Josie Ellison Quotes in Ride a Wild Pony (1975)


Josie Ellison Quotes:

  • Josie Ellison: He's too fat. He needs more exercise.

    James Ellison: Bluey will take him out.

    Josie Ellison: He needs a good gallop!

    James Ellison: Josie, I'm going into town. How would you like to come with me?

    Josie Ellison: No thanks, Dad.

    James Ellison: Oh, why don't you come? It'd be a change for you, and... I'd enjoy your company.

    Josie Ellison: All right. But I'm not going to get out of the car.

  • Postmaster: Isn't that the little Ellison girl? Not often we see her in town.

    Jeannie Quayle: Hello, Josie, how are you?

    Josie Ellison: I'm very well, thank you, Jeannie.

    Postmaster: How long ago was that infantile paralysis?

    Charles E. Quayle: About two years. You know, she's a year younger than my daughter. You wouldn't think so, would you?

  • Mrs. Ellison: Josie, what are you doing with that pony?

    Josie Ellison: I'm coming out riding with you.

    James Ellison: Josie, you can't.

    Josie Ellison: Yes, I can. I often used to ride without stirrups.

    Mrs. Ellison: I know, darling, but now you must...

    Josie Ellison: It's only a matter of balance. I *know* I can do it.

    James Ellison: Bluey, take the pony back inside.

    Josie Ellison: No, Dad! Dad, I'm going to...

    James Ellison: Bluey.

  • James Ellison: What do you think of it?

    Josie Ellison: It looks like your sulky.

    James Ellison: Yes, but it's not for racing.

    Bluey Waters: Now all you need is a pony. Would you like to choose one out of the paddock?

    Josie Ellison: No. I don't want one that's broken already.

    Bluey Waters: Josie, you'll have a job teaching an unbroke pony to pull this thing.

    Josie Ellison: I don't care. He'll be my pony, and I want to start from scratch. He won't do anything except for my command.

  • Josie Ellison: Keep that one, Bluey, don't let him go!

    James Ellison: Good choice, Josie. He's the most intelligent and the most determined. Just what you want in a riding pony. But this pony's got to pull your cart. Why not one more docile?

    Josie Ellison: I want that one.

    James Ellison: He'll give you trouble.

    Josie Ellison: I don't care. I want him.

  • Josie Ellison: Come here, Bo. Come here, you beauty.

    Bluey Waters: Why don't you give him a carrot?

    Josie Ellison: No, I'm not going to spoil him.

    Bluey Waters: He'll never let you near him without one.

    Josie Ellison: Yes, he will. Come on, Bo.

    Bluey Waters: He's afraid of the chair.

    James Ellison: Yes, I know.

    Bluey Waters: Would you like me to ride him a bit first, Josie?

    Josie Ellison: No, he's my pony, and I'll do it my way. Come on, Bo. I'm not going to hurt you, I'm just going to pet you a bit. Yes, you're all right.

  • Josie Ellison: [after the pony bites her] That's mean!

    Bluey Waters: He's laughing at you. Go ahead and give him a good whack.

    Josie Ellison: It wasn't a bite. It wasn't. It was just... just a joke.

  • Josie Ellison: He'll go in his own good time.

    James Ellison: [picking up his whip] No, Josie, that won't do. You can't let the pony decide.

    Josie Ellison: No, Dad!

    James Ellison: No, I'm right.

  • Mrs. Ellison: You must promise me, darling, that you won't ride again.

    Josie Ellison: No!

    James Ellison: Josie, you must. You could've been killed.

    Josie Ellison: I won't be stuck in that house all the time, I won't! And I hate that wheelchair.

    James Ellison: Josie, we'll manage something. I promise we will.

  • Scotty Pirie: There's Taff!

    Kit Quayle: Where?

    Scotty Pirie: There, that's him!

    [Scotty starts unhitching the pony from Josie's buggy]

    Josie Ellison: Leave him alone! Take your hands off him!

    Kit Quayle: Scotty, that's Bo. That's her pony. That's not Taff.

    Scotty Pirie: It's Taff!

    Josie Ellison: Go on, Bo, go on!

    Scotty Pirie: Stay where you are, Taff, stay!

    Josie Ellison: Dad! Dad, stop him! Stop him!

    James Ellison: What do you think you're doing? Stop that!

    Scotty Pirie: He's Taff! He's my pony!

  • Josie Ellison: He's good, Dad. He's ready, Bluey, I know he is!

    James Ellison: What do you think, Bluey?

    Bluey Waters: I reckon so.

  • Mrs. Ellison: I haven't seen her so happy since - since it happened.

    Josie Ellison: Isn't he wonderful?

    James Ellison: Josie, I'm going to enter you for best pony turnout at the town carnival. You think you'll win?

    Josie Ellison: Bo can win anything.

  • Charles E. Quayle: Mr. Crisp says he'd know that pony anywhere.

    James Ellison: Are you suggesting that I...

    Charles E. Quayle: I'm not suggesting anything. It's a guarantee for both of us.

    James Ellison: Do you have any objection to my approaching the pony now, Mr. Quayle?

    Charles E. Quayle: None whatever. Scotty, let him go.

    [Mr. Ellison approaches the pony, but it backs away]

    Josie Ellison: Don't crowd up to his face like that. He doesn't like it.

  • Josie Ellison: Tell him not to pull his mane.

    James Ellison: Why do you pull on him like that?

    Scotty Pirie: You tell her it doesn't hurt him. If you let him go, he plays tricks on you and knocks the feed bin over.

  • J.C. Strapp: I call Josie Ellison to the stand.

    Miss Hildebrand: Would you like to sit on the chair down there?

    Josie Ellison: No, I'd rather sit there, thank you.

  • J.C. Strapp: Do you believe that the pony in the police pound is your pony Bo?

    Josie Ellison: Yes, I do.

    J.C. Strapp: How do you know?

    Josie Ellison: Well, I know my mother is my mother and my father is my father, and I know Bo is Bo.

  • J.C. Strapp: I call Josie Ellison to the stand.

    Judge: Would you like to sit on the chair down there?

    Josie Ellison: No, I'd rather sit there, thank you.

  • James Ellison: You're giving him too much feed. He's not getting any exercise. Give him one portion of oats and one of chaff.

    Scotty Pirie: He doesn't like oats. He won't eat them.

    James Ellison: Nonsense.

    Josie Ellison: But he doesn't.

  • Josie Ellison: And if that boy wins, I'll never come into this town again, and I'll never talk to anyone here ever again.

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