Juniper Quotes in Walking with Dinosaurs 3D (2013)


Juniper Quotes:

  • Juniper: I think I just stepped in some fear!

  • Goodbody: [talking aloud to himself] I can't, I fear, I can't march properly on my own, as an officer, in the public eye.

    Juniper: [sitting in back of a truck, smoking, holding a broom] Isn't that sickening when that happens to a chap? Couldn't your drill instructor do something about it? Like a quick jab up the crotch with a broom bass?

    [holds up broom]

  • Juniper: [enters scene dressed as a clown, pulling a hobby horse, as if acting a scene] Will you take my horse, sir?

    Transom: [to Goodbody] Take no large notice, sir. He is working what is known as ticket, sir. Keeps the lads amused.

    [Clapper, Drouge, and Spool join Juniper, dressed normally]

    Transom: Pick those bits up, Gripweed!

    [joining the scene]

    Transom: Where's your tin hat gone, Juniper?

    Juniper: Losing by neglect, sir!

    Transom: If I catch you without your tin hat in a battle zone again, I'll ram it down your throat!

    Clapper: Losing by neglect, one mess tin.

    Juniper: One mess tin!

    Transom: Did you have your name on it?

    [aside, to Goodbody]

    Transom: Take no notice, sir.

    Juniper: Scratched on!

    Goodbody: Pull these...

    Clapper: Scratched on?

    Goodbody: together!

    Juniper: Scored it!

    Transom: How dare you disfigure government property? Six days royal warrant. March him off, Musket Major. Two men!

    [exeunt Juniper, Clapper, Drogue, and Spool]

    Transom: [to Goodbody] Ought to camouflage up, sir, or go - or go get the scrim up, sir, if you're stopping. Us in our, uh, vests here, sir. Exposed to all manner of nasty -

    Goodbody: [interrupting, angry but calm] I'm going to explode, but I won't. I think the roller, don't you?

    [walks to background]

  • Juniper: [re-enters scene still dressed as a clown, Drogue, Spool, Gripweed, and Clapper in tow] Bayonet!

    Transom: Bayonet?

    Spool: Where's your bayonet?

    Juniper: Must have left it sticking in the enemy, sir!

    Spool: Spur!

    Juniper: Where?

    Transom: Where's your spur?

    Juniper: Must have left it sticking in the horse, sir!

    Goodbody: [calls out] Two men!

    [exeunt players]

    Goodbody: [walks back to Transom and ex-Dooley, points his finger at ex-Dooley, shouting] There! On the end of my finger!

    Gripweed: [re-enter players] Finger!

    Juniper: Finger?

    Gripweed: Musketeer Juniper, where's your finger?

    Juniper: Must have left it sticking up the Khyber Pass, sir!

    Transom: Self-inflicted injury! March him off, Musket Major! Two - wait for it!

    [pause, players posed as if frozen while running]

    Transom: Two men!

    [exeunt players]

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