Jonathan Clark Quotes in The World in His Arms (1952)


Jonathan Clark Quotes:

  • Jonathan Clark: ...As for your countess Solaniva, you can tell the 'ol wench she can swim to Alaska for all I care.

    Deacon Greathouse: Be sure to tell her to take the inland passage, we don't want her to scare the seals.

  • Jonathan Clark: Let's see what part of Russia you come from.

    [leans in to kiss her]

    Countess Marina Selanova: [moving away] Not from that part.

    Jonathan Clark: Oh?

    Countess Marina Selanova: Perhaps, not so quickly. In my part of Russia it is the custom to at least ask the girl's name before you kiss her.

    Jonathan Clark: Oh... Well, you see, in America we kiss first and ask later.

  • Jonathan Clark: We *shall* be married!

    Countess Marina Selanova: After the hanging? Or before?

  • Eustace, Hotel Clerk: [indicating the Portugee] Er, this gentleman is with your party?

    Jonathan Clark: This gentleman is no gentleman. He's a sea-going thief who makes his living stealing seals from the Russians. He neither bathes, shaves, nor knows the feel of good clean linen. When the moon is bright, he stays out all night and howls like a dog, then curls up and sleeps on the floor till midday. That right, Portugee?

    Portugee: He knows me pretty good.

  • Jonathan Clark: Did it amuse you? Did it make you laugh to have a common American seaman ask you to marry him?

  • Jonathan Clark: Will you have a cocktail?

    Liza Lou Lane: No. No alcohol, kid. I get a feelin'z good.

    Vicki Clark: What's the matter with feeling good?

    Liza Lou Lane: Oh, you don't know how good I can feel.

  • Jonathan Clark: People hate because they fear, and they fear anything they don't understand... which is almost everything.

  • Eve Wingate: Maybe people really aren't worth saving.

    Jonathan Clark: I don't know, a lot of them are nice.

  • [Clark turns on a transistor radio, music plays]

    Eve Wingate: What in heavens name is that?

    Jonathan Clark: Rock 'n' roll.

    Eve Wingate: Rock 'n' roll.

    Jonathan Clark: Music, almost.

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