Justin Schumacher Quotes in Kickin' It Old Skool (2007)


Justin Schumacher Quotes:

  • Jennifer: Try not to hate me.

    Justin Schumacher: I hate you more than Garfield hates Mondays.

    Jennifer: I thought Garfield hated lasagna.

    Justin Schumacher: Garfield loves lasagna!

  • Darnell Jackson: They're shooting a TV show, I heard of this. It's like American Idol for dancing.

    Justin Schumacher: America what?

    Darnell Jackson: Star Search, it's like Star Search for dancing.

  • Justin Schumacher: Darth Maul? Jar Jar Binks? Who are these gay birds? They're not from Star Wars.

  • Kip: Taste some of this. Gives you wings, buddy.

    Justin Schumacher: [gulps down Red Bull] Whoa. It tastes like a laser.

  • Cole: You and me in the parking lot, mano a mano.

    Justin Schumacher: You had mono? Well, I was in a coma.

  • Darnell Jackson: Uh, what percentage in chance does my friend, Aki, have of sleeping with you?

    Yun: Zero percent.

    Darnell Jackson: One more question, please. What if he's a professional break-dancer?

    Yun: Two percent.

    Aki: Mathematically that's an infinity percent increase.

    Justin Schumacher: Yeah! That's my Aki! Homeboy's forever?

    Aki: Homeboy's forever.

    Darnell Jackson: Homeboy's forever.

    Hector: Homeboy's forever.

    Darnell JacksonAkiJustin SchumacherHector: Funky Fresh Boyz!

    Yun: If that what you guys are going to call yourselves, it goes back down to one percent.

  • Darnell Jackson: Man, I miss you dog. I miss you. You my nigga.

    Justin Schumacher: [Looking horrified] Darnell, that's a bad word.

    Darnell Jackson: Bitch, you been sleeping too long. After N.W.A. came out everybody's been saying it.

    Justin Schumacher: What was N.W.A.?

    Darnell Jackson: Niggaz with Atti...

    Justin Schumacher: [Looking more horrified]

    Darnell Jackson: Look, don't worry about it. It's my buddy, my friend.

    Justin Schumacher: I'm sorry Darnell, I was in a coma.

    Darnell Jackson: Yeah, you were.

    Justin Schumacher: You're a good nigger. You're the best nigger I ever had.

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