Julian Mercer Quotes in Something's Gotta Give (2003)


Julian Mercer Quotes:

  • Julian Mercer: When something happens to you that hasn't happened before, don't you at least have to find out what it is?

  • Julian Mercer: Look who's answering the door!

    Harry Sanborn: Look who's at the door!

  • Julian Mercer: [offering a bouquet] These are for you to give me when you apologize.

  • Harry: I've never seen a woman that age naked before.

    Julian Mercer: You're kidding.

    Harry: Hey! We're not all doctors, baby.

  • Julian Mercer: I knew you'd smell good.

    Erica: It's just... soap

  • Harry: Oh. *Her*. She is a *major* piece of work. Doc, the woman wears turtlenecks in the middle of summer: she's *beyond* uptight. Almost makes her fun to be around.

    Julian Mercer: Uptight. That's funny, I haven't noticed that.

    Harry: Try living with her.

  • Julian Mercer: You know what Freud said they are no accidents.

    Harry: Trust me this was an accident.

  • Julian Mercer: You really are a very sexy woman.

    Erica Barry: No, really, swear to God, I'm NOT.

  • Julian Mercer: Must we go through this every time? Come here.

  • Julian Mercer: The woman is really very brilliant, but she cannot hold her liquor.

    Erica Barry: I like that about me.

    Harry Sanborn: Me too.

    [At the same time as Harry]

    Julian Mercer: Me too.

    Erica Barry: If I were writing this, this is where I would write "an awkward moment".

    Harry Sanborn: Honey, if you were writing this, I'd be DEAD!

  • Julian Mercer: How great is it for you that im not intimidated by your brilliance?

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