Jubei Quotes in Ninja Scroll (1993)


Jubei Quotes:

  • Jubei: Gemma! Burn in your golden HELL!

  • Jubei: Gemma, where are you hiding? When I die, I'll take you to Hell with me.

  • Jubei: [awakens] Uh! Gemma...!

    [winces and nurses his injured arm]

    Kagero: I'm sorry.

    Jubei: Forget about it. Haven't the retainers of the castle taken some action yet?

    Kagero: They've had two hours.

    Jubei: Hmm. I see.

    Kagero: You knew it was a trap, and yet you still came to rescue me. Why did you do that? Why risk your life to save me?

    Jubei: Because we're comrades.

    Kagero: Comrades?

    Jubei: Why not? We've helped each other out many times since we met yesterday. You're my comrade.

    [Jubei gets up to leave. Kagero follows him]

    Jubei: Stay here. The Mochizuki clan has already backed out of this. You mission here is completed.

    Kagero: I'm not done yet. I still have a debt that I owe to you.

    Jubei: You can pay it back later.

    Jubei: Not if you're dead, ninja Jubei! I'll take care of this right now!

    [takes off her clothes]

    Jubei: What are you doing?

    Kagero: The old man told me how to do it - counteract the poison. "Kill poison with poison", he said. He said, if you make love to me, you'll be free from poison. Mine will destroy it... so you must take me now.

    [Jubei embraces Kagero, but leaves when he hears the Shogun of the Dark's ship nearby]

    Kagero: What are you doing? You'll die unless you take me! Why not? Wait, Jubei!


  • Jubei: [ambushed by Tessai] No... I know the way now! So leave me alone, alright?

    Tessai: Not quite the right direction. The way to Hell is...

    [pins Jubei to a column]

    Tessai: RIGHT HERE!

    [punches him in the guts]

  • Lord Himuro Gemma: I won't let you die before I torture you enough to pay me back. To pay me back for my destroyed dream!

    Jubei: Your dream? Of becoming the only true Shogun of the Dark? That's a laugh. If you became a Shogun, there'd be nothing but devils in this world. If you so want the company of devils... you'd better hurry back to hell, Gemma!

    [cuts off Gemma's arm]

  • Utsutsu: If you want to kill me, you mustn't make any sound at all.

    Jubei: The only sound you'll hear... is the sound of your own voice, screaming.

  • Dakuan: They poisoned the wells, and killed the villagers, and then said it was an infectious disease. This was their method of keeping the curious away. They're planning something, something very extraordinary.

    Jubei: I'm interested in finding out what it is they're planning.

    Dakuan: That's admirable. But don't get yourself in too deep, or you'll surely wind up dead.

  • Jubei: Gemma! Did you miss the flames of hell? Is that why you came here?

    Lord Himuro Gemma: So it's you, Jubei. I should've finished you off myself when I had the opportunity.

    Jubei: I thought rats usually leave a sinking ship.

    Lord Himuro Gemma: Heh! I suppose you want to avenge that ninja girl, Kagero. She's nothing compared to what I'm going to lose with this ship.

    Jubei: Prepare to lose your life as well!

  • Jubei: Who was he, that devil back there? Never mind, I don't really want to meet him again.

    Kagero: I'm grateful to you. I am Kagero of the Koga ninja team.

    Jubei: My name's Jubei. Jubei Kibagami. Are you certain you're alright?

    Kagero: I am not in danger anymore. Kakio is west of here. I must go now.

  • Jubei: I'll kill you yet!

    Lord Himuro Gemma: [reattaches his severed arm] No one can kill me. This - you, of all men - should know by now.

    [picks Jubei up]

    Lord Himuro Gemma: I have become immortal as a true demon.

    Jubei: Is that so?

    [repeatedly headbutts Gemma]

    Jubei: I swear if you... come back to life again, then I'll... kill you again, no matter how many times!

    [screams and delivers a final blow]

  • [last lines]

    Jubei: [after cutting part of Dakuan's robes and letting a gold ingot fall into the sea] That will be your payment, old man. Make sure I never see you again.

    Dakuan: Aha - so, you beat me. I thought I would shut your mouth in Edo, but on second thought, you probably wouldn't live that long as you so love risking your life. Everything ends exactly as I have written it!

    [laughs crazily as Jubei leaves]

  • Jubei: [Jubei and Kagero are hanging off a cliff by a thread] How long are you gonna stick with me?

  • Jubei: [after killing Utsutso Mujuro, angry at Kagero for interfering] Haven't you had enough yet? What are you thinking?

    Kagero: Why have you become so desperate to die?

    Jubei: It's not me who's so desperate to throw my life away to return a favour! You're acting as if your life is worthless or something! Because of your body? Is it true then, that you kill whichever man sleeps with you - by poisoning him?

    Kagero: [beat] You'll know if you sleep with me.

    Kagero: [Jubei embraces Kagero, but she backs away] No, you fool! Poison is seeped into every part of my being. It's become so strong that even the touch of my lips can kill you instantly. No one can ever touch me. If you dare to, you're dead.

    Jubei: Is your heart filled with poison as well?

    Kagero: [gasps] How dare you!

    Jubei: I hate those who think so little of their own worth.

    Kagero: What do you know of it? You will never know.

  • [first lines]

    Bandit Boss: Thanks to your interference, Jubei, we lost 300 pieces of gold! I can't go back empty-handed!

    Jubei: Well, perhaps you won't have to go back completely empty-handed...

    [shows the bandit the rice ball he's eating]

    Jubei: Bite?

  • Bandit Boss: [after Jubei defeats a trio of bandits] Then, it's true! They hired you for only 20 pieces of gold, Jubei?

    Jubei: Yeah.

    Bandit Boss: But the sword we stole was a precious treasure given by the Shogun! And they're paying you only 20 pieces of gold for getting it back for them?


    Bandit Boss: You fool!

    Jubei: They're a poor, small clan. You can't swindle 300 pieces of gold for a sword. You're asking too much - you're the fool!

    Bandit Boss: Shut up! Damn you!

    Jubei: [finishes his rice ball, notices the weather] Looks like a storm is brewing here. I better get movin'!

  • Jubei: [after getting beaten by Tessai] It hurts... that makes us even, doesn't it? Let's just call it quits!

    Tessai: Not until you have paid your debt.

    Jubei: That's not very smart... first of all, don't you think that if we keep this up, it's almost certain one of us is gonna die?

    Tessai: One of us? Yes.

    Jubei: [drags his sword to himself using a string] There's no reason we should kill each other...

    [flings the sword to himself and catches it]

    Jubei: That's the only sensible answer! Isn't it?

    Tessai: Well, answer THIS!

    [throws his sword at Jubei]

  • [Tessai is molesting Kagero]

    Jubei: Ahem.

    Tessai: Hey, piss off. I'm busy.

    [Jubei doesn't respond]

    Tessai: Can't you hear me? Beat it!

    [Jubei walks over to them]

    Jubei: Do me a favor - y-y'see, I'm lost and I need to find the quickest way from here to Kakio? I'm really sorry to bother you, but the highway was closed...

    [Tessai attacks him with his blades, but it only makes a cut in Jubei's sugegasa]

    Jubei: [ruefully] My best hat!

  • [Kagero tries to stab Tessai with a hidden knife, but it breaks against his stone body]

    Tessai: Nice try. I'll get rid of this pesky insect, and then I'll kill you!

    [turns his attentions to Jubei]

    Tessai: What now? You regret not running away?


    Jubei: No. As a matter of fact, I've been thinking about... your body. It seems to me that... your body can't be as hard as rock all over, now, can it?

    [throws a knife into Tessai's eye; he and Kagero escape]

  • Jubei: [to himself, after defeating Mushizo] Reincarnation? He meant Gemma... Himuro Gemma has come back to life? That's absurd!

  • [Jubei runs to a mortally wounded Kagero]

    Jubei: Don't die! Kagero!

    Kagero: [weakly] Jubei...

    Jubei: I told you to stay there!

    Kagero: I owed you a favour... remember, Jubei?

    Jubei: [gasps]

    Kagero: [tearfully] It was the first time... anyone ever treated me as a woman, and not, not as a ninja warrior who was completely expendable. I knew I would become more attracted to you if we stayed together, but I needed that from you - please forgive me, I'm sorry. You were the only person who didn't care about my poisoned soul! Whether for an antidote, or just from compassion. I wish we could have made love just, just once!

    [cries as Jubei embraces her tightly]

    Kagero: I was not honest, I was weak. I... needed... you!

    Jubei: No... it's not over yet!

    [They kiss. Kagero takes off her headband and gives it to Jubei]

    Kagero: Oh, Jubei... I'm so glad I met you and I'm, I'm happy... I...


  • Benisato: What's your destination, stranger?

    Jubei: No place in particular. Just moving.

    Benisato: I'm looking for someone... and you look exactly like him. So I...

    Jubei: [gets his sword ready] All strangers look alike. I'm a vagabond named Jubei Kibagami.

    [the snake tattoos on Benisato's body come to life. She traps Jubei into a trance]

    Benisato: It was exactly your face. Tessai copied your visage in his palm... his death is your fault!

    [Dakuan throws a ninja star into Jubei's arm, breaking him out of the trance]

    Benisato: Die!

    [She sets her snakes on Jubei, who cuts them up. He grabs her and holds his sword against her throat]

    Jubei: Weave your spells on someone else!

    [Benisato sheds her skin and escapes]

  • Jubei: [stabs Dakuan with what he thinks is a poisoned ninja star] Now you need the antidote as well, old man.

    Dakuan: Oh, boy. You're such a fool. That isn't the same dart that stabbed you. I threw that hellish thing away!

    [screams as Jubei throws him into the springs]

    Jubei: Demon!

    Dakuan: Jubei Kibagami, you have lost this time. Well, live and learn. My name is Dakuan. Let's be friends!

  • Chamberlain: You, ninja girl! You've done well.

    Kagero: You must hurry, or they'll get away! Are there any other members?

    Chamberlain: Don't be worried, we've already surrounded this area.

    Kagero: Then please, you must go quickly!

    [They are surrounded by Yumimaru and other ninjas. Kagero prepares to defend the Chamberlain, but he suddenly stabs her from behind. She screams]

    Kagero: Jubei!

    Jubei: [watching from a rooftop] Kagero!

    [Dakuan holds him back]

    Dakuan: No, stop! Don't do it, it's a trap!

    Chamberlain: You idiots! Sakaki Hyobu died two days ago!

    [laughs as he morphs into Gemma]

    Lord Himuro Gemma: I killed him myself.

    Jubei: [screams] GEMMA!

  • [Jubei is covered in snakes set by Benisato]

    Benisato: Answer my question. Are there more than just you and the travelling monk?

    Jubei: Of course. There's a whole army - even if you sent one of these snakes for each one, you wouldn't have enough. You'll see.

    Benisato: Hmph - what lies!

    Jubei: Okay - I'll tell you the truth! Well, there's... the monk and myself, and one other. She's right behind you!

    [Kagero grabs Benisato from behind and puts her sword to her throat]

    Kagero: Get rid of the snakes. Get rid of them all!

    [a snake emerges from Benisato's vagina and bites Kagero's leg, who winces]

    Benisato: Her sting is most deadly!

    Kagero: Get rid of them!

    [Benisato makes the snakes leave, freeing Jubei]

    Kagero: And now it is your turn to answer this. What are you doing in this village? Well, speak!

    Benisato: [screams as she is electrocuted by Yumimaru]

  • Jubei: Get rid of the wasps! Do you hear me?

    Mushizo: I'm afraid you must defeat me first.


    Mushizo: Do you think I escaped into this water mill?

    Jubei: No, I don't. But I have many questions to ask of you, demon... but I will ask only one. Is Himuro Gemma still alive?

    Mushizo: Why ask?

    Jubei: Because I sent Gemma to Hell once already!

    Mushizo: Oh, is that so? Then I must be careful - unlike Gemma, I don't have the ability to reincarnate myself.

    Jubei: Reincarnation?

  • Kagero: Tell me - why did you join him, Jubei?

    Jubei: He hired me. For a hundred pieces of gold.

    Kagero: Will you do anything for money? A ninja for hire?

    Jubei: That's right. But it seems that he's beaten me this time.

    [shows her the wound on his arm]

    Jubei: You see, he trapped me. Looks like I'm gonna die of this poison in about half a day.

    Kagero: [gasps]

    Jubei: He also promised me an antidote besides the gold pieces. That's why I work for him. I can't back out now. You better go away while I divert their attention.

    Kagero: I couldn't do that. I would end up owing you another debt.

    Jubei: I can't sell your debt, okay?

    Kagero: Look, I told you, I don't take orders from you! And I'm ready to die at any given moment.

    Jubei: You don't have to convince me you're tough.

    Kagero: No?

    Jubei: Oh, damn it! It's this hot and damp air. I wish a storm would come so a shower would cool your head.

    [walks away and vomits blood]

    Kagero: You're in no position to worry about me.

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