Jojo Quotes in Bad Boys (1995)


Jojo Quotes:

  • Mike Lowrey: [Holding Jojo at gunpoint] Hey Jojo, I got 16 bullets in this gun and I swear I'll fill up your brain with some hot shit if you don't give me any answers.

    Jojo: What? You're pulling a gun on me? I should turn you guys into Hard Copy.

    Marcus Burnett: Mike, no. He's a smokin' ass motherfucker.

    Mike Lowrey: [Takes out his other gun and points it at Marcus] You want some of this? I'll bust your ass too.

    Marcus Burnett: So sad. You're on your own, Jojo. Remember this, you splatter his ass, he's no good to us.

  • JoJo: What are you doing?

    Ava: I'm texting your brother.

    JoJo: He'll fucking kill you!

    Ava: You tried. How'd that work out for you?

  • Aviva Masters: [about her "relationship" with Tim and Steven's boss] We go to dinner, and to art openings, and people assume...

    Steven Johnson: Of course they do!

    Aviva Masters: Look, do you think if he gave a shit about me, I'd be here right now? He just... he likes to be seen with women.

    [Tim and Steven sit up in surprise]

    Tim Manfrey: Roger's gay?

    Steven Johnson: International playboy, married six times? He's not tapping your ass, somebody's tapping his?

    [Tim and Steven laugh and bump fists]

    Aviva Masters: Look, guys, please don't tell anybody. Please don't...

    Steven Johnson: [they're in the middle of a swamp] Aviva, who the fuck am I gonna tell? Jojo? Hey, Jojo, you know Roger Sharpe?

    Jojo: [sleepily] No.

    Steven Johnson: He's gay.

    Jojo: Okay.

  • JoJo: [shouts] Yopp!

  • [last lines]

    Jojo: You know what I wonder?

    Daisy: What?

    Jojo: What the hell do you think Leona really puts in that pizza?

  • JoJo: Music's the only thing that makes sense anymore, man. Play it loud enough, it keeps the demons at bay.

  • Sadie: [while singing] Oh darling, if you leave me, I'll never make it alone...

    JoJo: I doubt that.

  • JoJo: Never knock the way another cat swings, man.

  • JoJo: You can burn that paper man, but you still gotta show.

  • Jude: [referring to Lucy] She's probably out fighting for the cause.

    JoJo: Looks like you've been fighting for it too, huh?

    Jude: I don't have one. That's the problem.

  • JoJo: I remember this one guy, he ate a ton of beets the night before the physical. Looks like blood when you piss.

    Max: [looking mildly disgusted and distracted] No, I hate beets.

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