Juliana Quotes in Fire and Ice (1983)


Juliana Quotes:

  • Nekron: Why have you brought me this?

    Juliana: This is your bride, my son. She will be mother to your sons.

    Nekron: How thoughtful, Mother. I need no bride, and no sons.

    Juliana: But you need heirs.

    Nekron: I need nothing!

  • Juliana: You have done well, my son. The North Village has fallen. We have won.

    Nekron: I want to thank you, Mother.

    Juliana: The Great Plain is all that stands between ourselves and Fire Keep.

    Nekron: That is a long distance.

    Juliana: A distance we may not have to travel. I am sending our envoys to Jarol with our new demands.

    Nekron: He will not submit.

    Juliana: Perhaps.

  • Juliana: You will present our demands to King Jarol at Fire Keep and... give our royal regards to his lovely daughter.

  • Juliana: Prince Prospero , why do you roam the late night corridors?

    Prospero: Sleep eludes me.

    Juliana: You have disturbing thoughts?

    Prospero: And you Juliana what keeps you awake?

    Juliana: I think my thoughts dwell on the same subject as yours , the peasant girl.

    Prospero: She has a perfect faith.

    Juliana: So do I , in you and in what you believe , I've been an eager student but I've held back from the final cerimonies , and now I'm ready to join you at the invocation.

    Prospero: [laughing] How truly realistic women are , finally you are ready to dare the most terrible rites and incantations to secure your position here.I wonder if she is ready to dare as much if anything for the sake of love.

  • Francesca: [after Gino has been ordered to be removed from the castle] Prince Prospero let me go with him.

    Prospero: You?

    Francesca: Please.

    Prospero: You , oh no my dear I couldn't bear to think of... No

    [to the crowd]

    Prospero: you will go to your rooms now and prepare for the masque, you will not appear in your costumes until... midnight.

    Prospero: [turns to see Francesca following him] Why do you follow me?

    Francesca: Bring Gino back and I will do whatever you wish.

    Prospero: You would destroy yourself for him?

    Francesca: Yes.

    Prospero: [smiling] You almost cause me to doubt.

    Juliana: Prospero, my prince I'm ready

    [removes the rose to reveal the mark she gave herself]

    Juliana: .

  • Juliana: Gino , my father where are they?

    Prospero: [laughing as Francesca hides herself] Modesty but no humility, why do you hide yourself?

    Francesca: It's not right that you should look at me.

    Prospero: That cross you wear around your neck is it only a decoration or are you a true christian believer?

    Francesca: Yes I believe truly.

    Prospero: Then I want you to remove it at once and never to wear it within this castle again.

    [holds out his hand while Francesca takes off her necklace]

    Prospero: .

    Juliana: This peasant girl is she always to be bathed in my bedroom?

    Prospero: We'll find you another room Juliana, meanwhile you will dress the Lady Francesca in one of your finest gowns.

    Juliana: I don't...

    Prospero: Later you can instruct her in the ways of the court.

    Francesca: Please my father.

    Prospero: Your father... oh yes your father and your lover are being quartered in a warm and safe place, now I must go and join my guests.

    Juliana: [turning to Francesca] You may think that you have impressed the Prince Prospero, but you can count on little help from me.

    Francesca: You will do as he told you.

    Juliana: Yes as we all must do.

    Francesca: I will do what I must to save my men, but if they are killed I will die and so will Prince Prospero.

  • Francesca: Juliana, thank God, I thought... don't know.

    [sees the burn mark on Juliana's breast]

    Francesca: What's that?

    Juliana: Satan's mark.

    Francesca: Prospero did THAT to you?

    Juliana: No, I did it to myself. Marks me as one of Satan's handmaidens.

  • Juliana: My master... Satan!

    [Prospero laughs from another room]

    Juliana: Prospero? Prospero?

    [Gets up]

    Juliana: I am betrothed... of the devil. And I have seen the terrors.

    Prospero: Not all of them.

    Juliana: [Enters the white room] I have survived my own sacrifice.

    Prospero: There is more.

    Juliana: [Enters the purple room] And I'm stronger in the devil's favor than you are!

    [Enters the yellow room]

    Juliana: Together on earth... we shall live as man and wife... and when he calls us, you shall be saved... and I, still, your wife!

    [Enters the main ballroom and walks toward the clock]

    Juliana: I have tasted the beauties of terror.

    Prospero: Hush. Listen. The passing of time... the beating of a heart... the footsteps of an assassin... destiny!

    [Juliana is killed by Prospero's hawk]

  • Clay Lomax: You're a generous woman.

    Juliana: Selfish - this is female practicality. You leave her here, you'll have to come back.

    Clay Lomax: Cards on the table: I might keep on movin'.

    Juliana: I'll take that gamble.

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