?

    Kade: Mr. Chambers is lying, he killed the lady.

    Billy Ruckman: You heard him, that was his student, and they were rehearsing the scene from one of his operas.

    Kade: They weren't pretending, because she never got back up after he pushed her down.

    Billy Ruckman: She never got up? Wait, how do you know this?

    Kade: I saw them.

    Billy Ruckman: When?

    Kade: When you went to the bathroom.

    Billy Ruckman: You saw what I saw? Why didn't you tell me sooner?

    Kade: Every time I tried to tell you, you always tell me to shut up.

    Billy Ruckman: I knew he was lying, I could feel it. Okay, here's what we're going to do: he's going to try and get rid of that body tonight, I just know it. We're going to have to take turns watching his house. Okay, it's 11 o' clock, that means we've got 7 hours until it's light... Are you tired?

    Kade: No.

    Billy Ruckman: Okay, you take the first three hours, and I'll take the last four.

  • Vicky Ruckman: Did I tell you guys I met someone I kind of like? He's going toc ome by this week and meet both of you.

    Kade: Does he have a boat?

    Vicky Ruckman: I don't know.

    Kade: Ask him, okay?

    Vicky Ruckman: Okay.

    Billy Ruckman: We don't need, and don't want, antoher dad.

    Kade: But what if he has a boat?

    Billy Ruckman: Shut up, Kade.

    Vicky Ruckman: Billy, what about me? Your dad's been dead for almost 2 years. Don't you think I get lonesome sometimes?

    Billy Ruckman: If you get lonesome, just let us know, and we'll go and do something.

    Kade: Yeah, we'll talk to you.

    Vicky Ruckman: That's nice, but I'd kind of like an adult to talk to once in a while.

    Billy Ruckman: Don't you talk to the ladies at the office?

    Vicky Ruckman: It's not quite the same.

    Billy Ruckman: We don't need another dad.

  • Billy Ruckman: What're you doing?

    Kade: I was just going to wake you up and you screamed, what's the matter?

    Billy Ruckman: Nothing. What time is it?

    Kade: 2 o' clock.

    Billy Ruckman: Did you see or hear anything funny?

    Kade: No, but the music is still turned up real loud.

    Billy Ruckman: The music is still on?

    Kade: Yes.

    Billy Ruckman: He's up to to something! We've got to see what he's doing, come on!

  • Billy Ruckman: [peering in Chambers' window through a slat in the blind] Can you see him?

    Kade: Sort of, he looks funny. He looks short, and he's sweating a lot.

    Billy Ruckman: What's he doing?

    Kade: I don't know.

    Billy Ruckman: [hears scraping inside] What's that sound?

    Kade: I don't know.

    Billy Ruckman: Do you know anything?

    Kade: I don't know.

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