Jorge Quotes in Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (2015)


Jorge Quotes:

  • [last lines]

    Vince: Hey, kid, look around you. Alright? WICKED just kicked our ass. You think about where you're headed...

    Thomas: I'm not asking anyone to come with me.

    Newt: Thomas, listen to me. I've known Minho for... well, as long as I can remember. So if there is any way we could help him, trust me, I would be up there standing next to you. This, what you're talking about, is impossible.

    Jorge: More like suicide.

    Thomas: Maybe. But I know what I'm supposed to do now. It's not just about Minho. It's about all of us. It's about everyone WICKED's ever taken, everyone they will take. They'll never stop. They'll never stop, so, I'm gonna stop them. I'm gonna kill Ava Paige.

    Harriet: I have to admit... I'd like some revenge.

    Vince: Well, that's a good speech, kid. So what's your plan?

  • Jorge: [upon first meeting] You ever get the feeling the whole world is against you?

    Jorge: Three questions. Where did you come from? Where're you going? How can I profit?

  • Jorge: [about Modesto] Why isn't he scared?

    Mariví: He probably came from a public school.

  • Jorge: Why are you talking like that? We're ghosts, not retards.

    Dani: Finally, one can see us and he's stupid.

  • Jorge: Why are you laughing?

    Sebastian: I'm just very immature.

  • Jorge: You are going to fall flat on your ass.

    Gina Norris: Well, I've got some cushion. Wanna kiss it? I didn't think so!

  • Jorge: [looking at the defaced picture of Vince] ... I love ah-nall, who's ah-nall?

    Vince: It's ANAL, dumbass!

    Jorge: You do?

  • Jorge: I always knew that you and I were going to end up playing tute!

  • Jorge: Fuck, you're talking like a damsel waiting for her knight in shining armour. Let's be practical! What do you need right now?

    Joaquín Camino: A knight in shining armor?

  • Jorge: How can you live in Texas and not have a hundred of Mexican friends?

    Ray Sheridan: What about you, wise ass? You got hundreds of, uh, American friends?

    Jorge: All my friends are Americans.

    Ray Sheridan: Really?

    Jorge: Yes. All Mexicans are Americans, and all my friends are Mexicans, so all my friends are Americans. It's North America, Central America, and South America. THAT'S America. Not just you ignorant gringos up here in gringo land.

  • Jorge: Kiss my ass, you goddamn motherfuckers!

  • [first lines]

    Jorge: Happy birthday, Princess!

  • Jorge: [in Spanish] I'll kill the bastards who did this.

    Jorge: [in English] I'll kill them.

  • Jorge: [about the diner pedophile] Password. That's what the guy gave you in the bathroom.

    Ray Sheridan: Yeah. He bought that kid on the internet. He was the highest bidder. Flew him all the way from Thailand, he paid $25,000. That's how it works.

  • [seeing Joe eating scraps out of the sink]

    Jorge: Did you get something to eat?

    Joe: Uh, just some Ho-Ho's.

    Jorge: Ho-ho's? Get a sandwich. Tell Roy to get you a sandwich, man.

    Joe: No, it's all right. I'll just pick on this.

    Jorge: I wouldn't be touchin' that if you saw the leper who was drooling all over that shit.

    Jorge: [calling to the cook] Hey, Roy, you old fuck!

    Roy: What?

    Jorge: Get the boy a sandwich or somethin' before he gets hepatitis!

  • Casper: This is Jorge. Very limited English, but very large penis! Isn't that right Jorge?

    Jorge: [shrugs] ... okay.

  • Jorge: Rosa... it doesn't matter!

  • Jorge: Come on, what do you want, some Halloween balloons, or a hot night with me?

    Mikey: Balloons will last longer.

    Jorge: I last a long time too.

  • Gen: We don't know shit!

    Jorge: Well, you got about 10 seconds to make shit something you do know!

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