Joseph Panello Quotes in Go West (1940)


Joseph Panello Quotes:

  • S. Quentin Quale: You love your brother, don't you?

    Joseph Panello: No, but I'm used to him.

  • [as Quale destroys Rusty's first hat]

    Joseph Panello: Hey whataya do with that hat; that hat cost a lotta money.

    S. Quentin Quale: How much did it cost him?

    Joseph Panello: I dunno; he stole it.

  • S. Quentin Quale: There's only one law in the west: the law of blood and bullets. It's either shoot or be shot. What are we gonna do?

    Joseph Panello: Sue 'em!

  • Joseph Panello: My father-a shot the Indians in eighteen forty-two

    S. Quentin Quale: Oh, he should-a shot the stork-a, when the stork-a brought-a you.

  • S. Quentin Quale: Where have I seen your face before?

    Joseph Panello: Right where it is now.

  • S. Quentin Quale: Are you insinuating that the white man is not the Indian's friend? Ha! Who swindled you out of Manhattan Island for 24 dollars?

    Joseph Panello: White man.

    S. Quentin Quale: Who turned you into wood and stood you in front of a cigar store?

    Joseph Panello: White man.

    S. Quentin Quale: Who put your head on a nickel and then took the nickel away?

    Joseph Panello: Slot machine.

    S. Quentin Quale: Members of the tribe - I rest my case.

  • S. Quentin Quale: Now, this is the kind of hat they're wearing this season. This is the 1870 model. It's what they call a pioneer's cap.

    [Put's the Daniel Boone hat, backwards, on 'Rusty']

    Joseph Panello: Isn't that tail supposed to be in the back.

    S. Quentin Quale: Not on him. That's genuine beaver.

    Joseph Panello: It's pretty.

    S. Quentin Quale: No, now I'll stroke it. It's still my hat, you know. That'll be ten dollars.

    Joseph Panello: Ten dollars you want for that old beaver?

    S. Quentin Quale: I'm not in business for love, you know. I was in love once and I got the business.

  • S. Quentin Quale: This is the last hat of it's kind. The beaver's have stopped making them. They're all out playing football. Ten dollars.

    Joseph Panello: Well, he's a poor boy. He'll give you a dollar. Will you take it?

    S. Quentin Quale: Well, I'll take it but I'm only making a buck on it.

  • Dan Wilson: You got to take some security. And I ain't got no security except a deed to Dead Man's Gulch.

    Joseph Panello: Oh, no, we no take-a your land.

    Dan Wilson: Oh, I'd feel better if you took it. Don't reckon its worth ten dollars, though. A fellow named Turner sold it to me about 40 year ago. Got me for my last cent. If you boys meet up with any Turner in this territory, shoot first.

    Joseph Panello: First we steal his gun, then we shoot.

  • Joseph Panello: Rusty, I no like-a the West. All-a the people do is kill each other. I like-a the West better if it was in the East. Let's get outta here.

  • Joseph Panello: You said you was an embezzler, but, you no fool me. I knew you was a crook!

  • Joseph Panello: See, you got the Chief mad! Let me talk to him.

    S. Quentin Quale: Can you talk Indian?

    Joseph Panello: I was born in Indianapolis!

  • S. Quentin Quale: Panello, this Indian is no Indian!

    Joseph Panello: If he's no Indian, why is he wearin' a chicken for a hat?

    S. Quentin Quale: Oh, stop it! Trying to pass yourself off as a red man. Why, you can't even speak the language. Let me hear you recite Hiawatha by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

    Indian Chief: Ugh.

    Joseph Panello: That's not it.

    S. Quentin Quale: If it is, they've shortened it since I went to school. And you call yourself a red man.

  • S. Quentin Quale: What did he say?

    Joseph Panello: He said, first they're going to give us a fair trial, then they kill us.

  • Indian: White man talk too much. Make Chief heap mad.

    S. Quentin Quale: White man, red man's friend. White man want to make friends with red brother.

    Joseph Panello: And sister, too.

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