Justin Hammer Quotes in Iron Man 2 (2010)


Justin Hammer Quotes:

  • Justin Hammer: These are the Cubans, baby. This is the Cohibas, the Montecristos. This is a kinetic-kill, side-winder vehicle with a secondary cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine RDX burst. It's capable of busting a bunker under the bunker you just busted. If it were any smarter, it'd write a book, a book that would make Ulysses look like it was written in crayon. It would read it to you. This is my Eiffel Tower. This is my Rachmaninoff's Third. My Pieta. It's completely elegant, it's bafflingly beautiful, and it's capable of reducing the population of any standing structure to zero. I call it "The Ex-Wife."

  • Justin Hammer: I'd love to leave my door unlocked at night, but this ain't Canada.

  • Justin Hammer: [about Christine Everhart] She's actually doing a big spread on me for Vanity Fair. I thought I'd throw her a bone, you know. Right?

    Pepper Potts: Right. Well, she did quite a spread on Tony last year.

    Tony Stark: And she wrote a story as well.

  • Justin Hammer: [to Ivan Vanko] So now you like the bird, is that right? Isn't that your bird? I'm confused, you said it wasn't, but now it looks like you're best of pals! You love that bird, don't you?

    [to his men]

    Justin Hammer: You know what, take the bird.

    [They take the cockatoo and put it in a bag]

    Justin Hammer: Take his pillows, too. Both of them.

    [they take his pillows]

    Justin Hammer: And his shoes. Take his shoes.

    [they take his shoes]

    Justin Hammer: I took your stuff. How's that make you feel? Do you feel bad? Good. 'Cause that's how I feel! We had a contract! I save your life, and you give me suits! That was our deal.

  • Justin Hammer: We all know why we're here - in the last six months Anthony Stark has created a sword with untold possibilites, and yet he insists it's a shield. He asks that we trust him as we cower behind it.

  • Justin Hammer: This isn't a helmet, this is a head... Ivan, what's going on?

    Ivan Vanko: Drone better.

    Justin Hammer: Drone better? What, why drone better? Ivan, I got an order for suits, not drones!

  • Ivan Vanko: I can make salute.

    Justin Hammer: You can make salute? What do you mean you can make salute? What the *hell* does that mean, Ivan?

  • Ivan Vanko: I want my bird.

    Justin Hammer: Yeah, sure. We can get you a bird.

    Ivan Vanko: I want *my* bird. *My* bird.

  • Justin Hammer: Hey, hey, hey! Special delivery. Candygram! I brought you something.

    Jack: Ooh, yeah.

    Justin Hammer: Ha ha ha! We got you the bird, pal!

    Ivan Vanko: This is not my bird.

    Justin Hammer: What do you mean? That's the bird! This is the bird, yeah! Pulled a lot of strength to get this bird. That's a great bird!

    Jack: It's a beautiful bird.

    Justin Hammer: We got this all the way from Russia!

    Ivan Vanko: Hey, man! It's not my bird.

    Justin Hammer: Well, listen, even if it's not the bird, I mean, this is a, this is a gorgeous bird. I mean, look, you know, don't get so attached to things. Learn to let go.

  • Justin Hammer: [to Ivan] What I saw you did to Tony Stark on that track, how you stepped up to him in front of God and everybody, that was... Wow!

  • Justin Hammer: [Hammer is with reporter Christine Everhart] Tony, you know Christine?

    Tony Stark: Yes, roughly.

  • Justin Hammer: Anthony. Is that you? Hey, pal! How ya doin'?

    Tony Stark: My least favorite person on Earth, Justin Hammer.

  • Justin Hammer: I wanna make Iron Man look like an antique.

  • [after reviewing Hammer's inventory of weapons]

    Col. James 'Rhodey' Rhodes: I'll take it.

    Justin Hammer: Which one?

    Col. James 'Rhodey' Rhodes: All of it!

  • Ivan Vanko: Speaks in Russian: Slishkom mnogo govorish' "You talk too much."

    Justin Hammer: I don't know if you know this, but *I don't speak Russian!* Now I'm gonna go to the Expo, maybe you can watch me on TV, maybe I'll get laid.

  • [escorted away by the police]

    Justin Hammer: I'll get my revenge on you, someday!

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