Josh Faraday Quotes in The Magnificent Seven (2016)


Josh Faraday Quotes:

  • Josh Faraday: [after watching Jack Horne walk away] That bear is wearing people's clothes.

  • Josh Faraday: [last words] I've always been lucky with one-eyed jacks.

  • Josh Faraday: [townsfolk all staring as they eat their dinner] Like being in one of them damn zoos.

    Goodnight Robicheaux: Fame is a sarcophagus.

    Josh Faraday: You read those in a book, or do you make 'em up as you go.

    Goodnight Robicheaux: I'll try to use one-syllable words from now on.

    Josh Faraday: What's a syllable?

  • Josh Faraday: [considering their plight] Reminds me of this fella I used to know. Fell off a five-story building. Passed each floor on the way down, people inside heard him say : "So far, so good!" He's dead now.

    Josh Faraday: I make good on my horse yet, Sam?

    Sam Chisolm: So far, so good.

  • Josh Faraday: [walks up behind her during target practice] Pretty. I mean good. Your shooting is good. Do it again.

    Emma Cullen: [interrupts him with a shot] I had a father, thank you.

    Josh Faraday: I didn't.

    [empties his pistol in a distant tree branch]

    Josh Faraday: Whoo! God dang it, I'm good.

  • Josh Faraday: [to the brother he has spared] I didn't wanna kill him. He shouldn't 'a touched my guns.

  • Sheriff Harp: Quite a batch of strays.

    Jack Horne: I'll say a prayer for you. You know, a *little* prayer.

    McCann: Yeah, you'll make a hell of a rug.

    Josh Faraday: [standing behind him on the saloon porch] And you'll be murdered - by the world's greatest lover.

  • Josh Faraday: [to pitiful townsfolk on the practice range] Go on home, polish your rifles. Maybe the glint 'll scare 'em off.

  • Josh Faraday: Our paths cross again. To what do I owe the pleasure?

    Sam Chisolm: Took a job. Looking for some men to join me.

    Josh Faraday: Is there money in it?

    Emma Cullen: [tosses him a jingling bag]

    Josh Faraday: And who's she?

    Sam Chisolm: "Joan of Arc."

    Emma Cullen: My name's Emma Cullen. And this is my associate, Teddy Q.

    Josh Faraday: Well, I do have an affinity for shiny things.

    [tosses the bag back to her]

    Josh Faraday: Is it difficult?

    Sam Chisolm: Impossible.

  • Josh Faraday: [pulls out a gun] This is Ethel, don't you ever disrespect her!

    Josh Faraday: [pulls out another gun] It's Maria you can disrespect!

    Vasquez: [drunk] My Maria? I have five Maria!

    [laughs sloppily]

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