Julien à 8 ans Quotes in Love Me If You Dare (2003)


Julien à 8 ans Quotes:

  • Julien à 8 ans: [narrating] Friends are like eyeglasses. They make you look smart, but get scratched and then bore you. Luckily, sometimes, you get super cool glasses. Me... I've got Sophie!

  • Julien à 8 ans: [narrating] But there's one game you must never play. And I mean never! Even if your best friend wants you to! And that's burying yourself in a block of cement!

  • Sophie à 8 ans: What'll you be when you grow up?

    Julien à 8 ans: A tyrant!

    Sophie à 8 ans: A tyrant? Your people subjugated?

    Julien à 8 ans: Totally! With a harem, slaves, and torture every Thursday!

    Sophie à 8 ans: Cool!

    Julien à 8 ans: And you?

    Sophie à 8 ans: Well, I... No, it's too dumb.

    Julien à 8 ans: Tell me!

    Sophie à 8 ans: You won't like it.

    Julien à 8 ans: I told you! Tell me!

    Sophie à 8 ans: I'd like to be a cream puff. A cream puff with apricots, or even a plain one. Lukewarm at the bakery. In the window.

    Julien à 8 ans: A cream puff? As in cake?

    Sophie à 8 ans: Of course! What else! A cream puff is a cream puff!

    Julien à 8 ans: A cream puff... Yeah, of course, a cream puff! That's brilliant!

  • Julien à 8 ans: [narrating] This game started with a pretty house. A pretty bus with no driver. A pretty box... and a pretty girl.

  • Julien à 8 ans: [narrating] No, actually, I'm wrong. It began a little earlier with a disgusting, meaningless word, like...

    Doctor #2: [flash of an x-ray] Metastasis!

    Julien à 8 ans: Sure! Why not "mammoth" while you're at it? And it made Mom cry. Anyway, doctors suck. Their words suck. Their pants suck. So what could they know about moms?

  • Teacher: Nouns beginning with "B"? Yes, Sophie?

    Sophie à 8 ans: "B" for... "Big-dick", "bonk"... "B" for "Beat the beaver", "bordello", "balls", "blow-job", "bug-eyed baboon", "bitchbag"... "Beat it, bitchbag!"

    Teacher: Think you're funny, miss? What language! I'm giving you zero, "Z" for "zero"! We'll see if the principal thinks it's funny.

    [Julien passes Sophie the box]

    Teacher: Julien! What's going on? To the principal's with Sophie!

    Julien à 8 ans: [while being escorted to the principal's office] "Boner".

    Sophie à 8 ans: What?

    Julien à 8 ans: "B" for "boner".

    Sophie à 8 ans: I didn't have time!

  • Julien à 8 ans: [narrating] It was a great game, only no one found it funny.

  • Julien's Mother: You think you're the first to play "Dares"?

    Julien à 8 ans: Mom? What's the craziest thing you ever did?

    Julien's Mother: Fly.

    Julien à 8 ans: FLY? Fly where?

    Julien's Mother: Across the sky.

    Julien à 8 ans: Show me. Come on, fly, fly, fly!

    Julien's Mother: Game!

    [slowly spreads arms out, followed by a dramatic pause]

    Julien's Mother: Later.

    [puts arms down]

    Julien à 8 ans: When?

    Julien's Mother: Soon. I promise.

  • Julien à 8 ans: But all that means pretty much the same. It means:" I hurt, like no one else on earth, Mars, or even Altair IV!"

  • Julien à 8 ans: A stupid game? Maybe so, but it was our game.

  • Julien à 8 ans: Sophie?

    Sophie à 8 ans: You're mistaken. I'm Dirty Polack.

  • Julien à 8 ans: You'll lend it sometimes?

    Sophie à 8 ans: You give, then take back. You really want it, prove it. Are you game?

    Julien à 8 ans: [narrating] That was it! I think that's how it all really started.

    [to Sophia]

    Julien à 8 ans: Game!

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