Josephson Quotes in The Gauntlet (1977)


Josephson Quotes:

  • Ben Shockley: How's our Assistant D.A. these days?

    Josephson: Shit! He couldn't convict Hitler.

  • Crawford Gilcuttie: I'm tired of you, David. Just give me the formula and get the hell out of here!

    David Stillwell: What's the matter, Major? You seem nervous!

    Crawford Gilcuttie: ...Why should I be?

    David Stillwell: That's what I want to know.

    [David looks around at the others]

    David Stillwell: Josephson?

    Josephson: Hm?

    David Stillwell: Is that who you're worried about?

    Josephson: Why should he be worried about me?

    David Stillwell: Because I'm not on the hook anymore. You are.

    Josephson: Why?

    David Stillwell: Because you've got the gun!

  • David Stillwell: Who is it?

    Josephson: Josephson. I just got a call to come up to C.C.'s office. With all that inner holy light, His Eminence is radiating these days. He may not have noticed the blackout. Stick around, it won't be long, we'll have a drinkie.

    David Stillwell: No chance. I've already passed on one orgy. I have to go.

    Josephson: Not me. We're marooned on a mountain, whoopie. Whoever pulled that plug gave me a fool proof excuse from the wife.

    David Stillwell: Well, that lets me out, whoopie-baby, I haven't anyone to cheat.

    Josephson: I heard you were in the mood, sweetheart. Well, don't take any wooden indians. Ciao!

  • David Stillwell: Josephson, if you heard I was taking a cruise the islands, why did you call?

    Josephson: I didn't know what time you'd be leaving and I didn't want you to go without saying aloha, boobie.

    David Stillwell: Well, save that boobie-baby-sweetie, I'm not going.

    Josephson: Oh, that's too bad. I hear the weather is gorgeous down there.

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