Jonathan Reynolds Jr. Quotes in It Started with Eve (1941)


Jonathan Reynolds Jr. Quotes:

  • [to his dying father]

    Jonathan Reynolds Jr.: Oh, say, the fishing in Mexico - there's nothing like it. It's not really fishing... it's kind of big game hunting. They have fish with teeth and horns - a throwback to the buffalo. You go out in a boat and the fish charge at you. You just got to catch 'em in self-defense. You and I and two machine guns are going down there next month.

  • [Jonny drags Anne off the train to pose as his fiancee again, leaving her friends open-mouthed]

    Jonathan Reynolds Jr.: Come on, I'll give you another fifty dollars!

    Jenny: Well, what do you know!

    Jackie Donovan: Don't worry, Jenny, it's platonic. He wants her for his father.

  • Jonathan Reynolds Jr.: Oh, I think you have a nice room. It's... different.

    Anne Terry: Uh-huh. On a clear day you can see all the way across it.

  • [Jonny tries to convince his father that Anne hates him]

    Jonathan Reynolds: What did she call me?

    Jonathan Reynolds Jr.: A pompous, self-indulgent, overbearing imitation of a dictator.

  • [Jonny angrily chases Anne around his living room]

    Anne Terry: Going around pinching people at your age.

    Jonathan Reynolds Jr.: When I get three seconds older, I'm going to start punching people.

  • [Jonny is still chasing Anne around his living room]

    Jonathan Reynolds Jr.: If you hear something snap, don't turn around - it'll be your neck.

  • Anne Terry: You told me you'd have that picture destroyed!

    Jonathan Reynolds: Destroyed? If I'd done that, they'd never have seen it.

    Jonathan Reynolds Jr.: They?

    Jonathan Reynolds: Those women... those bead-twirlers. They called before they left.

    Jonathan Reynolds Jr.: They're gone! I mean... they've gone?

    Jonathan Reynolds: Well, they saw the picture in the paper. They said they were taking the first train to Mexico City. I advised them to take a plane - *quicker*.

  • [last lines]

    Jonathan Reynolds Jr.: All right, I'm sorry I pinched you.

    Anne Terry: Honest?

    Jonathan Reynolds Jr.: Hm-hmm.

    Anne Terry: You'll never do it again?

    Jonathan Reynolds Jr.: Never.

    Anne Terry: Promise?

    Jonathan Reynolds Jr.: Hm-hmm.

    [Jonny leans forward as if to kiss Anne]

    Anne Terry: JONNY!

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