Joi Quotes in Friday (1995)


Joi Quotes:

  • Joi: [Mrs. Jones hand Craig phone] Hello?

    Joi: Who the fuck you go to the show with last night?

    Craig Jones: I didn't go to the show last night.

    Joi: You ain't got to lie Craig, you ain't got to lie...

    Craig Jones: Ain't nobody lyin, I didn't go to the show.

    Joi: Yes you did. Cause my sister-in-law's baby cousin Tracy. She told me that she saw you at the show all hugged up wit some tramp. Now tell me who she was.

    Craig Jones: Yo sister-in-law's baby cousin Tracy is a goddamn...

    [Craig realzes his mom is still in the room]

    Craig Jones: ... Yea, she a liar. She ain't see me in no show hugged up wit nobody.

    Joi: Mmm-hmm well let me tell you what. You just tell the bitch, whoeva she is, when I catch her, Imma beat her ass!

  • Craig Jones: Baby you got some money?

    Joi: Some huh! Umm... Nigga how much you need?

    Craig Jones: About $200.

    Joi: mm... I guess... What you gon give me?

    Felisha: Craig

    [clap clap]

    Felisha: , Craig

    Craig Jones: What!

    Felisha: Can I borrow y'all VCR? I need to dub a tape...

    Craig Jones: Hell Naw

    [Walkin away]

    Felisha: Its "The Mack"!

    Joi: Um... who the fuck is that bitch... fuck u mothafucka... u think u slick... gon come ova here and ask me for some money... well ask that bitch for some money

    [scurrrrrrrrr goes the car]

  • Joi: I always told you. You're special. Your history isn't over yet. There's still a page left.

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