Joy Quotes in Inside Out (2015)


Joy Quotes:

  • Sadness: [in trailer; Joy is walking through Riley's mind, carrying the memory spheres] It's long term memory... you'll get lost in there.

    Joy: [calling over her shoulder] C'mon! Think positive!

    Sadness: Okay...


    Sadness: I'm positive that you'll get lost in there!

  • Bing Bong: [Seeing a memory image of 11-year-old Riley] Whoa. Is this Riley?

    [Joy looks at the image and nods]

    Bing Bong: She's so big now. She won't fit in my rocket. How're we gonna get to the moon?"

    Joy: Oh, it's that time in the twisty tree, remember? The hockey team showed up and Mom and Dad were there cheering. Look at her, having fun and laughing. It's my favorite.

    Sadness: I love that one, too.

    Joy: Atta girl! Now you're getting it!

    Sadness: Yeah, it was the day the Prairie Dogs lost the big playoff game. Riley missed the winning shot. She felt awful. She wanted to quit. Sorry, I went sad again, didn't I?

  • Joy: All these facts and opinions look the same. I can't tell them apart.

    Bing Bong: Happens to me all the time. Don't worry about it.

  • [from trailer]

    Joy: Come on, group hug! You too, Anger.

    Anger: Don't touch me.

  • Dad: [Trying to feed Riley broccoli] Here we go. All right, open.

    Joy: Hmm... this looks new.

    Fear: Think it's safe?

    Sadness: What is it?

    Disgust: Okay, caution, there is a dangerous smell, people. Hold on, what is that? That is not brightly colored or shaped like a dinosaur, hold on guys... it's... broccoli!

    [presses buttons]

    Riley: Yukee!

    [flips bowl of broccoli on Dad]

    Disgust: Well, I just saved our lives. Yeah, you're welcome.

    Dad: Riley, if you don't eat your dinner you're not gonna get any dessert.

    Anger: Wait, did he just say we couldn't have dessert?

    [paces angrily]

    Anger: So that's how you wanna play it, old man? No dessert? Oh sure, we'll eat our dinner, right after you eat THIS!

    [presses buttons]

    Riley: [starts crying and screaming]

    Dad: Riley, Riley, here comes an airplane.

    Anger: Oh, airplane. We got an airplane, everybody.

    JoyFearSadnessDisgust: Ooooh!

    [Riley eats broccoli]

  • Joy: Hey, look! The Golden Gate Bridge! Isn't that great? It's not made out of solid gold like we thought, which is kind of a disappointment, but still!

    Fear: I sure am glad you told me earthquakes are a myth Joy, otherwise i'd be terrified right now.

    Joy: Uh... yeah...

  • [first lines]

    Joy: Do you ever look at someone and wonder, "What is going on inside their head?" Well, I know. Well, um, I know Riley' head.

  • [when trying to get out of The Dump, Joy looks at the blue Core Memory and looks at a forgotten memory]

    Joy: Do you remember how she used to stick her tongue out when she was colouring?

    [Joy picks another forgotten memory up and looks at it]

    Joy: I could listen to her stories, all day.

    [Joy picks up a third one]

    Joy: I just wanted Riley to be happy...

    [holding the three forgotten memories and the blue Core Memory, she breaks down into tears]

  • [Joy makes Riley laugh for the first time]

    Joy: [voiceover] It was amazing! Just Riley and me, forever.

    [Riley suddenly starts crying]

    Joy: [voiceover] Um, for thirty-three seconds.

    [Joy looks down, and sees Sadness operating Riley's control panel]

    Sadness: I'm Sadness.

    Joy: Oh, hello! Uh, I'm Joy. So, could I just... If you could... I just wanna fix that. Thanks.

    [Joy nudges Sadness aside and tries to push the button, only for Sadness to nudge back and push the button again]

    Joy: [voiceover] And that was just the beginning! Headquarters only got more crowded from there.

  • [Joy and Bing Bong have fallen into the Memory Dump and are suck down there, doomed to be forgotten forever. Joy tried fruitlessly to climb up the piles of old memories to get out]

    Bing Bong: Joy? Joy, what are you doing, would ya stop it, please?

    [Joy ignores his pleas and keeps trying to get out, once again, to no avail]

    Bing Bong: DON'T YA GET IT JOY? WE'RE STUCK DOWN HERE! We're forgotten...

    [Joy pauses to realize her situation. In the background, the discarded sad core memory of Riley breaking down into tears on her first day at school begins to play]

    Riley: [in the memory orb] We... used to play tag... and stuff...

    [Joy walks over to the memory, and holds it sombrely]

    Riley: [in the memory orb] But... everything is different now. Since we moved...

    [the memory keeps playing the "video" of Riley's emotional breakdown at school. Joy keeps staring at the memory orb, in complete helpless despair. She sits down and begins to stifle tears. The sound of a discarded memory of Riley happily coloring as a toddler begins to play next to Joy, who picks it up and looks at it with a sad smile before tearing up]

    Joy: Do you remember how she used to stick her tongue out when she was colouring?

    [Joy continues to fight back tears. She picks up another memory orb, this time of a younger Riley telling a story to her parents]

    Joy: I could listen to her stories, all day...

    [Joy picks up another memory of Riley playing in her backyard as a toddler. Joy's eyes well up with tears, but she keeps holding back]

    Joy: I just wanted Riley to be happy...

    [Joy picks up the sad core memory of Riley crying in school. As he looks at it, she begins to sob, and completely breaks down into hopeless tears while Bing Bong sadly looks on. Joy's tears fall onto the happy memory orb of Riley after the Prairie Dog hockey game. As Joy wipes the tear off of it, she scrolls through the memory to see it was previously a sad memory turned happy. The sad portion consists of Riley sitting sadly with her parents on a tree branch. Curiously, Joy "rewinds" the memory to the point where Mom and Dad came to Riley to comfort her. Joy begins to hear Sadness's description of the memory in her head]

    Sadness: [v.o] It was the day the Prairie Dogs lost the big playoff game. Riley missed the winning shot, she felt awful. She wanted to quit.

    [Joy scrolls through the memory to see the blue sad memory of her and her parents turn a happy yellow when Riley's friends come to cheer her on]

    Joy: Sadness... Mom and Dad... the team. They came to help... because of Sadness.

  • [from trailer]

    Joy: I'm Joy, this is Sadness, that's Anger, this is Disgust.

    Disgust: Ugh...

    Joy: And that's Fear.

    Fear: Ahhh! Look out!

  • [Joy begins the new day by waking up all the emotions with an accordion]

    Joy: Hello! Did I wake you?

    Anger: Did you have to play that?

    Joy: Well, I have to practice. And I don't think of it as playing so much as hugging.

    [Joy lovingly hugs the accordion before tossing it away. She rushes down the stairs in excitement]

    Joy: Okay, first day of school! Very, very exciting! I was up late last night figuring out a new plan. Here it is.

    [Fear walks by writing on a notepad]

    Joy: Fear! I need a list of all the possible negative outcomes on the first day at a new school.

    Fear: Way ahead of you there. Does anyone know how to spell "meteor?"

    [Disgust walks by putting on makeup]

    Joy: Disgust! Make sure Riley stands out today... but also blends in.

    Disgust: When I'm through, Riley will look so good the other kids will look at their own outfits and barf.

    Joy: Joy!

    [Joy steps aside and begins to talk to "herself"]

    Joy: Yes, Joy?

    Joy: You'll be in charge of the console, keeping Riley happy all day long. And may I add I love your dress, it's adorable.

    [Joy begins to happily twirl around]

    Joy: Oh, This ol' thing? Thank you so much, I love the way it twirls...

  • Joy: Hey! Hey, look at me. Did you mean what you said before?

    Riley's Imaginary Boyfriend: I would die for Riley. I would die for Riley.

    Joy: Yeah, yeah, okay, haircut. Time to prove it!

    [stuffs him in a bag]

  • Disgust: Okay, we've got a group of cool girls at 2 o'clock.

    Joy: How do you know?

    Disgust: Double ears pierced, infinity scarf.

    Joy: Whoa, is she wearing eye shadow?

    Disgust: Yeah, we wanna be friends with them.

    Joy: Let's go talk to them.

    Disgust: Are you kidding? We're not talking to them. We want them to like us!

    Joy: Oh, yeah. Wait, what?

  • [Riley's Mind World has expanded]

    Fear: Hey, I'm liking this new view.

    Anger: Friendship Island has expanded. Glad they finally opened that Friendly Argument section.

    Sadness: I like Tragic Vampire Romance Island.

    Disgust: Fashion Island? Oh, everyone shut up.

    Fear: Boy Band Island? Hope that's just a phase.

    Joy: Say what you want, I think it's all beautiful.

    Fritz: All right. Here you go. Your new expanded console is up and runnin'.

    Disgust: Cool! Upgrade!

    Fear: Hey!

    [Fear touches a button for censoring]

    Fear: Whoops, wait. Did I just do that?

    Disgust: Hey, guys? What's pub-er-ty?

    Joy: I don't know. It's probably not important.

    Anger: Whoa, I have access to the entire curse word library! This new console is the - -!

    [Fear censors the curse word Anger said]

    Fear: Sorry. I did it again. My bad.

  • [last lines]

    Joy: [narrating] We've been through a lot lately, that's for sure. But we still love our girl. She has great new friends, a great new house. Things couldn't be better. After all, Riley's twelve now. What could happen?

  • Joy: [Looking over the Memory Dump she's about to fall toward] This is a really bad idea! No, Joy. Think positive...


    Joy: I'm positive this is crazy!

    [Falls toward a trampoline down below]

  • Joy: Sadness! Sadness? Come on, Sadness, where are you? Okay, if I were Sadness, where would I be?

    [as Sadness]

    Joy: Oh, everything is awful, and my legs don't work, and you have to drag me around while I touch all the...

    [she spots a row of memory orbs that Sadness has touched and follows it]

  • Disgust: [Seeing Riley about to eat a grape she dropped] Whoa, no way! We are not eating that.

    Joy: Disgust, it's fine. It passed the five-second rule.

    Disgust: The grape touched the ground. It's poison.

    Joy: Oh, come on. It barely touched the ground.

    Disgust: Wait, what? You know what else 'barely' touches the ground? Stray dogs!

    Joy: [wrestling the control lever back and forth with Disgust, causing Riley to stop and start putting the grape in her mouth] Hold on!

    Disgust: Toenail clippings! Roadkill! Hippies!

    Joy: No!

    Disgust: Dung beetles!

    Joy: Stop it!

    Fear: Uh, shouldn't we do something?

    Anger: Haha, no.

    Joy: It's a *grape*! It's not like we're eating broccoli.

    Disgust: Ugh, don't even go there.

    Joy: Or boogers.

    Disgust: You're evil!

    [she gags and runs off]

    Joy: Or dog food.

    Disgust: [distantly] Shut your mouth!

    [Joy pulls the lever causing Riley to pop the grape in her mouth]

  • [as Riley lies in her sleeping bag, a truck loudly drive by outside. The headlights can be seen shining through the room. Riley hides under the sleeping bag in fear]

    Fear: What was that? Was it a bear? It's a bear!

    Disgust: There are no bears in San Francisco!

    Anger: I saw a really hairy guy. He looked like a bear.

    Fear: Oh, I'm so jumpy, my nerves are shot!

    Disgust: Ew, I don't want to hear about your nerves!

    Anger: I'll tell you what it is. This move has been a bust.

    Fear: That's what I've been telling you guys! There are at least 37 things for Riley to be scared of right now!

    Disgust: The smell alone is enough to make her gag.

    Anger: I can't believe Mom and Dad moved us here!

    Joy: Look, I get it. You guys have concerns. But we've been through worse! Tell you what: let's make a list of all the things Riley should be HAPPY about!

    Anger: Fine. Let's see... this house stinks, our room stinks...

    Disgust: Pizza is weird here...

    Sadness: Our friends are back home...

    Fear: And all of our stuff is in the missing van!

    Joy: Oh c'mon, it could be worse...

    Disgust: Yeah, Joy. We could be lying on the dirty floor. In a bag.

    Joy: Okay, I admit it, we had a rough start. But think of all the good things that...

    Anger: No, Joy. There's absolutely no reason for Riley to be happy right now. Let us handle this.

    Fear: I say we skip school tomorrow and lock ourselves in the bedroom.

    Disgust: We have no clean clothes. I mean, no one should see us.

    Sadness: Yeah, we could cry until we can't breathe.

    Anger: We should lock the door and scream that curse word we know. It's a good one!

  • Joy: Look at that! You see them two white niggers over there?

    Ted: Yeah, what?

    Joy: Look at them! They so happy, because they got that little baby keeping them together. If they didn't have that baby, they'd just be two sad-ass white niggers waiting for Downton Abbey to come on.

  • Joy: Say die!

  • Joy: Don't ever think that the world owes you anything, because it doesn't. The world doesn't owe you a thing.

  • Joy: [after Peggy attended her meeting without consent] Never speak, on my behalf, about my business, again.

  • Cristy 5 Years Old: Mimi said that you were the one born to help carry us on to success.

    Joy: No, Christie, Mimi was wrong. The world does not *give* you opportunities, the world destroys the opportunities. It breaks the heart. I should have listened to my mother, when I was 10 years old. I should have spent the rest of my life watching TV and hiding from the world like my mother. So I don't want to hear anymore about Mimi. She was wrong, she had her head in the clouds, and it was full of stupid ideas, and it gave me stupid ideas. But this?

    [picks up a mop]

    Joy: This stupid, stupid idea!

    [throws the mop down]

  • Sharon: [at the front door] He's damaged, he has no place else to go. He's been livin' in my house for two years.

    Joy: Oh, Dad, I'm so sorry.

    Rudy: Yeah...

    Joy: But, ya know, Tony's livin' in the basement.

    Rudy: Your ex-husband shouldn't be livin' in your basement, that's not the proper way to be divorced.

  • Trudy: You are in a room and there is a gun on the table, and the only other person in the room is an adversary in commerce. Only one of you can prevail. Yet, you have protected your business and Maurice's money. Do you pick up the gun, Joy?

    Joy: That's a very strange question.

    Trudy: There is nothing strange about this question at all. This is money. Do you pick up the gun?

    Joy: I pick up the gun.

    Trudy: Good. I'm going to remember that you said that... when I speak to my lawyer.

  • Neil Walker: I guess you could say we're friends in the commerce.

    Joy: Friends in commerce. Yeah.

    Neil Walker: So, let's promise each other, that if one day, and that day may come, that we become adversaries in commerce, that we remain friends. That's a true friendship, indeed.

    Joy: Friends in commerce. I agree, let's shake on it.

  • Neil Walker: Here we are.

    Joy: Here we are. Adversaries in commerce.

    Neil Walker: Adversaries in commerce. And friends.

    Joy: Yes, and friends.

    Neil Walker: I'm gonna tell you somethin', but you didn't hear it from me.

    Joy: I don't know *who* you are or *what* you're talkin' about.

    Neil Walker: That's what I wanted to hear.

  • Joy: [at her mother's deathbed] I so hated to leave her that day. I had so much I wanted to say to her... and to my great-granddaughter. I felt I wanted to stay near her and watch over her.

  • [Drunk at a party wth Kay]

    Nicholas Garrigan: I'm fucking doomed! You know he's got go-go dancers after me?

    Joy: Nicky!

    Nicholas Garrigan: Oh, Shit! Hide me!

    Kay Amin: Shhhh! Who is that?

    Nicholas Garrigan: It's the go-go dancer.

  • Joy: The pain then is part of the happiness now. That's the deal.

  • Joy: Jack, don't you sometimes just bust to share the joke? Here's your friends thinking we're unmarried and up to all sorts of wickedness, when all along we're married and up to nothing at all.

  • Douglas Gresham: [Reading Jack's inscription from his Narnia book] The magic never ends.

    Joy: Well, if it does, sue him.

  • Joy: Back where I come from, there's this quaint old custom. When a guy makes up his mind to marry a girl, he asks her. It's called proposing. Did I miss it?

  • Emma: Ring ring! It's the pumpkin patch. They want their pumpkins back!

    Lisa: We're not pumpkins!

    Joy: We're ladies!

    Emma: But you're so orange!

    [Adam tries carrying Emma inside]

    Emma: Hey! Someone call Charlie Brown! We found the Great Pumpkin!

  • Mike Chadway: So there you have it. Never assume a girl is easy or assume she's a prude. There are many layers in between, and it's your job, gentlemen, to peel back those layers and figure out exactly what type of woman you're dealing with.

    Joy: That sounded almost enlightened.

    Mike Chadway: Because once you do peel back those layers, my friends, her lady garden awaits.

    Joy: And he's back.

  • Joy: First you spurn me for Eddie,Then you throw him off like an old overcoat for Rocky!

    Joy: You chew people up, and then you spit them out again!

    Joy: I loved you, you hear me I loved you, and what did it get me?

    Joy: I'll tell you a big nothing, you're like a sponge you take, take, take, and drain others of thier love, and devotion!

    Joy: Well I've had enough, you've got to choose between me, and Rocky, so named because of the rocks in his head!

  • Joy: Seen him?

    [their father]

    Llewyn Davis: Yeah.


    Llewyn Davis: What? Should I?

    Joy: You tell me, he's your father.

    Llewyn Davis: Yeah, he sure is.

  • Joy: [to Dan, touching his chest] I don't think your leg was the only thing that got broken.

  • Joy: Hello, I'm Joy.

    Tony Manero: And I'm happiness!

  • Nolan Mack: It is just time for us to be in the real world.

    Joy: What if I don't wanna be in the real world?

    Nolan Mack: Well, I do.

    Joy: Well, I don't.

    Joy: That's why I married you.

  • Nick Flynn: [narrating] There's a balance between escalating and defusing. Knowing when to step in, and when to back off.

    Nick Flynn: Hey buddy, calm down!

    [takes a right hook to the face]

    Joy: Oh, shit!

    Nick Flynn: [narrating] I don't know that balance yet.

  • [from trailer]

    Joy: In this city, you always have to turn somewhere

  • Joy: [to Migs] Stop being blind to the fact that you and I are married!

  • Bella: I'm his first love, first kiss, first everything...

    Joy: I'm begging you... You already have everything... I only have him!

    Bella: That's where you're wrong. You had the only thing I ever wanted in life.

  • Joy: [to Bela] Migs is the only one who has amnesia, not you!

  • Cushie: Funny the way the men have changed. They used to talk about what they'd do when the war was over and things like that.

    Rosalie: Yeah, now all they talk about is women.

    Babs: Yes, women. It seems to be the only thing the men are interested in. Why even the youngsters are so afraid they'll die before they've ever lived.

    Joy: Well, it makes me awfully nervous the way they always want to look at you and touch you. Why, even the doctors are getting so...

    Cushie: Well, even the doctors are human, I suppose.

  • Babs: Are you going to get married?

    Joy: Well, he hasn't said anything about that, yet; but, I know he will. Maybe on his next leave. Oh, it will be so wonderful. Don't you want to get married?

    Babs: I should say not. I've had enough war.

  • Joy: You know girls, I was always told it would be disgraceful to see a man undress.

    Babs: Well, I've watched so many naked men lately that I'm ready to go live with the eskimos. They only undress once a year!

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